Malaysian student stirs Maggi for dorm mates in bucket

You probably remember how a recent video of a Malaysian comedian’s reaction to a BBC Food host using a colander to drain half-cooked rice went viral. While the process elicited a host of reactions from Asians, you’ve got to admit that the recipe was creative

Jumping on the questionable cooking choices bandwagon now is this Malaysian student who used a bucket to toss 10 packs of cooked Maggi mee for his dormitory mates. While it seems outlandish, netizens have come out to support his unique cookware choice and are sharing their own stories involving maggi baldi. 

Using a bucket gets the job of stirring a huge portion of Maggi mee done

The “kitchen hack” was first shared on Twitter by user @PuteraIdaman5, where it has since collected over 3,000 likes and retweets at the time of writing. Along with a 28-second-long video attached, @PuteraIdaman5 tweeted, “Only dormitory kids know how delicious this is”.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - Twitter
Image adapted from: @PuteraIdaman5

The video he posted showed him tossing instant noodles in a grey bucket with the help of a pair of forks.

Someone could be heard asking in the video just how many packets of noodles there were in the more-than-half-filled bucket. The person stirring the noodles, presumably the Twitter user, then responded by saying there were 10 packets, as he was going to share the concoction with his “beloved” dorm mates.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - maggi in bucket
Image adapted from: @PuteraIdaman5

After many netizens replied to his tweet expressing confusion over the choice of cookware that’s not typically seen in the kitchen, @PuteraIdaman5 felt the need to clarify in another tweet that he and his dorm mates had just moved into their dorm. So the bucket was a new one that they had just gotten.

He also shared another follow-up tweet showing that the bucket had been washed and ready for future use.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - washed bucket
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Bucket Maggi is not a new thing to dormitory kids

After the initial tweet received a flurry of comments from netizens who found the sight unusual, another group of netizens actually came out to say that the method of stirring noodles in a bucket was in fact, not novel!

According to @imranibnzaki, it’s something that “everyone [has] thought about”, even if they hadn’t actually done it.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - Twitter commentImage adapted from: @imranibnzaki

Another Twitter user @nightstrollerr chimed in to say that he had seen his classmate’s dorm mates do it too, and added that, “Sure it may seem unhygienic, but for them it’s an experience where they did something fun yet stupid together. I mean, what’s life without stupidity? [laughing emoji]”.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - Twitter commentImage adapted from: @nightstrollerr

Netizen @amarshafie also added on an experience of his own, saying, “When I was in Form 5, all my roommates contributed one [Maggi] packet to the bucket. What is funny is that no matter what the flavour was, we just threw all the seasoning packets – such as curry, dry sauce, tom yam, asam laksa – in and just stirred it.” 

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - Twitter commentImage adapted from: @amarshafie

Netizens don’t hold back on the jokes

While it seems like many are agreeing that this is a less-than-appetising sight, many more reacted in a more good-humoured way. Netizen @rajameen65 cited a joke she had just seen which said, “After this, put [the noodles] inside the washing machine to auto-stir”.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket - Twitter comment Image adapted from: @rajameen65

Another hilarious conversation took place between users @_nris and @pijunopie, in which the former tweeted, “Why not use your feet to mix it? It’ll help spread the seasoning better”, to which the latter responded, “Then it’ll dirty his feet”.

M'sian student cooks maggi in bucket
Image adapted from: @_nris

M’sian students’ use of bucket to cook noodles stirs up the internet

Malaysians are no doubt all up in arms over “maggi baldi“, with many concerned about how hygienic the dish actually is. As @PuteraIdaman5 has insisted that the bucket he used was new and clean – and others showing that this isn’t a new thing among dorm mates – we say let the young people have their fun and experience dorm life as they please.

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