Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV in Sarawak

More individuals are getting their vaccination appointments in recent days, with vaccination rates reaching new peaks in our country. It goes to show how frontliners and volunteers have been working tirelessly at Covid-19 vaccination centres (pusat pemberian vaksin, or PPV).

Wanting to bring smiles to these hardworking individuals is this man who donned a dinosaur suit as personal protective equipment (PPE) to a PPV in Kuching. He also came up with a cheeky ‘Guide To Vaccination For Dinosaurs’ video while in his dinosaur suit, which has gone viral online.

‘Dinosaur’ guide for vaccination appointments

On 12th July 2021, Kenny Sia took to his Instagram to share a video with the caption ‘Guide to Vaccination for Dinosaurs’. The guide has been spread across several social media platforms, including Twitter.

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) PPV, where Sia was sighted on Sunday, 11th July, also took to their Twitter to share helpful infographics along with photos of his ‘dinosaur’ suit. 

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV - guide
Image adapted from: @kennysia

In the 2-minute long video, Sia shows what the vaccination process typically looks like at PPVs while getting his first vaccine jab at the PPV. This includes showing up 30 minutes prior to your vaccination appointment, filling up a vaccine consent form, reporting your medical history, and patiently queuing for your turn. 

But this all comes with a twist as he is seen donning a dinosaur suit throughout the step-by-step video. 

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV - guide
Image adapted from: @kennysia

The guide thus comes with cheeky additions catered just for dinosaurs, such as reminders to “sanitise your claws” and “resist [the] urge to eat humans.” 

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV - guide
Image adapted from: @kennysia

But there are also more relatable ones to humans. This includes trying to refrain from falling asleep while in the observation area for individuals who just received their vaccine jabs, and taking your post-vaccine jab selfie to commemorate the event. 

Hopes to cheer up PPV workers

Speaking with The Smart Local Malaysia, Sia said that he donned the dinosaur suit because he wanted to keep himself safe from Covid-19. This is because it was the first time in a long time since he was in the presence of a large crowd. While he thought about putting on a regular PPE, he opted to level it up instead and went for a dinosaur suit he had stashed away in his storeroom – much like this ‘dinosaur’ who was spotted shopping at Jaya Grocer during the MCO back in March 2020.

He also wanted to entertain frontliners while at it, saying, “[Frontliners] probably vaccinate thousands of people each day, so a little chuckle to relieve their stress seems like the right thing to do!”

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV
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While in his dinosaur suit, Sia shared that he received many good-natured comments from individuals on his unique getup, saying that many were “surprisingly sporting” and even “played along” with him.

This can be seen in his Instagram video, where several frontliners and volunteers are seen taking selfies with the ‘dinosaur’ and helping him navigate the PPV’s halls with his large, cumbersome physique – which, due to his costume, includes a long tail and neck.

Citing a specific instance involving a frontliner, when asked by a nurse what his allergies were – which is an important step in the vaccination process – Sia said he shook his ‘dinosaur’ head no. To this, a frontliner jokingly asked him why he wasn’t vaccinated earlier as he was pre-historic.

Netizens applaud sporting ‘Dinosaur’ at vaccination centre

Sia’s video had many netizens coming out to applaud him for cheering up those around him at the PPV in Kuching on his Instagram post. This includes this netizen, who commented, “[It] must be super hot in that suit. Thanks for bringing joy to the frontliners.”

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV - comment
Image credit: Instagram

Sia also took the time to respond to several individuals’ curiosities about the dinosaur suit.

To keep himself safe from Covid-19 at this time, he said that the presence of 2 face masks at his waist was to filter air he was breathing in from inside his costume – as there were fans located there – in response to a netizen’s queries about it.

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV - comment
Image credit: Instagram

Among the many who found the incident hilarious were the others who found the sight cute. This includes this netizen, who commented, “So cute la. Who would have thought of this?”

Man dons dinosaur suit to PPV - comment
Image credit: Instagram

Man dons dinosaur suit as PPE to Kuching PPV

Frontliners and volunteers are working hard at PPVs to ensure that vaccination candidates can get through their appointments smoothly. So we applaud Sia for making the effort to don a dinosaur suit for his vaccination appointment to bring small, yet wholesome, cheers to these PPV workers while they carry out their duties.

While his helpful guide may only be for ‘dinosaurs’, it can be helpful for anyone who has questions about the vaccination process at PPVs too.

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