Apple in talks to open first store in KL

Apple stores around the world take on interesting designs that’ve made them popular attractions in cities – from New York’s underground Apple store to the new Apple store in Singapore that looks like a floating glass ball. Malaysia, however, has yet to have an official Apple retail store.

But the wait may just be over soon. Apple Inc. is reportedly in talks to open the first Apple store in Malaysia. The popular technology brand for phones, laptops and more with a cult following is said to be eyeing a new location at The Exchange TRX in KL – a bustling hub with retail shops that is set to open in 2022.

Apple Store representatives paid a visit to Malaysia

News of Apple opening its first retail store in Malaysia was first reported by The Edge Markets on 12th April 2021.

According to an inside source at the business and finance publication, representatives from Apple Inc. paid a visit to Malaysia last month in March 2021, and have been in talks with The Exchange TRX for over 2 years. But it’s also reported that they would need a lot of convincing to get them to unveil a store in KL, as they are known to be selective with locations for their stores.

Apple in talks to open first store in KL - THE EXCHANGE TRX
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This is because their retail stores not only carry their products for sale. They also aim to provide their loyal patrons with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, apparent from how Apple stores around the globe take on interesting concept designs that let patrons try out their products.

Apple in talks to open first store in KL - Apple store in Singapore
Exterior of the newest Apple store in Singapore
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In spite of their popularity, not all countries have an Apple store. Apple currently operates 510 stores in 25 countries, with 3 located in neighbouring Singapore and another 2 in Thailand. These 2 are currently the only countries in Southeast Asia to have Apple retail stores.

The Exchange TRX set to bring other shops to KL

But Apple is not the only store to look out for at The Exchange TRX, a 17-acre development within Tun Razak Exchange Development, in the heart of KL.

According to their website, there will be a lifestyle area home to luxe retail shops, Michelin-star restaurants, and premium entertainment outlets. Over 400 stores are set to open here at Market Lane, which is inspired by snazzy shopping lanes in Melbourne.

The TRX City Park is also expected to be a highlight here, taking up 10-acres on the rooftop of the building. The mall will also have direct links to the MRT. Restaurants with alfresco seats to catch glimpses of KL’s skyline, and events and recreational facilities including a jogging trail, meditation zones and a pop-up area for events such as film screenings are also in the works.

Apple in talks to open first store in KL - THE EXCHANGE TRX
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Some stores that are said to be setting up shop here are Sephora, Lululemon, and a premium grocery store from Dairy Farm International, which operates well-known stores such as Giant and Cold Storage. Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is also confirmed to be opening a cinema here.

An office space is also set to open in 2022 at The Exchange TRX. Residences and a hotel, Kimpton Hotel, with 471 suites, will open a year later in 2023.

Apple in talks to open first store in KL - THE EXCHANGE TRX
Image credit: @theexchangetrx

Apple retail store in talks to open first location in KL

We can’t help but look out for Apple products once the newest gizmos are announced from the company. This is why we are more than excited about news that Apple store may be opening their first location in Malaysia at The Exchange TRX in KL.

While we wait for news to be confirmed, we can also look out for new retail experiences also in the works at The Exchange TRX.

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