Ideas for Christmas gifts in Malaysia

Many of us look forward to Christmas for the flurry of lights and spirit of gift-giving in the merry month of December each year. But while we’re living through a pandemic that’s changing how we celebrate our favourite festivals, there’s no reason to stop showing our loved ones we care by spoiling them with Christmas gifts. 

Here, we’ve rounded up 12 Christmas gifts that you can get under RM50 so you can continue to indulge in the jolly spirit without breaking your bank. The gifts are all from local brands, so you’ll be supporting our small businesses during these tough times too.

1. Minimalist candles that don’t come in a jar from Nudecco

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Nudecco candle
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Nudecco is a lifestyle brand from George Town, Penang, that handmakes vegan-friendly soya candles from scratch. So if you have friends or family members who like to keep their homes constantly smelling of roses or sandalwood, consider checking out this shop for gift options.

While most candles we’re used to seeing come in a glass jar, Nudecco’s popular The Miro (RM49.90) candles come in a bubble-grid shape and are completely package-free. Choose from 2 scents, Pink Sea and Wood Sage or Baies, both of which have musky base notes. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Nudecco candles
These cone-shaped candles will need to be placed on a plate to collect the melted wax

Image credit: @nudecco

You can also bag their Cone (RM49) series of candles that come in different pastel shades of pink, green, blue and red, and scents such as cherry blossom and grapefruit. Opt for the red or white options if you’re a stickler for Christmas-themed gifts, as these candles can also pass off as minimalist Christmas “trees”. 

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Those who are feeling generous can consider getting Nudecco’s Christmas candle gift sets too. While you’ll be forking out more for these, sets such as the Santa’s Tree House (RM150) comes with a Christmas-themed candle and a S’mores making kit, with a compact bonfire included, that’s all neatly packed and wrapped up in ribbons. 

You get free shipping when you cart over RM150 in your purchase.

Shop online at Nudecco here

2. Gardening starter packs from Eat, Shoots, And Roots

For those who want to test out their green thumbs, Eat, Shoots, And Roots (ESR) sells gardening starter packs that are great for beginners. As their aim is to educate Malaysians on food cultivation, these starter packs let you grow plants and vegetables that thrive in tropical climates with just a little TLC.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - ESR curry seed box
Curry Seed Box lets you harvest vegetables after a month or so of cultivating seedlings

Image adapted from: Eat, Shoots and Roots and Eat, Shoots and Roots

There are sets such as Curry Seed Box (RM29) that lets you grow chilli, lady’s finger, and brinjal – all essentials for making curry – and Stir-fry Seed Box (RM29), with Chinese kale, Malabar spinach, and water spinach. Each set packs seeds, peat pellets, markers, and a gardening guide in a convenient cardboard box.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Eat, Shoots and Roots plant
Starter pot pack
Image adapted from: Eat, Shoots and Roots

You can consider getting the Starter Pot Pack (RM39) too, which is great for those looking to add a touch of green to their balconies or small outdoor spaces while also learning how to grow coriander, Thai basil, and curly dwarf pak choy, which you can then cook and eat

Christmas Gifts Ideas - ESR planters
Christmas Microgreens Gift Pack
Image adapted from: Eat, Shoots and Roots 

Their Christmas special Christmas Microgreens Gift Pack (RM38) is another fuss-free starter pack of red amaranth and white radish microgreens. They get pre-potted in a metal planter so the work’s already half done for your secret santee.

Shop online at Eat, Shoots, And Roots here

3. Customisable, eco-friendly phone holders from Dapoware

We all have that friend whose eyes are always glued to their screens. So these wooden KOCHI Phoneholder (from RM16) from Dapoware, an eco-friendly local brand that crafts houseware and lifestyle items with locally sourced materials, will make thoughtful gifts for them. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Dapoware
Dapo’s phone holders are zero-waste products, as they are made from excess wood from other houseware items. They are also designed to resemble a local delicacy – kuih kochi.

