A&W Petaling Jaya helps elderly

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Fast food joint A&W recently had its name in the spotlight when netizens learned that the outlet in Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya employs the elderly and disabled. 

On Sunday (20 Jul), Twitter user Brian posted about his recent visit to the outlet, applauding the chain for hiring senior citizens and people with hearing impairment. The tweet has since garnered 2,900 retweets and 3,000 likes from netizens who were equally impressed.

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A fair chance for everyone at A&W 

A&W’s inclusive hiring policy allows these folks to earn a living as there aren’t many job opportunities for the elderly and disabled out there. It’s especially sad considering that most of them can still perform according to the job scope. Yet they’re denied equal opportunities due to their “less than ideal” situation. 

As pointed out by Brian in his tweet, in addition to creating a “family-oriented environment” in the A&W Petaling Jaya outlet, staff also feel respected no matter their backgrounds.  

A&W Petaling Jaya staff learned sign language to communicate with one another

Brian mentioned in his post that there were staff members who went out of their way to learn sign language so that they could communicate with their hearing-impaired colleagues. It’s sweet to see that the whole community at A&W are embracing those who come from different backgrounds. So close are their bonds, that it’s almost as if a family was running the food joint.

Image credit: @OhhB_

Netizens shower A&W with praises

Brian’s tweet caught the attention of fellow Twitter users and many agreed with his sentiment.

This Twitter user also thanked other companies like KFC, FoodPanda, and Grab for giving the disabled community a chance to work — complete with crying emojis.

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The tweet in Malay can be translated as:

I like it like this. Give those who are disabled a chance to work. Thanks KFC, A&W, FoodPanda, and GrabFood. You give opportunities to people. I cry a lil’ inside. 

Similarly, this Twitter user believes that more companies should give job opportunities to those who need them.

Image credit: @darklordaarif88

Another Twitter user Danial Aswad said that it was sad to see elderly people who still needed jobs to sustain themselves.

Image credit: @DanialAswad

It can’t be helped that there are some elderly folks who don’t have the privilege of a full retirement. But it’s inspirational that companies like A&W are giving jobs for this group of people as they need a stable income to survive. 

Thank you, A&W Malaysia

Image credit: @zymphonyx

It’s heart-warming to see A&W taking a chance on these folks and helping them ease their financial burden. We’d like to thank A&W for being inclusive and willing to help the community.

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