10,959 new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia on 27th September

The number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia continues to see a downward trend as the nation records 10,959 new cases on 27th September 2021, as reported by the health ministry.

While this is certainly good news, Selangor, the state with the most number of cases also sees a record-breaking dip below 1,000 daily positive cases for the first time in months.

Cases in Selangor dip below 1,000 mark for the first in months

Covid-19 cases forecast
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As of 27th September 2021, Selangor has recorded a grand total of 673,129 Covid-19 cases. But today the state recorded only 979 positive cases, a significant dip compared to the previous months, and one that is welcomed by many of its residents.

Likewise, all other states in Malaysia recorded daily positive cases below the 1,000mark except for Sarawak (2,723) and Johor (1,226).

Daily positive cases for the rest of states are as follows: Sabah (751), KL (176), Kedah (660), Penang (793), Kelantan (983), Perak (713), Negeri Sembilan (110), Pahang (739), Melaka (346) and Terengganu (691).

Putrajaya (18) and Perlis (51) are the only areas to have daily cases below 100 while Labuan recorded no positive cases today.

Covid-19 vaccination rate in Malaysia
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It is worth noting that the ramped-up vaccination rate in the country, especially in Klang Valley, seems to be playing a vital role in the decrease that Selangor has been seeing lately.

As of 26th September 2021, Malaysia’s fully vaccinated percentage for the adult population stands at 83.7, with a national average of 60.1%, or 19,633,681 individuals.

10,959 new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia on 27th September

While it is indeed good news that cases continue to drop, we should always keep in mind that we are far from winning the battle against this deadly virus. So, let’s not take the privilege to travel and dine-in for granted as this could lead to another massive outbreak in positive cases.

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Cover image adapted from: @Covid19Place and Noor Hisham Abdullah

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