Image credit: @dapoware

These handy tools are great for busy bees who never let their phones get too far away from them, as keeping your phone upright with these holders also guarantees that you’ll never miss a light-up screen. You can also get a complimentary engraving of your recipient’s names on the front of the phone holder to add a personal touch to your gift.  

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Dapoware phoneholder
RANTA Phoneholder Keychain
Image adapted from: @dapoware

Check out other variations of phone holders at their store, such as KOCHI Phoneholder + Card Slot (RM28), which comes with an additional slot that fits up to 10 business cards. 

There’s also a pocket-friendly version of this popular item, the RANTA Phoneholder Keychain (RM15), which can be hooked alongside important keys and turned into a nifty phone holder when you’re on the go. 

Shop online for Dapoware at The Green Factory here

4. Batik kits from The Batik Boutique

If you’re thinking of giving back this year, The Batik Boutique employs over 130 women from low-income households to make their series of batik goods, which ranges from masks to bags and clothes, as well as their Batik Painting Kit (from RM59).

Christmas Gifts Ideas - batik kit
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These batik kits are kid-friendly, but great for crafty adults too. They are similar to colouring books for adults you find in bookstores, but you’ll use fabric paint instead of colour pencils or markers.

The kit comes mounted cloth with a hand-drawn design, palette, fabric paint, and a brush to start you off on your colouring journey. There are different kits with different images, such as hibiscus, waus, and Christmas-themed ones to choose from too.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Asli soaps
Kuih-inspired soaps

Image credit: The Asli 

Shop for other under-RM50 gifts, such as their The Asli Co Kuih Soap (RM49), which is a set of creative soaps made to look like kuihs, while you’re checking out their website. These soaps are handmade by women in the Orang Asli community, so you’ll be doing your bit for local communities as you shop for gifts too.

Address: 3 Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 9AM-6PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2303 6052
Shop online at The Batik Boutique here

5. Nostalgic iron-on patches from Salang Design

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Salang Design
Image adapted from:
Salang Design  and Salang Design

Salang Design is a lifestyle brand and graphic design service known for their embroidery patches inspired by iconic Malaysian things that are bound to bring back fond childhood memories. 

Their Lunar Year Collections, available year-round, includes familiar visuals of Pop Pop (RM15) and Cap Tangan (RM15). You’ll also want to keep a look out for their Buatan Malaysia patches, featuring Laksa (RM15), Roti Tag (RM15), Proton Saga (RM18), and Durian (RM18) among others.

You won’t have to fret if your loved one doesn’t have any DIY skills, as the embroidery patches are foolproof to put on. Simply iron them on any item of clothing or even cotton tote bags that you want to customise, as long as it doesn’t burn under a hot iron.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Salang Design
Salang Pouch and Merdeka Tote
Image adapted from: Salang Design 仨人設計 and Salang Design 仨人設計

Other gift options here include their Salang Pouch (RM40), decorated with a range of different patches, and tote bags (from RM29) with fun designs. 

Shop online at Salang Design here. Or find these items in stores at stockists here

6. Minimalist jewellery from Plenty

Spoil your bae or mum with jewellery from Plenty. The jewellery store was founded back in 2017, and carries affordable minimalist designs for earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, all priced under RM50.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Plenty jewellery
Pearly Mermaid Tail Bracelet
(RM38) & Mackenzie Adjustable Bracelet
Image adapted from: Plenty and Plenty

Some of their bestsellers include the Mackenzie Adjustable Bracelet (RM35), a gold-plated bracelet that is adjustable to suit all wrist sizes, and the Dwight Pearl Necklace (RM40), a gold-plated necklace with a freshwater pearl pendant.

There are also 925 silver and rose gold-plated pieces up for grabs to suit different skin tones.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Plenty suede pouch
You can opt to get this suede pouch (from RM7) to go with your gift.
Image credit: @sixteen.october

You get free shipping when you cart over RM70 in your purchase for West Malaysia, and RM140 for East Malaysia.

Shop online at Plenty here.

