Blue pool in Mount Santubong

Sarawak has always boasted a lush cocoon of rainforests, caves, and mountains, and now, the state can add an enthralling crystal blue pool in Mount Santubong to its list of natural wonders.

It’s always remarkable to discover a secret spot that not many are aware of – something Sarawakian hikers are taking pride in when they chanced upon the blue pool that’s slowly attracting nature lovers who are equally mesmerised by this oasis.

An oasis with clear, blue water

blue pool mount santubong
Image credit: @aizaharwani_mj

Located at the foot of Mount Santubong, the blue pool is made up of a small circle of water – around the size of a pond.

There are no fishes in it, so it’s safe for hikers to take a dip. While the depth can’t be ascertained yet, pictures posted by netizens showed that the pool is quite shallow, especially at the parts where it’s nearer to the bank.

In spite of that, it’s extremely important to keep in mind that natural current can change in an instant, so do practice caution when you’re swimming closer to the middle!

blue pool mount santubongImage credit: @ahmdsyuk_

Some have claimed that the intensity of the water’s colour changes throughout the day, depending on sunlight and the time of day. It’s recommended to start trekking early in the morning when the sun is up on a bright, cloudless day to witness the pool in all its glory.

blue pool mount santubongImage credit: Ismail Bin Roslan

How to get there

entrance to the permai rainforest resort sarawak
The road to Permai Rainforest Resort
Image credit: Google Maps

Thankfully, the blue pool is easy to access so you don’t have to be a pro hiker to attempt the trail. The entrance can be found at Permai Rainforest Resort, an eco-resort offering a number of outdoor activities including a night walk, kayaking, birdwatching, mangrove tour, and many more. Apart from the blue pool, the foot of Mount Santubong is a popular spot among regular hikers as they can also trek to a waterfall or waddle around a stream.

Getting to the blue pool (GPS coordinates: 1° 46′ 2.05″ N, 110° 19′ 18.65″ E) will take roughly an hour and a half, covering 2.5km in distance. The route is in the shape of a loop which means that you can choose between 2 trails.

The first trail coasts around the beach and can be quite steep at some areas, while the second trail is for those who are heading towards Summit 4.5. The latter requires a bit of climbing and crossing through mini streams so make sure you’re decked in proper attire for it.

blue pool mount santubongImage credit: @r1ggr

An RM10 entrance fee will be charged for adults above the age of 18, RM8 for students between the ages of 13 to 17, and RM6 for children aged 5 to 12. Admission is free for younger kids below 5 and senior citizens above 55.

Mount Santubong’s blue pool is a hidden gem for nature lovers

In an age where our natural wonders are making way for modernisation, it’s always nice to discover a slice of Earth’s beauty undisturbed by human activity. And if we want to preserve these rare spots, let’s all do our civic duty to keep clean and not destroy the habitat of rainforests and beaches around us.

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Cover image adapted from: @ahmdsyuk_ and Ismail Bin Roslan

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