20,889 new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, 6th August

Yesterday, 5th August 2021, Malaysia recorded the highest daily Covid-19 case count, with cases breaching the 20,000 mark. Today, that record was broken as the country saw another daily figure in the 20,000s, with 20,889 new Covid-19 cases reported by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia on 6th August.

Over 11,000 new cases reported in KL and Selangor

Of the 20,889 new cases recorded today, 6th August, Selangor had the highest daily count in a state nationwide, with 8,792 new cases. Following after is Kuala Lumpur, with a total of 2,483 new cases.

All in all, Selangor and KL recorded 11,275 cases.

Covid 19 6th August - cases per state

States recording cases in the 1000s as well are Kedah (1,371), Johor (1,275) and Sabah (1,291). Negeri Sembilan (986), Kelantan (938), Penang (776) and Perak (624) also recorded high numbers of infections too.

Perlis (9) and Labuan (9) are the only areas in the country where new cases are falling below the 100 mark, with Putrajaya (122) now seeing an increase in infections.

The addition of 20,889 new cases today puts the country’s total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases at 1,224,595.

Covid 19 6th August - highest record
Image credit: Noor Hisham Abdullah

Today’s daily figure climbs to a new high, as cases breach the 20,000 mark for the second day counting, following after yesterday’s high of 20,596 cases recorded. It also pushes past previous highs recorded from 1st January 2021, including 19,819 cases recorded on 4th August, just two days ago.

Covid 19 6th August - vaccination
Image credit: @JKJAVMY

Continuing the trend of vaccination rates picking up in the country, a total of 514,674 individuals received their first and second vaccine doses yesterday, 5th August, as reported by JKJAV.

This puts the total number of vaccinated individuals in the country at 23,161,255. Of this total, 46.4%, or 15,162,424 million individuals who registered to get vaccinated have received their first vaccine dose. Another 7,998,831, or 24.5%%, are now fully vaccinated with two vaccine doses received. Because of this, we’re inching towards getting 8 million of the population fully vaccinated.

20,889 new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, 6th August

Covid-19 cases in the country have been surpassing previous record highs. It seems like every 24 hours, the numbers are bumped up further. As 5-digit figures are still being reported in the country, we are once again reminded to keep adhering to Covid-19 safety measures whenever we are out.

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Cover image adapted from: Noor Hisham Abdullah and @JKJAVMY

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