Cleaning services in Klang Valley

Whether you find cleaning therapeutic or a dreadful chore, there are time when you need a little professional help getting hard-to-clean stuff such as sofa, carpets or mattresses cleaned properly. Here are 9 cleaning services in Klang Valley that will solve all your cleaning woes while you kick back and enjoy a spotless house after.

1. Chamberlain Cleaning – covers the whole of Klang Valley

Image credit: Chamberlain Cleaning Services

Chamberlain Cleaning covers the whole of Klang Valley so you don’t have to worry if your area qualifies even if you live further away from town.

Their services are expansive – they cover everything from generic housekeeping to post-renovation cleaning, moving in and out cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, and even building cleaning if you manage a commercial building.

But for those who are just interested in routine housekeeping, you can expect them to take care of sweeping and mopping, taking out the trash, wiping down all surfaces and windows, and scrubbing bathroom sinks and toilet bowls.

Prices are subscription-based, starting from RM400 for 16 hours of cleaning, which will average out to around 8 sessions for a 1,800 sq ft condo, so you will have to do the math yourself and pick the package that will suit you best.

Chamberlain Cleaning - pricing plansImage credit: Chamberlain Cleaning

Operating hours: Mon – Sat 8.30AM-6PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 011-3034 6350


2. NRRV Cleaning Services – specialises in leather restoration

NRRV Cleaning - restoring carpet 
Video credit: NRRV Cleaning Services

NRRV’s services are ideal for those who have a lot of leather surfaces – such as a leather sofa or armchair – in their homes.

They don’t have a long list of services as they focus on just upholstery restoration, covering carpet, sofa, leather, and car seat cleaning.

You can expect your fabric to last longer, smell fresher, be free of allergens and bacteria, and look as though they’re newly bought after they’ve worked their magic.

Call their number below to get a price estimate for the job you need to get done, or enquire through their website.

Operating hours: Up to the customer to arrange a time
Telephone: 014-300 1822


3. Maideasy – team of local cleaners to support the community

Maideasy - cleaning crewImage credit:

Maideasy is one of the most well-known cleaning services in Klang Valley, with more than 500 positive reviews on Google. They have amassed a huge number of 5-star ratings, with many customers praising their professionalism, quality, and value.

As a matter of fact, they have a money-back guarantee policy if you’re not satisfied with their services.

Maideasy focuses on just house cleaning as compared to other companies’ professional services, as their cleaning crew is made up of locals, as the company is dedicated to supporting the local community by providing them with stable jobs and income. You can even check out the crew’s profiles to get to know them better.

Prices start from RM70 for 2 hours.

Operating hours: 9AM-6PM, Daily
Telephone: 1-700 81 6243


4. WonderKlean – provides indoor disinfection services 

WonderKlean - indoor disinfection posterImage credit: WonderKlean

WonderKlean brands themselves as a home care expert whose services fall more on the technical side, compared to the usual housekeeping services that other cleaning companies offer.

For instance, they do indoor disinfection and have cleaning services that tackle kitchen appliances, washing machines, and mattresses, so if your oven and washing machine needs thorough sanitising, they’re your go-to guys.

Prices range around RM300 for each category of stuff you need cleaned, for example, kitchen appliances or mattress. It sounds steep, but it’ll be an expense worth splurging on for your health, safety, and peace of mind since you don’t regularly clean such things or necessarily have the expertise to thoroughly clean them.

Operating hours: Mon – Fri 9AM-5PM (Closed on weekends)
Telephone: 03-9213 1613


5. Big Family Cleaning – outdoor maintenance

Big Family Cleaning - woman cleaning windows outsideImage credit: Big Family Cleaning Service 

Big Family Cleaning offers diverse services that span your usual housekeeping, to floor polishing, to deep-cleaning of carpets, and even grass cutting, and outdoor window cleaning.

If you live in a landed home with a lawn that needs tending to, you should definitely engage their services and to give your windows a good wash from the outside.

Prices vary depending on a bunch of factors such as the size of your house, type of carpet, and more, so you will have to contact them personally for a quote.

Operating hours: Mon – Sat 8AM-6PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 012-5654119 (Ms Low) | 018-2524119 (Alvin)


 6. Oassist – specialises in upholstery cleaning

Oassist - cleaning mattressImage credit: Oassist

Oassist specialises in fabric cleaning, as their list of services includes sanitation and sterilisation of curtains, carpets, sofa, car seat, mattresses and bedding, and the like.

They’ll go the whole nine yards – sterilising, vacuuming, deodorising, and more – to deep clean your fabric.

For those of us who are guilty of not cleaning our curtains, couches, and mattresses for years because these items don’t look “dirty”, you’ll balk at the amount of dust, bacteria, mold, and pollutants that have accumulated overtime.

So in order to keep your upholstery in tip-top condition, and your environment clean and healthy, it’s recommended to have a professional deep-clean these items and furniture at least once a year.

Their prices are determined by sq ft, starting from RM1.80 per sq ft for curtains and blinds. Sofas, mattresses, and carpets will require further consultation.

Operating hours: 9AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 018-212 8200


7. Ultra Cleaning – CIDB-certified 

Ultra Cleaning - man cleaning ceiling lightsImage credit: Ultra Cleaning Project Team

Ultra Cleaning is certified by the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia, which means that you’ll have a team of legit professionals servicing you.

Their services comprise disinfection, post-renovation and construction cleaning, floor polishing, housekeeping, and more.

Because they are CIDB-certified, you may want to reserve them for post-renovation and construction cleaning, as they have the expertise and tools to be able to access hard-to-reach places such as the roof, and to discard post-construction debris properly.

Prices differ depending on the services required, but do expect to pay around RM20 per hour.

Operating hours: Mon – Fri 8AM-6.30PM (Closed on weekends)
Telephone: 019-291 1001


8. Maclean – more than 30 years of experience in the industry

Maclean - woman wiping sofaImage credit: Maclean

Maclean was founded in 1979 and is known as one of the big boys in the cleaning industry.

This is evident through their diverse offerings of commercial and residential cleaning services such as spring-cleaning, disinfection, pest control, waste disposal, and many more.

Another notable thing about Maclean is that they are part of the International Sanitary Supply Association, a worldwide regulatory entity that oversees the cleaning and servicing industry, so you can rest assured that their services are of top-notch quality.

Prices are quoted only after a consultation.

Operating hours: Mon – Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM (Closed on weekends)
Telephone: 03-7773 0300


9. ChemDry – uses high-tech tools to destroy allergens

ChemDry - getting rid of carpet stains
Gif credit: @yosemitevalleychemdry

ChemDry’s services are perfect for those who have pets at home or if you have stubborn stains on your fabric that you have been desperately trying to get rid of but to no avail.

They emphasise on fabric cleaning, providing services that will help remove pets’ urine stains, odour on carpets and sofas, and more.

ChemDry - getting rid of pet urine stains
Gif credit: @yosemitevalleychemdry

ChemDry takes pride in being equipped with tools that use the hot carbonating technique – a technology that is more environmentally friendly, deep-cleans more effectively, and has a proven faster drying downtime.

Prices will be discussed after enquiry.

Operating hours: Mon – Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-1.30PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 03-9171 3122


Professional cleaning services for a wide range of household needs

Maintaining a home is no easy task. There always seems to be a never-ending list of things to clean up and fix, and we’d tell ourselves that we’ll get to it. But sometimes, life gets in the way.

Deep-cleaning our upholstery or cleaning out our washing machines and kitchen appliances might sound like an arduous task, but the end result of a clean, comfortable, and functioning home is well worth the process.

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