KL & Penang see lower crime rates since MCO started

lower crime rates in klImage adapted from: @patricklee_msia

You know how the saying goes, every dark cloud has a silver lining? Well, Malaysia’s “dark” period of uncertainty due to COVID-19 now has a really good outcome. 

It turns out crime rates have dropped by nearly half in heavily populated cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang since the Movement Control Order (MCO) began on 18th March 2020. That’s right – not only are regular citizens complying with the MCO, but so are criminals!

48% less crime in Kuala Lumpur

Earlier today (24 Mar) KL police chief Comm Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim told reporters that there has been an incredible reduction of crime in the city since MCO started, The Star reported.

With an impressive 48% dip in recorded cases, he added that they’ve so far had zero snatch thefts and a huge drop in motorcycle thefts

empty highway in kl
Image credit: @jsadiq

It’s safe to say that this drastic drop is due to the fact that the streets are now mostly devoid of tourists. But it’s probably largely thanks to the high police and army presence in the city. 

Comm Mazlan added that a total of 51 roadblocks have been set up around KL, and about 3,000 police and 420 Armed Forces personnel have been mobilised to monitor the MCO. 

malaysian army movement control order
Image credit: @wanifarhanah

He also reported that KL is at a 90% compliance level, and the police will continue to increase efforts in roadblocks, especially at COVID-19 red zones

Penang also sees dramatic drop in crime

Similarly to KL, Penang has also reported a significant reduction in crime in the city, according to Malay Mail. Penang Police Chief Comm Datuk Sahabudin Abd Manan told reporters that they were unable to reveal the stats, but they saw a dramatic difference before and after 18th March. 

empty gurney drivePenang’s famous Gurney Drive has become like a ghost town
Image credit: @pualdidan

He said that regular roadblocks and the presence of police patrols have probably acted as a deterrent for would-be criminals. 

In the meantime, their biggest challenge has been efforts to remind locals to adhere to MCO as it has been business as usual at neighbourhood markets. 

Lower crime rates during Movement Control Order

police road block malaysiaImage credit: @patricklee_msia

It can seem difficult to maintain a positive outlook during a bleak pandemic that’s affecting numerous Malaysians and the rest of the world. But these reports of lowered crime rates in extremely populated cities like KL and Penang is the perk-up we need to get us through this difficult time. 

This goes to show that our country is mostly in solidarity when it comes to overcoming COVID-19. 

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