Penang man offers voluntary disinfection services

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A Penang man offers disinfection services around town and carries out the task himself
Image adapted from: Saiyuti Zainudin

With more districts becoming red zones, Malaysians have no choice but to remain on high alert until the COVID-19 pandemic tides over. While disinfection works have been taking place nationwide, Penang residents may have noticed more of these services being conducted on their streets.

This is because a local Penang lang has brought it upon himself to provide disinfection services to any premises that need them, from schools to wet markets. And he does it all solo.

8 locations in Penang disinfected

According to Yahoo NewsJee Jeet Yuan is a 49-year-old who works for a company that specialises in disinfection services.

However, the branch in Penang is much smaller in comparison to the company’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, which is one of the reasons why he goes out on these “missions” alone. He also says that there isn’t a need for a huge team to carry out proper disinfection.

penang man disinfects building
Image credit: Saiyuti Zainudin

He has been offering his services since 18th March 2020, which is the day the Movement Control Order (MCO) commenced. Since then, he has disinfected and sanitised a total of 8 locations across Penang and these include kindergartens, schools, wet markets, and police stations.

Jee tends to focus on offering his services to premises that are regularly frequented by large crowds like wet markets as well as premises that house vulnerable groups like schools and kindergartens. He also extended his services to police stations in the neighbourhood, especially after hearing about how over 60 local policemen have tested positive for COVID-19 from active duty.

Pays for the cost out of his own wallet

Although Jee has all the equipment he needs lying around in his office, there are still costs for these services he provide. It turns out that he has been personally footing the bill instead of charging the premise owner. According to him, this gesture of his is just a part of his social responsibility.

Jee putting on his gear
Image credit: Saiyuti Zainudin

He also shared that he was prompted to start offering his services for free after watching medical personnel and other frontliners work around the clock without rest in order to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “I felt that I had to do something to help to.”

Jee mentions that he will continue offering his services until the end of MCO, and will do his best to disinfect places that have not been covered by authorities.

Penang man disinfects town by himself

When all of us are too scared to even leave the house, Jee joins the frontliners to play his part in protecting the country and its people.

However, it’s important to remember that the outbreak is not a battle for just the frontliners alone. Even regular folk like us who are staying at home have to play our role in order to successfully fight off the virus. And we can easily do that by cooperating with the authorities and stay home until the MCO is over.

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