Starbucks Korea 2021 autumn collection

As working adults, drinking a cup of coffee has become an essential part of our morning routine. It’s a no-go without that one cup of coffee. 

True fans of Starbucks will know that Starbucks’ merchandise is worth the anticipation and hype. Their autumn collection, just launched on 7th September, does not fall short of our expectations. The neutral tone and animal-themed collection is here to spice up your morning coffee ritual and make WFH less mundane. 

Includes animal-themed bucket bag & tea pot

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - merchandise display
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Starbucks Korea’s autumn collection reminds us of a crisp autumn evening and makes us crave a warm cup of coffee. This year’s collection will captivate the hearts of those who are into neutral tones and animal-themed designs. 

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - mugs and tumblers
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Just like most Starbucks collections, this year’s autumn set features tumblers and mugs. The overall neutral tones of brown, beige and a touch of pastel pink create a calm and cosy vibe that fits perfectly with the season.

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - honey bee mug
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The mugs and tumblers in the autumn collection are priced from KRW18,000 (~USD15.56) to KRW52,000 (~USD44.94). While some follow a simple design, others have animals such as squirrels and bunnies that are simply too cute to resist. 

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - bucket bag
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Besides the signature mugs and tumblers, the autumn collection also includes a bucket bag, tray, tea pot, muddler and picnic mat set. 

The autumn animal bucket bag (KRW13,000, ~USD11.23) is not only cute, but also convenient to bring out when you go grocery shopping. 

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - wooden tray
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This autumn siren wood tray (KRW25,000, ~USD21.60) serves up a sophisticated look with its polished wood and leather handles. 

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - picnic mat set
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The autumn picnic mat set (KRW28,000, ~USD24.20) comes with a cute honey bee bag and a picnic mat. With dining outdoors becoming a norm, it’s hard to say no to this practical yet adorable picnic mat set.

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - tea pot
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The siren honey bee glass teapot (KRW34,000, ~USD29.38) has a capacity of 460ml. The transparent glass and the gold handle create a simple yet classy look.

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 Autumn Collection - muddler
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Included in this collection is also a muddler that will be a great addition to your morning coffee ritual. The autumn rabbit muddler (KRW6,200, ~USD5.36) shows a rabbit holding three carrots attached to the stirring stick, and is the cheapest item in the collection.

Where to buy Starbucks Korea’s 2021 autumn merchandise

Sadly, Starbucks Korea’s 2021 autumn collection is only available in-stores. 

But the good news is that those living in Singapore can place their order on Shopee Singapore’s website now. If you live in other parts of the world and want to get your hands on the items, you can consider engaging a concierge service as well.

Starbucks Korea is always hustling to come up with new and innovative merchandise, and they never disappoint. We already can’t wait to see their next seasonal launch. 

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