Cadbury releases durian-flavoured chocolate in Malaysia 

Image adapted from: Shopee and Pinterest

It seems like durian-lovers in Malaysia have something new to try each week as numerous brands are coming up with their own durian-based concoctions. Following TeaLive’s Durian Milk Tea, Cadbury has launched their signature milk chocolate in durian flavour, offering Malaysians yet another sweet durian treat to indulge in. 

Image credit: Shopee

The flavour of Malaysia

Cadbury wanted to “celebrate the flavour of Malaysia,” so they chose the king of fruits to represent our country. The Cadbury durian chocolate bar comes with rice crispies for a little crunch that is said to complement its creamy texture. The limited edition durian chocolate is exclusively made for Malaysians. 

We can see this being an instant favourite since most of us grew up loving the sweet, creamy taste of the fruit’s custard-like flesh. 

Image credit: @mawarshieda

As the durian flavour is limited edition only, be sure to jot it down on your shopping list the next time you’re out for groceries. You can get your hands on them at any convenience store or supermarket — just look out for the yellow and purple packaging. 

Previous Kopi C flavour a winner

You might remember Cadbury’s previous Malaysian-inspired chocolate flavour which was the Kopi C, a signature drink every local has ordered at least once at a kopitiam. It was a big hit with Malaysians when it was launched last August — proof that you can’t go wrong with coffee and chocolate. 

Image credit: Wanista

As with Cadbury durian chocolate, Cadbury Kopi C was a limited edition, sadly. This popular flavour is no longer for sale.

Cadbury durian chocolate among other localised flavours

With brand-new flavours like Kopi C and durian, we wonder which Malaysian-inspired flavour will Cadbury go with next. Perhaps, they could take a page out of Inside Scoop’s book and infuse White Rabbit candy flavour into their chocolate next. It’s a long shot, but who knows, Malaysians may like the idea of it. 

In the meantime, we can tuck into the Cadbury durian chocolate bar and savour this ultimate snack.


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