PDRM stops car at roadblock to rescue trapped cat in bumper

Car stopped at roadblock after cat found in car bumper
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Travelling interstate is not a new thing in Malaysia, especially during festive seasons. But that all changed this year, with roadblocks set out nationwide during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) to curb interstate travel – which is the cause of 14% of COVID-19 cases locally. 

This saw heavy traffic jams emerging during the Hari Raya weekend from cars getting checked at roadblocks. But while many get stopped for attempting to cross state borders without travel permits, a Malaysian man shared how he got pulled over because of an unlikely passenger in his car: a cat.

Police stops car with cat trapped in car grille 

The story was shared by Twitter user @ahmdfaiz12. His post can be translated from Malay to English as: “Story from [Hari] Raya morning. The police stopped me at the roadblock. I thought I had done something wrong. Turns out, a cat was found [behind the car grille]”.

Original Twitter post
Image adapted from: @ahmdfaiz12

He also shared a series of photos taken while he was stopped at the interstate travel roadblock at Plaza Tol Jalan Duta. In them, the PDRM, Malaysia Civil Defense Force (APM), and PLUS Highway authorities can be seen circling his pulled-over car to help rescue the trapped cat.

And it’s no easy task, as his car’s license plate had to be removed to get to the cat who had snuck behind the car bumper, presumably to avoid the heat of the car engine. Several APM officers can also be seen lying on their backs to try and reach it.  

PDRM, AMP, and PLUS Highway Crew
Image adapted from: @ahmdfaiz12

Twitter user @redzuanNewsMPB also shared a short interview with 2 police officers who had stopped the car at the roadblock. In it, they joked that they found someone trying to travel interstate illegally, only to add on that the “someone” was just the cat that they had rescued. 

A tweet of an interview with the policemen talking about the rescued cat also goes viral as the cat is seen hilariously struggling in the police officer’s arms
Image adapted from: @redzuanNewsMPB 

The man who accidentally gave a ride to the cat also shared in a follow-up tweet that he had returned the cat to the neighbourhood where it lived so it could find its way back home. 

Netizens don’t hold back on jokes over surprise hitchhiker

It’s a common occurrence in Malaysia to see cats hiding under cars. But the twist in this story was that an innocent man was stopped at a roadblock because of it. That’s why many netizens came out on Twitter with funny jokes about the cat trying to cross state borders. 

Twitter user @Afrief_Zhahiran_ replied to the original poster’s tweet, saying, “Meow trying to cross the border”.

Twitter 1Image adapted from: @ARIEF_ZHAHIRAN_

Twitter user @aisyahhneemat also added, “The driver must not have heard the captain’s instructions to knock before moving”, presumably in reference to the recent popular K-drama Crash Landing On You – in it, Hyun Bin’s character Captain Ri advised Son Ye-jin’s Se-ri to knock on a parked car’s bonnet before driving to make sure that there are no animals hiding under it.  

Twitter 2Image adapted from: @aisyahhneemat

Many also shared similar stories of their cats hiding out under the cars, with Twitter user @ilhambestari sharing a photo of a cat hiding behind the car grille with the caption, “Same case, my cat was in my car and I travelled 15KM and parked before I realised.” 

Twitter 3
Image adapted from: @ilhambestari

Local man stopped at roadblock after trapped cat spotted in car bumper

One thing is for certain during the Movement Control Order (MCO) – that is, our soft spot for animals, with policemen feeding stray cats in Penang and locals raising funds for zoo animals.

This unexpected rescue mission at a roadblock carried out by the PDRM, APM, and PLUS Highway crew further cements this fact. And it’s also making us glad that animals are cared for and not being left out in the equation at this time – even if they were caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

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