7. Modern home accessories made from concrete from Bentuk Bentuk

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Bentuk Bentuk coasters
Coasters made from concrete

Image adapted from: Bentuk Bentuk and Bentuk Bentuk

Gift a statement piece from Bentuk Bentuk to your loved one. This local brand founded in 2016 sells items ranging from coasters to trays and jewellery organisers, all handmade from concrete. 

Look out for their Skinny Cone (RM13), which comes in 4 different marble-patterned shades, great for those who want to show off their stylish ring collections. You can also opt to have it with a gold-accented tip at a small additional cost of RM3.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Bentuk Bentuk
Skinny Cone jewellery organiser with gold-accented tips
Image adapted from: Bentuk Bentuk 

Other under-RM50 items you’ll find at Bentuk Bentuk are coasters, including their Hexagon Coasters (RM38), which comes in a pack of 4 marble-style plates, and Faux Agate Slice (RM22), a rough-edged version of this which you can opt to have with gold accents (RM5) too. 

The Pyramid Concrete Pot (RM45), in 5 different eye-pleasing pastel shades, is also a good Christmas gift that can store pens or house plants.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Bentuk Bentuk
Image credit:
Bentuk Bentuk 

Shop online at Bentuk Bentuk here

8. Quirky socks from My House of Socks

Christmas Gifts Ideas - My House of Socks
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Socks are another type of no-brainer gift, as most of us usually pull a pair on before slipping into our covered shoes. But instead of opting for simple black-and-white ones, get a quirky printed pair from My House of Sock.

They have long crew socks, quarter socks, and ankle and invisible socks that come in colourful prints and patterns to add pops of colour to your outfit.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - My House of Socks
Art-inspired socks
Image credit: @myhouseofsocks

Find almost any print that your friend will be interested in – from socks with images of food such as Sake (RM15), Fries (RM18) and Cheeseburgers (RM18), to art-inspired ones with images of Van Gogh’s Blossoming Almond Tree (RM15) and Edvard Munch’s The Scream (RM18).

Christmas Gifts Ideas - My House of Socks batik socks
Batik-inspired socks
Image credit: @myhouseofsocks

My House of Socks also has 7 different Malaysian-inspired batik socks (RM29/pair) too. While these are slightly pricier, they are thick dress socks that reach well past the ankles and come in several classic batikinspired prints. 

There is also an ongoing deal where you can buy 5 pairs of quarter or crew socks for RM50, and they offer free shipping on all orders within Malaysia with no minimum spend. 

Shop online at My House of Socks here

9. Self-care bath boxes from Lave Republic

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Lave Republic
Image credit:
Lave Republic 

While it’s not hard to find creative handmade soaps from local brands online, Lave Republic has Christmas-themed ones, including a Self Care Jolly Box (RM30) that comes with a Jolly Candy hand soap, rose body butter, and greeting card neatly packed in a cardboard box for this gifting season.

Their Good Hair Day Essentials Starter Set (RM41.50), which packs a shampoo and conditioner bar with scents of your choice, as well as a wooden brush or comb, is also a zero-waste option. The combs are made from bamboo and the soaps use a blend of essential oils, such as lavender and rosemary, that will guarantee a stress-relieving bath time. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Lave Republic
Good Hair Day Essentials Starter Set

Image credit: Lave Republic 

Other gift-friendly options you’ll find at Lave Republic are Black Billy Hand Soap (RM9.50), a creative black-and-white soap bar with an attached jute string so your secret santee can hang it up after use instead of needing to get another soap plate to put it on. There’s also the Puffy Footy (RM15) a fun, green soap bar that has pumice powder and bamboo charcoal to get rid of icky dead skin and calluses on your foot.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Lave Republic
Black Billy Hand Soap and Puffy Footy
Image adapted from: Lave Republic and Lave Republic 

You get free shipping when you cart over RM25 for West Malaysia and RM35 for East Malaysia in your purchase.

