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Back in 2006, Princess Hours was one of the hottest dramas of the year. Though it’s been 15 years since the drama first aired, Princess Hours – also known as Goong – continues to have a legion of long-time fans. On 5th March, Jaedam Media announced news of a Princess Hours remake in collaboration with Group8, the company that produced Princess Hours in 2006, much to the delight of said fans.

Plot of Princess Hours, also known as Goong

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Princess Hours was based on a manhwa by Park So-hee. In the manhwa, South Korea still has a monarchy.

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Chae-kyung, a high-schooler, was forced into a marriage to the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, in order to fulfil her grandfather’s wishes and to alleviate her family’s financial difficulties. 

Problems arise when the aloof Lee Shin couldn’t care less about Chae-kyung, who is struggling to adjust to her new life as a princess.

Princess Hours is a rom-com drama that captured the hearts of many viewers thanks to the amazing cast and storyline. There was even a Thai remake of Princess Hours in 2017. 

Netizen reaction to the news

Fans of the drama are now speculating about potential cast members and who they think should play the various lead roles. However, there are a few who worry about the remake not doing justice to the original

Jaedam Media and Group8 have yet to announce an official release date for the remake, so stay tuned.

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