Ipoh local finds abandoned dog during MCO

Abandoned dog in Ipoh cover pic
An abandoned dog was found in the middle of a road in Ipoh
Image adapted from: Lionel Keith Vytialingam

Malaysians have a soft spot for animals, as seen from the number of cute animal videos we share on our social media feed. Binge-watching these cute videos of fluffy doggos and kittens certainly tempts us into getting pets of our own, but the decision to own a pet shouldn’t be on impulse.

Many pet owners only come to realise how tough owning a pet can be after taking them in. Once they reach their limits, these owners usually drop their pets off at the local shelter or worse, abandon them outside. This man from Ipoh encountered one of these abandoned pets during a grocery run, and what’s sadder is that the doggo is absolutely adorable and is a young, healthy furbaby.

5-year-old Goldendoodle dog named Siggy

On 30th March 2020, an Ipoh local named Lionel Keith Vytialingam documented his experience on his Facebook page. He said that he stumbled across a dog in the middle of the road when he was out on a grocery run. He noticed a soggy note that was tied around the dog’s neck and after gaining its trust, he managed to get close enough to retrieve the note.

Empty road where Siggy was found
Siggy was found wandering the empty street by itself
Image credit: Lionel Keith Vytialingam

He had hoped that the owner’s address and contact details would be written on the note, but sadly, it wasn’t. Instead, it said that the owner was no longer able to care for Siggy the dog. \Vytialingam decided to bring Siggy back home to clean it up and feed it.

Siggy in the car
Image credit: Lionel Keith Vytialingam

In the note, the owner described 5-year-old Siggy to be the most loving and attentive dog. They also said that Siggy makes a great guard dog as it would always watch out for guests or any noise outside the house. Plus, Siggy even knows some tricks.

Siggy's note
Image credit: Lionel Keith Vytialingam

On the same day itself, Vytialingam shared an update to say that he had found her a new home and that Siggy will be taken in by his brother after MCO.

Siggy cleaned up
Image credit: Lionel Keith Vytialingam

At the end of Vytialingam’s post, he reminded pet owners and anyone who’s thinking of getting one to not rush into the decision unless you’re very sure that you can handle the commitment.

For those who have already tried their best to care for their pets but have landed themselves in a situation where they can no longer provide for their furbabies, Vytialingam urged them to seek help from shelters or friends instead of abandoning them out on the streets.

Abandoned dog finds a new home in the midst of MCO

We couldn’t be happier that Siggy doesn’t have to fend for itself while out on the streets anymore and that it has found a new loving home after receiving the help of a kind samaritan. While Siggy was fortunate enough to have a happy ending to her story, other abandoned pets aren’t as lucky.

This story serves as a PSA for those who’re thinking of getting pets, that it’s a long-term commitment and ditching them on the streets is not a humane option.

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