Romantic moments in Doom at Your Service 

Doom at Your Service concluded recently, and we no longer have episodes of the drama to look forward to, but that won’t stop us from obsessing over the sweet scenes. Doom at Your Service is one of the most romantic dramas we’ve watched this year. Myul Mang and Dong-kyung share too many heart-fluttering moments, and don’t even get us started on Ji-na’s love triangle.

Here are the top 8 romantic moments in Doom at Your Service that made us want our own Myul Mang. 

1. Myul Mang & Dong-kyung kissing in the rain

romantic moments in doom at your service - myul mang and dong-kyung kissing
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Dong-kyung’s life is turned upside down when Myul Mang appears at her doorstep after she makes a reckless wish to bring doom onto the world.

In episode 3, Dong-kyung fleshes out the details of their contract. If she doesn’t fulfil her end of the bargain, which is to doom everyone, a person she loves will die in her place. If she fulfils it, she earns one wish and gets to live the rest of her life without pain. She belatedly realises that the people she loves are doomed to suffer, whether or not she fulfils the contract. 

Dong-kyung decides that she will try to fall in love with Myul Mang, so that he’ll become the person that’ll die in her place. That’s a pretty good idea because Myul Mang isn’t human, which means he probably can’t actually die. 

Despite claiming that he doesn’t know how to love, Myul Mang is constantly doing and saying things that touch Dong-kyung’s heart. In episode 6, Dong-kyung complains that she doesn’t have an umbrella when it rains, and sadly questions why it always rains in her life. Myul Mang, who is stranded at the bus stop with Dong-kyung, says that he doesn’t have an umbrella either, but they could run home. He grabs her hand and the two of them dash up the stairs in the pouring rain.

Myul Mang tells her that it doesn’t matter if it’s raining – even if you don’t have an umbrella, just run in the rain and you’ll be home in no time.

Dong-kyung appears to be touched by his words and tells him that she has a wish. She wishes that he will love her. Myul Mang rejects it, but he leans in to kiss her. They share a passionate kiss in the rain, but after the kiss, Myul Mang steps back and vanishes. 

2. Myul Mang confesses his love for Dong-kyung 

romantic moments in doom at your service - myul mang and dong-kyungImage credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Near the end of episode 8, Myul Mang grabs Dong-kyung’s hand at a pedestrian crossing. When the traffic light turns green, they take a step forward and get transported to an amusement park. Dong-kyung looks around, gaping in shock, but soon starts beaming in happiness.

romantic moments in doom at your service - ferris wheel kissImage adapted from: tvN

The two of them take the ferris wheel. Dong-kyung stares out of the window, gazing down at the amusement park. Sighing, she says that the view is beautiful, and it feels like it will disappear any time. In response, Myul Mang says that things are often beautiful when they don’t last.

Dong-kyung turns to face him, and she asks if it’s possible to wish for people to forget her when she dies. However, she doesn’t manage to finish her question because Myul Mang suddenly leans in to kiss her. She’s surprised at first, but she slowly melts into the kiss. 

Myul Mang chides her for using her wishes on other people, but Dong-kyung says that she did use a wish for herself – she wished for him to love her, but he rejected that wish. Smiling, Myul Mang says that she doesn’t need to wish for that, but he doesn’t elaborate.

Later, after showing Dong-kyung a glimpse of her parents when they were alive, Myul Mang tells her that it’s okay to like him because he doesn’t care about anyone but Dong-kyung now.

3. Dong-kyung plans a special birthday celebration for Myul Mang 

romantic moments in doom at your service - birthday
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Birthdays are a yearly affair for us, but not for Myul Mang. In the first episode, he brings up his birthday in a conversation with the goddess, who is quick to remind him that he doesn’t have one as he’s not human. Although Myul Mang seems to look down on humans and their “meaningless” celebrations, we can tell that he longs to be a part of it. 

In one scene, Myul Mang stares at a cake in a cafe with an expressionless face. Despite the outward lack of emotions, we believe that he wanted someone to celebrate his birthday.

In episode 10, Dong-kyung plans a simple but sweet birthday celebration for Myul Mang in a park. She remembered that Myul Mang told her no one wished him a happy birthday in the 1st episode, when he entered Dong-kyung’s home and helped himself to the cake she bought for her parents’ death anniversary.

After Myul Mang blows out the candle on the cake, she tells him that this celebration is for all the birthdays that he missed. She also confidently says that she will grant him any wish, except for marriage. 

To her surprise, Myul Mang’s wish is for her to live. 

4. Myul Mang & Dong-kyung’s sweet date on Jeju Island

romantic moments in doom at your service - jeju island dateImage credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Dong-kyung has a house on Jeju Island, left behind by her aunt so that Dong-kyung always has a place to return to. Dong-kyung decides to bring Myul Mang to her Jeju hideout.

The two of them go to a cafe, and Dong-kyung tells him all about her life. She tells him about her family and how she met Ji-na, while Myul Mang listens attentively. 

The two are pretending as if nothing is wrong, following an emotional conversation that led to them realising that it’s nearly impossible for them to be together. 

This makes the scene more heartrending for the audience, because Dong-kyung is sharing her life with Myul Mang despite knowing that they can’t stay together for long.  

5. Myul Mang subconsciously remembers Dong-kyung

romantic moments in doom at your service - myul mang and dong-kyung meet
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

In a desperate attempt to annul the contract she made with Myul Mang, she agrees to allow the goddess to erase her memories of Myul Mang. Myul Mang’s memories of Dong-kyung will be erased too. This way, she can prevent everyone from being doomed. 

