Anti-rape petition gets over 600,000 signatures

It’s been a buzzing week as Malaysians actively engage in conversations on why rape jokes should not be tolerated, after actor Fauzi Nawawi’s TV interview clip went viral on social media. Actress Raja Farah’s husband and national diver Pandelela Rinong were among those who spoke up to raise awareness on the issue.

However, Malaysians are taking a step further to create a change in the country as over 600,000 of them sign an anti-rape petition created by an NGO two years ago.

NGO’s petition on gains popularity among Malaysians

Anti-rape petition
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Just days after actor Fauzi Nawawi’s viral rape jokes, The All Women ‘s Action Society’s (AWAM) – an independent feminist non-profit organization based in Petaling Jaya – petition created on 28th November 2019 gathered huge attention from Malaysians as thousands pledge to help create a change in the country.

AWAM Malaysia’s petition titled “ZERO TOLERANCE TO RAPE” was initiated two years ago for the protection of rape survivors and educating the public on rape, consent, and other aspects of the act from a social perspective, with the aim of reaching 5,000 signatures.

But now, amid the ongoing rape jokes controversy, over 600,000 Malaysians have come together to voice their support for the organisation’s petition.

Anti-rape protest in Malaysia
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Stated in the petition are calls for better laws to expand the definition of rape to include marital rape on Section 376 of the Penal Code, creating awareness on sexual consent, expanding laws on rape and having better care and access for survivors of rape in the country.

The petition is going strong among Malaysians, with hashtags such as #HentikanRogol #EnoughIsEnough and #RogolBukanJenaka being used to help it to hit its one-million-signature target. Upon successful reach, it will be presented to the Prime Minister’s Department, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Home Affairs for further action.

AWAM Malaysia’s anti-rape petition gets over 600,000 signatures

It’s truly uplifting to see thousands of Malaysians unite to eradicate the normalisation of rape and rape jokes in our society by signing this petition. We hope that many more would show their support for this initiative to better protect women in the country and create a safe environment for all to live in.

You can sign the “Zero Tolerance To Rape” petition here.

*Note: The Smart Local Malaysia has reached out to AWAM Malaysia for additional information on this petition. We will update this article if they get back to us.

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