Waddling dinosaur seen in Jaya Grocer

Dinosaur Jaya Grocer cover pic
A dinosaur spotted at Jaya Grocer
Image adapted from: @bettyrahmad and @farisaaramle

As we head into the 7th day of Movement Control Order (MCO), it appears that most Malaysians have embraced the homebody life and are coming up with creative ways to entertain themselves during this time. Besides playing dress-up with pet cats and taking on the challenge to balance eggs so that they won’t topple, a fellow Malaysian found another humorous way to lighten the mood during a rare outing for a needed grocery run.

In an Instagram post from 23rd March 2020 that garnered immense favour from Malaysians with a whopping 51,000 likes, a local influencer documented her trip to the supermarket while dressed as a dinosaur.

Dinosaur spotting earns laughter from nearby shoppers

During a time like this, grocery runs can be pretty stressful – especially for the husbands who usually leave the shopping to their wives. Plus, empty supermarket shelves are still a common sight even with the MCO already in place.

All this just makes Betty Rahmad‘s dinosaur escapades a much-needed laugh and it’ll also give us something to look forward to for our future grocery runs as it seems that many other Malaysians have taken inspiration from the local influencer’s amusing antics.

Dinosaur Jaya Grocer cover pic
Image credit: @bettyrahmad

In Rahmad’s post, she lamented about how there weren’t any more veggies and other fresh ingredients when she was out shopping in Jaya Grocer but said that she was still happy that she could make the crowd smile. She continued to give a special shout out to the supermarket employees who were still willing to work even during a pandemic.

Dinosaur Jaya Grocer (1)
The dinosaur checking out her groceries at the cashier of a Jaya Grocer outlet
Image adapted from: @bettyrahmad

In the 1st clip posted, Rahmad was seen checking-out her groceries at the counter and you could hear laughter in the background from shoppers who were there to witness this comedic scene. Rahmad has also taken safety measures to protect herself and those who come in contact with her by wearing gloves. She also had a mask on even though the costume had a clear screen across the opening, proving that we can always afford to be more vigilant when facing against COVID-19.

Dinosaur pushing trolley
Image adapted from: @bettyrahmad

In the 2nd clip, we could see Rahmad walking away from the supermarket as she pushed along her trolley full of groceries. She then did her signature dinosaur waddle that has her swaying side to side as her long tail bounced along behind her.

Rahmad was also spotted by a Twitter user who goes by the username of @skumar176 and he shared a 25-second clip of the friendly dinosaur he had encountered.

Dinosaur waddling
The grocery shopping dinosaur waddling in between aisles of the fresh produce section
Image adapted from: @skumar176

More Malaysians in dinosaur costumes

Rahmad is not the only dinosaur in town, as seen from a 12-second long video that went viral on Twitter yesterday.

Another dinosaur
Image adapted from: @farisaaramle

A Twitter user who goes by the name of @farissaramle shared the clip along with a short caption that can be translated to “it’s tiring to have a brother like this [crying emoji]”, referring to her sibling who was dressed as a dinosaur. The post quickly blew up on the social media platform, amassing 44,000 retweets and 45,000 likes in just less than a day.

After posting the video, Farisa’s page was flooded by questions about the dinosaur costume as it appeared that many Malaysians had their eyes set on it. In response, Farisa retweeted a post that directed everyone to a Lazada listing where the exact dinosaur costume can be bought for just over RM100.

Dinosaur costume for sale
Image credit: @amirul1998_

Look out for more Malaysian dinosaurs

With 2 dinosaurs already spotted and the sheer amount of queries they’ve received about the costume, we may just stumble upon a couple more! Whether through a viral video on social media or at our local grocery store, catching sight of these dinosaurs will certainly help make our MCO days much more entertaining.

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