Shop online at Lave Republic here

10. Planners and social distancing T-shirts from Projek SembangSembang

All of us can probably agree that 2020 was a less-than-stellar year. So to insert a little humour into your secret santee’s life with a new year just around the corner, consider gifting them Projek SembangSembang’s new 2021 Can-La-Der (RM40) calendar kit.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Projek SembangSembang
These calendars can double as wall calendars too, as this kit comes with an extra large paper clip to let you hang the calendar up.

Image adapted from: @sembangsembang

Included in this quirky kit is a calendar with a cover that reads “Uninstalling 2020 To Install 2021”, and a note below to “Please not talk about 2020”. Fitted within are pages with words of encouragement to start every new month off with, as well as stickers to personalise your calendar with. 

Another just-as-fun calendar to get is their 365 Hari Hari (RM15), with headers designed by Malaysian artists such as Ann Jaafar to support local artists.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Projek SembangSembang calendar
365 Hari Hari calendar
Image adapted from: Shopee

The busy bees in your life will also appreciate Projek SembangSembang’s Hardcover Planner (RM30), which is a detailed planner with pages that come with work lists and work trackers that let you list out due dates for projects and other miscellaneous stuff. 

Or opt for their Mini Planner (RM30), which is a convenient set of 4 colourful notepad-style planners with headers such as Deadline, Daily, Weekly, and Reminders.

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Projek SembangSembang
Hardcover Planner and Mini Planner
Image adapted from: Shopee and @stickerrific

For more cheers to bring to your friends, you can also purchase their Thank You for Social Distancing Away From Me T-shirt (RM30) in black or white. They’re pandemic-friendly gifts that also work for introverts who like their personal space in crowds. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Projek SembangSembang social distancing
Image credit:
Projek SembangSembang

Shop at Projek SembangSembang here.

11. Creative enamel pins from Lebih Lah

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Lebih Lah
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For more affordable yet creative gift ideas with a local touch, Lebih Lah is a local brand selling enamel pins (RM25 each) inspired by uniquely Malaysian food and things, such as Super Ring, Nasi Lemak, PoPo Muruku, and Cream Crackers – all familiar snacks we love.

Other nostalgia-inducing enamel pins here are the ones of Tiger Balms and an EX5, or motorcycle, that you can decorate your clothes or bags and hats with. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Lebih Lah pins
Image adapted from:
@lebihlah and @lebihlah

They also sell card stickers (RM15 each), or stickers which you can stick onto your debit or Touch N’ Go cards to set them apart from others. You’ll find words and phrases such as “Anti Payment Payment Card” and “Shut up and take my money” that’ll give your friend a good laugh whenever they pull out their cards. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Lebih Lah card stickers
Image adapted from:

Shop online at Lebih Lah here

12. Malaysian culture-inspired shirts and tote bags from HomeTooMuch

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Home Too Much totes
Image adapted from:
@hometoomuch and @hometoomuch

HomeTooMuch started their operations in 2009, and is now well-known for their line of casual T-shirts and tote bags with prints inspired by local culture. So if you have that foodie friend who can’t get enough of Malaysian staples, gifts such as their popular Nasi Lemak Fan Club (RM24.50) unisex T-shirts with a Gucci-inspired print are bound to hit the spot.

Other food-themed prints include their Dim Sum Club (RM24.50) printed tee, a tote bag (RM14.50) with a matching print, and a T-shirt that reads Bangun Pagi Minum Kopi Black (RM24.50) – a great gift for that caffeine-addicted loved one. 

Christmas Gifts Ideas - Nasi Lemak fan club
Image credit:

There are tote bags (RM14.50 each) with matching designs as the T-shirts, and these  are machine-washable so you don’t have  to worry too much about dirtying them. 

Shop online at Home Too Much here

Guide for Christmas gifts for Malaysians out of ideas

Our spirits have no doubt been dampened by the turbulent ride that 2020 has been, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But don’t miss out on an opportunity to show your loved ones you care for them this year-end. Consider shopping at one of these local brands for under-RM50 Christmas gifts that won’t break your bank so you can pass on some much-needed cheer to your friends and family to end off the year. 

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Cover image adapted from: Plenty, @nudecco and Eat, Shoots and Roots

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