Locals share photos of Malaysian sights during MCO

Stunning shots of sights in Malaysia
Clear skies in Malaysia brings on stunning shots of landmarks
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Malaysians are no strangers to gloomy skies, with monsoon rain and haze occurring more often than we would like them to. So when we learned that air pollution drastically dropped during the Movement Control Order (MCO), you can bet that many of us were getting ready to whip out our phones to document clear skies whenever we could see them. 

But instead of just capturing bluer skies above our heads, several Malaysians have shared stunning photos of familiar sights taken from miles away during the MCO. And the impressive photos of sites such as Genting Highlands look more like scenes out of a Studio Ghibli movie than our familiar locales.

Stunning photos emerge from clearer skies 

It wasn’t too long ago that Malaysians were cracking jokes that they could see Mount Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur after cities around the world sported cool views of mountains due to the dip in air pollution. 

While it still seems unlikely to spot that mountain in KL, several individuals have been seeing mountain ranges from KL, which presumably have not been visible before MCO. 

Mountain ranges from KL
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@Dhiranraaaj & @adriankhoch

Other shots from Malaysia that are just as amazing-looking have surfaced as well. For one, Twitter user @hadi_nor shared photos of Genting Highlands that he said he took from his apartment near Hospital Ampang in KL. 

Just to put things in perspective, this location is over an hour’s drive from Genting Highlands. 

The shot, which looked unreal, showed the tourist destination which is famous for its theme park and often hidden away by fog, illuminated by lights and shining through clear skies. 

Genting seen from Ampang
Genting Highlands seen from Ampang, KL
Image credit: @hadi_nor

Several Malaysians also shared stunning photos of KL highways and skyline from towns on the outskirts of the city, such as Taman Melati, which is over 16KM away. 

Clear skylines
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@omarelsharaawy & u/tqk_r

And it’s not just in KL where netizens are capturing these next-level photos. In Penang, Mount Jerai, which is in the neighbouring state of Kedah and a 2-hour drive from Penang Island, is visible from some netizen’s homes. 

It isn’t an uncommon sight to those living in the area, but photos captured by several Reddit users show extra clear skies over an even-clearer view of the tall mountain during the day through to the evening.  

Mount Jerai from Penang
Mount Jerai in Kedah is visible from Penang Island
Image adapted from: u/KILLUMINATIC8 & andromeda_7

Stunning photos of sights with clear skies during MCO

Nature has no doubt been thriving while we’ve all been staying at home to help slow and stop the spread of COVID-19, with dolphins even spotted in Port Dickson from a decrease in human activity. 

And these cool shots from photographers of Malaysia under clear skies help add to the list of things for us to keep cheery about even during these tough times.

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