“Hazmat suit” made from trash bags

DIY hazmat suit cover pic
DIY hazmat suit made from plastic trash bags
Image adapted from: Bernama

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) extended until 14 April 2020, Malaysians will have to continue living as homebodies for the next few weeks until this tides over. Although we’re allowed to go grocery shopping, some of us are rather hesitant to step out of the house due to growing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re one of the few who are too worried to leave the house, you may be inspired to DIY your own “hazmat suit” like this Malaysian man did to ensure full-body protection. And the best part is that you probably already have the items you need lying around the house.

Takes 10 minutes to piece the trash bags together

Zamakhyari Khairiri is a 41-year-old engineer from Terengganu who DIY-ed his own hazmat suit before visiting the supermarket as the crowded location makes it a high-risk spot for infections to occur.

According to Bernama, he resorted to this to protect his family and the people who come into contact with him. It was also his first time leaving the house after 8 days of MCO.

Man in DIY hazmat suit
Image adapted from: Bernama

From the photos, we can see that Khairiri has completely covered himself with trash bags that were pieced together by tape. He even used the bags as makeshift gloves, which will certainly come in handy when picking veggies and fruits from the fresh groceries section.

For the final touches, he donned rubber boots and a ski mask that came equipped with goggles.

Man picking onions
Image adapted from: Bernama

Khairiri shared that it took him just 10 minutes to put the whole ensemble together and gave a small shout out to his kids for helping him with the task.

Although his attire definitely turned heads while he was out shopping, Khairiri didn’t mind it one bit. He said that he wanted to remind people about the severity of the situation and the necessary steps that need to be taken.

When 3-ply masks no longer cut it

We often think of 3-ply masks and hand sanitisers when the topic of COVID-19 prevention is brought up, but there’s certainly no harm in going a step further like how Khairiri did with his DIY hazmat suit.

While it may have earned a few laughs from passersby, you can’t deny that the trash bag attire gets the job done. And for that, we applaud him.

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