Super Matcha in Seoul

Green is often associated with negative emotions such as disgust and jealousy, and quite frankly, it’s not the most appetising colour. But at Super Matcha, green serves to highlight the goodness of every drink and dessert, making them palatable and pleasing to the eye.

Unique combination that’s surprisingly tasty

Super Matcha - super matcha signature drink
Image credit: @supermatcha.official

Super Matcha is a chain of cafes that specialises in matcha-flavoured drinks and desserts – obviously.

But to set themselves apart from other matcha-themed cafes, Super Matcha experiments with combining matcha and other ingredients such as coconut, chai and cocoa. Surprisingly, these combinations are always a hit and are the store’s best-selling products!

Super Matcha - Coconut Matcha
Coconut Matcha
Image credit: @damb._ya

The drinks are made with 100% organic matcha powder and natural sweetener. Coconut Matcha (KRW5,500, ~USD4.26) is a steady seller, and it’s made with organic matcha, coconut milk, natural sweetener, and topped with coconut flakes. 

Super Matcha - some hot drinks are available too
So matcha better indeed
Image credit: @swthrt7 

While some of the drinks, such as Coconut Matcha and Super Matcha Mojito (KRW6,000, ~USD4.65), are only served iced, the majority of drinks can be served either hot or iced for the same price. 

Super Matcha - home cafe with the matcha powder sold in the cafe
Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left) : @cafe.youngsugar, @cafe.youngsugar, @cafe.youngsugar, and @cafe.youngsugar

If the drinks tickle your fancy, you can even purchase matcha powder from the store and recreate the drinks at home. 

Variety of desserts made with green goodness 

Super Matcha - The Tea Cone
The Tea Cone
Image credit: @supermatcha.official

Besides a good cup of matcha, the cafe also offers an array of desserts made with glorious green goodness. During the summer, The Tea Cone (KRW6,000, ~USD4.65), an ice cream made with organic matcha and black coconut, is particularly popular. 

Super Matcha - Matcha Affogato
Matcha Affogato
Image credit: @supermatcha.official

But if you prefer to have your ice cream in a cup, do give the Matcha Affogato (KRW7,000, ~USD5.42) a shot. 

Super Matcha - Vegan ganache cakes
Vegan ganache cakes
Image credit: @supermatcha.official

The Green Tea Ganache Cake (KRW7,500, ~USD5.81) and Orange Caramel Tea Cake (KRW7,000, ~USD5.42) are vegan cakes baked without eggs, butter and milk, making them a great option not just for vegans, but also for those with egg and dairy allergies or lactose intolerance.

Take note that these cakes are only available in the outlet located in Seong-su. 

Matcha drinks made by a robot

Super Matcha - drinks made by a robot
Image credit: @oak0521

Another feature that makes Super Matcha truly super is the presence of robots.

As you stand in line, you’ll see that it isn’t human beings whisking the matcha powder, but machines. How cool is that?

Super Matcha - drinks made by a robot
Image credit: @oak0521

These robots are fast and precise, and they do a good job of frothing the matcha powder till it takes on a fine, creamy texture.

Getting to Super Matcha 

Super Matcha - super matcha outlet at seongsu-dong
Image credit: @oak0521

There are five Super Matcha outlets in total, but we recommend visiting the store located in Seong-su for the best experience. Better still, it’s only a 7-minute walk from the Seoul Forest train station.

  • Head to Exit 5 of Seoul Forest train station.
  • Turn right and walk straight for about 400m. 
  • Make a turn on your left, and you’ll be greeted with Super Matcha.

Address: 668-90 Seongsu 1(il)-ga 2(i)-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 11AM-9PM, Daily

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from left): @supermatcha.official, 미먼트 and @supermatcha.official

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