Malaysia’s COVID-19 battle to continue into 2021

Measures after MCO ends
Malaysia will continue COVID-19 battle into next year, with measures
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Malay Mail 

The skies have been looking clearer with Malaysia reporting a record low of new COVID-19 cases since the start of Movement Control Order (MCO). 

But while obvious progress has been made with MCO now in Phase 3, the battle is not over yet. Malaysia’s Director General of Health Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah warns that we will see a fight against COVID-19 lasting until next year. This follows news of measures like social distancing persisting after MCO ends, which is so far set on 28th April 2020.

WHO warns of ongoing fight against COVID-19

According to Bernama’s report on 20th April 2020, the Health DG’s warning comes after World Health Organisation (WHO) predicted that countries worldwide will continue to battle COVID-19 well into 2021. 

With 5,482 cases and over 3,000 patients under investigation for COVID-19 reported to date, Malaysia isn’t left out of the equation, with 183 other countries also affected. 

Countries affected by COVID-19Malaysia battles COVID-19 alongside 183 countries as seen in this chart from KKM on 20th April.
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An earlier end to the COVID-19 battle could come with a vaccine, as reported by Channel News Asia. But according to the Health DG, this potential vaccine will take up to 18 months for it to be made available to the public. 

Treatment routes are another option, but they’re still in clinical trial phases. This sees 9 hospitals nationwide currently involved in the global effort to research treatments. It comes after Malaysia was selected by WHO for its capable health care system. 

MCO orders to continue even after it ends

With another warning from WHO reported by Reuters, which warns of a spike in new cases after lockdowns are lifted too soon in countries, Malaysia will see a gradual but not complete relief from MCO orders. This guarantees that we’ll have virus-free streets for the long run and not just for a couple of days. 

Social distancing the new habit
Social distancing to become a new habit for Malaysians.
Image credit: New Straits Times 

According to Malay Mail, this sees measures such as social distancing and a pause in all large gatherings continuing even after MCO ends. This will help break the chain of infections, which is already showing positive signs with 4 consecutive days of new COVID-19 cases falling under a hundred in Malaysia. 

Social distancing in Malaysia
The Ministry Of Health will help ensure that measures continue on even after MCO ends.
Image credit: Selangor Journal

Health DG can also be quoted in the article saying that this will become part of all Malaysians’ new routines until 2021.

Not the end in Malaysia’s battle against COVID-19

We can hope for better days with Malaysia showing significant decreases in infection rates and zero new cases in several states now. But for MCO orders to fully be lifted, we will need to help in the fight until a vaccine or treatment is discovered by keeping safe indoors and only leaving our houses for essentials. 

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