Clowns Spotted At Ramadan Bazaar In Perak, They Gave Out Free Face Masks

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Clowns help keep Ramadan bazaar patrons safe

Now that Ramadan bazaars are back, many are excited to indulge in the wide array of street food available at the markets. However, photos of crowded bazaars have been popping up on social media, and raising concerns among netizens about standard operating procedure (SOP) compliance and possible COVID-19 clusters emerging.

In a heartwarming move, several clowns decked out in full costumes turned up at a bazaar in Ipoh, to hand out free face masks. They did so to encourage shoppers to be mindful of safety measures, while spreading joy and awareness to all.

Free face masks and friendly reminders to practice safe distancing

4 clowns from the Perak Muslim Clown Association (MCM) were spotted at Taman Jati Ramadan Bazaar in Ipoh, Perak, as reported on 18th April 2021 by Bernama.

Throughout the day, the clowns were hard at work distributing free face masks, helping visitors sanitise their hands, and reminding them to practice physical distancing.

Clowns help remind bazaar patrons of SOPs - clowns
Image credit: @pinkkittytuminahtukiman1

MCM’s representative, Nazirah Abd Rahman, shared they wished to play their parts in the fight against the pandemic, after seeing photos of packed bazaars and visitors not practicing physical distancing on social media.

So they offered what they knew best – lifting the mood in their colourful garbs and makeup – while helping visitors stay safe and reminding them to follow SOPs.

Clowns help remind bazaar patrons of SOPs - safety measures
Clowns from MCM give out free face masks and pump hand sanitisers for shoppers
Image adapted from: @pinkkittytuminahtukiman1

With more people adhering to the procedures, they hoped that Ramadan bazaars will be allowed to continue, citing reports of potential closures from a lack of adherence to SOPs.

They aim to carry out their awareness campaign beyond their first stop in Taman Meru, with plans to drop by other pasar malams throughout the state too. 

Clowns help remind bazaar patrons of SOPs - clowns
Image credit: @pinkkittytuminahtukiman1

Potential for closures if SOPs not adhered to

On 17th April, a bazaar in Kuala Terengganu was forced to close for 14 days after authorities did a check and found non-compliance with SOPs there, as reported by New Straits Times.

However, it is not stated whether the organiser, shoppers or traders were the cause of the closure.

Clowns help remind bazaar patrons of SOPs - line
Image credit: Negeri Sembilan kini

Likewise, authorities have issued warnings of bazaar closures in respective states if guidelines are not adhered to. This includes state authorities in Penang and Perak, with possible fines and closure as “a last resort”.

The tighter enforcement of the rules probably came after Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s announcement that fines will now be issued by authorised local authorities to anyone found not following SOP guidelines while at bazaars, as reported by Bernama on 14th April.

Kudos to the clowns for helping us to stay safe

The atmosphere and wide array of food at Ramadan bazaars are no doubt the highlights of our visits. But in our excitement to visit a pasar malam during the pandemic, we must not forget important safety measures that help keep our loved ones safe from COVID-19.

We applaud Nazirah and her team of fellow clowns for reminding others to follow SOPs while out shopping in Ipoh. Kudos to the team for their heartwarming initiative. To all potential bazaar visitors, do stay safe and vigilant during your visits.

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Cover image adapted from: @pinkkittytuminahtukiman1

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