Local dentists join in on viral TikTok challenge

dentists tiktok challenge cover pic
A group of local dentists recreates a viral TikTok challenge
Image adapted from: @ib_shah

TikTok pre-Movement Control Order may have been the trend app only among the youths, but now that everyone is cooped up at home with not much to do, more non-Gen Zs have hopped onto the bandwagon. For the uninitiated, TikTok is a video-sharing platform where users create short clips of themselves lip-syncing, dancing, doing comedy skits, and other challenges.

One of the most recent challenges to take the TikTok world by storm is the ultra viral ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’, where people share their glow upsThis time around, a group of local dentists decided to help keep things light during this uncertain time by creating their own version of the makeover challenge. Soon after, interested Malaysians flooded the comments section to gush over their good looks.

Attractive dentists swop out makeup brushes for dental mirrors

Typically, the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ has participants using a makeup brush to cover the camera to act as a transition between their bare-faced and glow up looks.

Our local dentists decided to add their own personal touch to the TikTok challenge to better reflect their professions by using dental mirrors instead.

dentist tiktok challenge (1)
Image adapted from: @ib_shah

They also forwent the glammed-up looks that we usually see in these challenges, and instead went down the casual attire vs professional uniform route.

dentist tiktok challenge (2)
Image adapted from: @ib_shah

The 2-minute clip featuring 10 dentists who “transformed” from casual to professional wear, was posted by a fellow dentist who goes by the name of Dr. Ib Shah. The post quickly garnered over 10,000 likes and 7,000 retweets as Malaysians swarmed the comments section to share how they were swooning over the attractive dentists featured in the video.

dentist tiktok challenge (3)
Image adapted from: @ib_shah

In Shah’s caption, he shared that the group of dentists teamed up to recreate this fun TikTok challenge to spread some good vibes during this COVID-19 pandemic. Netizens were surprised to find out that all the 10 dentists featured in the video were equally attractive. It was also refreshing to see a new take on the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ that has been taking over social media for quite some time now.

dentist tiktok challenge (4)
Image adapted from: @ib_shah

And it seems that the lads are receiving extra attention for their charming good looks. Shah had a first-hand experience of the overwhelming response after he was bombarded with questions on whether the doctors were still single or already taken.

M’sians fawn over good-looking dentists

Malaysians weren’t shy to express their interest in these attractive dentists, as seen from some of the comments we’ve compiled from Shah’s Twitter thread.

Twitter user Rai jokingly said that her teeth got a heart attack after watching the video.

twitter comment (1)
Image adapted from: @rayhanadni

Another netizen, Danial, straightforwardly asked Shah if any of the dentists featured in the video were single. To that, Shah replied that some of them were indeed single and said “good luck figuring it out”.

twitter comment (2)
Image adapted from: @danialRamlan

Another user who went by the handle @byullunaa shared that she would feel shy if she were to ever come across a dentist as handsome or pretty as the ones in the video.

twitter comment (3)
Image adapted from: @byullunaa

Local dentists win hearts with their charm

TikTok videos are a fun way to kill time, especially with new challenges cropping up every now and then. Not only are they a joy to create, they’re also entertaining for those of us who stumble upon these gems when scrolling through our social media feed.

It’s safe to say that everyone who stopped to watch Shah’s video either had a grin plastered across their faces or ended up with a major crush on one of the dentists. Whatever the case, the video definitely helped to brighten our days at home.

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