Myul Mang returns to his ruthless self, punishing people who do evil deeds. He hates humans, and wants to ruin everyone. Dong-kyung remains largely the same, but past events have made her happier than she used to be. 

Fate brings them together again, and they meet in almost the exact way they first met – bumping into each other at the hospital. Myul Mang even says the same thing, “I know I’m handsome, but I’m busy.”

Eerily, everything seems to unfold in the same way as it did before. Carelessly, Dong-kyung says she wishes to destroy the world, though this time, Myul Mang is already next to her. He tries to make her wish for it, and in an attempt to convince her that he’s a supernatural being, he teleports them to the seaside. This also happened previously.

However, Dong-kyung rejects Myul Mang’s contract, because she wants her loved ones to be happy, even after she dies. 

Myul Mang reaches out to touch the side of her face tenderly. Both of them are confused as to why they are reacting to each other in this way. The scene cuts to Myul Mang confronting the goddess, asking her if she did anything to him. When he leaves, the goddess says to herself, “I knew it. Some things are inevitable.”

6. The love triangle between Ji-na, Hyun-kyu & Joo-ik

romantic moments in doom at your service - ji-naImage credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

The love triangle in Doom at Your Service doesn’t involve the main couple, which sets the drama apart from its peers. Dong-kyung’s best friend, Ji-na, is torn between her first love, Lee Hyun-kyu, and her current love interest, Cha Joo-ik.

Ji-na met Hyun-kyu in high school and fell in love with him. They became a couple, only to break up shortly after. This shattered Ji-na’s heart and she hasn’t been able to move on from him since. 

romantic moments in doom at your service - rain kissImage adapted from: tvN

We find out that Joo-ik gave Ji-na her first kiss, when she was crying in the rain outside Hyun-kyu’s apartment. After the kiss, Joo-ik meets Hyun-kyu in the lift. He stops Hyun-kyu from going to the convenience store because he would run into Ji-na. 

Back in the present, Joo-ik confesses to Ji-na that he stopped the two of them from meeting, potentially ruining their chances of getting back together. He didn’t want to see Ji-na continue to sit on the stairs and cry for days on end. He didn’t regret it back then, but he says he’s starting to regret it now. 

Joo-ik is a straightforward person, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to pursuing the girl he loves. Because of this, Ji-na gradually falls for him. 

romantic moments in doom at your service - hyun-kyu and ji-naImage credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

However, she refuses to admit that she has feelings for Joo-ik. She meets Hyun-kyu at his cafe and orders him to date her. Hyun-kyu happily obliges. She’s doing this to confirm her feelings for Hyun-kyu. 

Ji-na shares sweet moments with both Hyun-kyu and Joo-ik, so the viewers are split into two teams: Team Hyun-kyu and Team Joo-ik. 

7. Ji-na chooses Joo-ik 

romantic moments in doom at your service - joo-ik and ji-na
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

In episode 13, Ji-na meets Hyun-kyu to have an honest conversation about their relationship. She thinks that the person she fell in love with was the 18-year-old Hyun-kyu, and not the current Hyun-kyu. She brings up the fact that she kissed Joo-ik before, and Hyun-kyu says that the kiss doesn’t bother him. However, Ji-na tells him that the kiss matters to her.

Later, she runs into Joo-ik, who appears to be waiting for her. She’s drunk and kisses Joo-ik before collapsing into his arms. Joo-ik brings her home and tucks her into bed. 

Even though Ji-na hasn’t admitted that she has feelings for Joo-ik, it’s pretty clear that she will choose Joo-ik in the end. 

romantic moments in doom at your service - joo-ik kisses ji-naImage adapted from: tvN

In the last episode, when Joo-ik and Ji-na were having drinks at a rooftop bar, Ji-na finally agrees to be Joo-ik’s girlfriend. Joo-ik leans over the table to kiss her, and Ji-na tells him that she expected the kiss because she’s a web novel writer. Then, Joo-ik kisses her again and asks if she expected the second kiss. Ji-na says that she did, and Joo-ik tells her that he will continue to meet her expectations.

8. Myul Mang returns to Dong-kyung as a human

romantic moments in doom at your service - myul mang humanImage adapted from: tvN

In the last episode, Dong-kyung is cured of her sickness and struggles to live without constantly thinking of Myul Mang, who gave up his life to save Dong-kyung.

She thinks she will never see him again, so she’s shocked when she realises that Myul Mang is standing next to her in the bus. When they alight, he tells her that they will need to use an umbrella because he no longer has the ability to stop the rain. He’s a human being now, and he’s back to stay with Dong-kyung till the end.

Dong-kyung hugs him tightly, causing him to drop the umbrella. They share a loving embrace in the rain, just like they did when they kissed each other in the rain previously. 

romantic moments in doom at your service - dong-kyung and myul mang sleepingImage adapted from: tvN

Myul Mang eats a bowl of Oreo O’s, his first meal as a human because Dong-kyung doesn’t have any other food in the house. After that, they snuggle in bed together, holding hands while they drift off to sleep. It’s been a long time since they’ve been together like this, and we can’t help but tear up at this touching reunion. 

Romantic moments in Doom at Your Service that had us tearing up

It’s undeniable that Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young share amazing chemistry, and it’s a pity that we no longer get to see them in new episodes every week. Hopefully, the two of them will have the opportunity to act in the same drama in future. 

Meanwhile, we hope these 8 romantic moments in Doom at Your Service helped you get over your post-drama syndrome. If not, no one’s stopping you from re-watching the drama.

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