11,079 new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia

The EMCO in most areas of Klang Valley is slated to end in 3 days, on 16th July 2021. But cases have yet to decrease, as Malaysia recorded a staggering total of 11,079 new Covid-19 cases on 13th July. Today’s daily cases marks the highest daily count reported in the country since the start of the pandemic.

Nearly 7,000 cases in Klang Valley

Of the total daily cases recorded today, Selangor reported the highest number of daily cases in a state nationwide, with a total of 5,263 new cases. Following after are KL (1,521), Negeri Sembilan (1,033), and Kedah (497).

Perlis, on the other end of things, sees a small win with zero cases recorded, while Labuan (60), Putrajaya (77), and Terengganu (93) are the only areas in Malaysia with new daily cases falling below the 100s.

All in all, Klang Valley reported 6,861 cases – about 60% of today’s daily cases.

Covid-19 cases in M'sia on 13th July - cases
Image credit: @KKMPutrajaya

Today’s daily cases is the highest daily count in the country since the start of the pandemic – pushing new cases pass the 5-figure mark too. The previous high was recorded on 10th July 2021, with 9,353 new cases reported.

The addition of 11,079 new cases today put the country’s total confirmed COVID-19 cases at 855,949.

Covid-19 cases in M'sia on 13th July - cases
Image credit: Noor Hisham Abdullah

Update: Today also sees 5,990 recovered cases in the country, for a total of 753,328 total recovered cases, as reported by KKM.

Of today’s daily count, 11,052 are local cases while 27 were import cases.

125 new deaths puts the total number of people who died of complications from Covid-19 at 6,385.

There are currently 972 cases in the ICU, and 96,236 active cases.

Covid-19 cases in M'sia on 13th July
Image credit: @KKMPutrajaya

Daily vaccination rates reach over 400,000

Meanwhile, Covid-19 vaccination rates in Malaysia are reaching new peaks in the country.

On 12th July, 421,479 individuals got vaccinated, with 264,034 individuals jabbed with their first vaccine dose and 157,445 now fully vaccinated with their second dose received.

This is the highest daily vaccination number since the vaccination rollout began in the country, as reported by The Star.

Covid-19 cases in M'sia on 13th July - vaccinations
Image credit: @JKJAVMY

This pushes the total vaccination number to 11,788,189. Of this total, 8,104,068 (24.8%) individuals in Malaysia have received their first dose of the vaccine, while 3,684,121 (11.3%) have received their second dose and are now fully vaccinated, as of 12th July at 11:59PM.

11,079 new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia on 13th July 

Covid-19 cases in the country have yet to see a decline that signals brighter days ahead and the end of lockdowns nationwide.

As seen with the latest daily counts surpassing the 11,000 mark on 13th July, we must continue following safety measures while we’re getting vaccinated and getting essentials to do our parts in the fight against Covid-19.

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Cover image adapted from: Noor Hisham Abdullah and Noor Hisham Abdullah

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