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Rising actor Lee Jae-wook, who made his debut only a year ago, returns his fans’ love through maintaining an active Instagram feed. From candid shots to playful ones, the 22-year-old actor ensures that he stays connected with his fans even when he’s busy filming on set. 

Lee Jae-wook’s fan service on Instagram

Lee Jae-wook - Instagram
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Many celebrities can’t post often on social media due to their busy schedules. However, this is not the case for Lee Jae-wook, who posts on Instagram at least once a week to keep fans updated on his life and upcoming projects.

Lee Jae-wook - Instagram
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Most of his Instagram posts feature candid shots and selfies which showcase his adorable and handsome visuals. Besides still photos, he also hosts Instagram live streams while on drama sets so as to update his fans on the filming progress.

Lee Jae-wook - Filming location for Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
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Recently, Lee Jae-wook has been filming for his upcoming drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Despite a packed schedule, he often uploads Instagram appreciation posts for food trucks that were sent to his filming locations.

Lee Jae-wook - Instagram post, Kim Sae-ron
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Fellow actress Kim Sae-ron, Lee Jae-wook’s junior in university, sent a food truck with stickers of an extreme close-up selfie the latter had posted on Instagram. Lee Jae-wook reacted with an Instagram appreciation post and a caption that read “스티커 진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 센스쟁이얔ㅋㅋ오늘 현장에서 인싸다!”, which translates to “The stickers ahahaha. You’re so witty. I was so popular on set today!” Fans reacted to this interaction positively, commenting that his reaction was absolutely adorable. 

Korea’s new heartthrob, Lee Jae-wook

Lee Jae-wook - photoshoot
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Lee Jae-wook is a rookie actor whose popularity has been steadily rising in Korea with every new project that he takes on. At the age of 22, he made his acting debut in Netflix’s Memories of Alhambra (2019), playing Marco Han, a programmer and hacker.

Lee Jae-wook - Marco Han, Memories of AlhambraLee Jae-wook as Marco Han in Memories of Alhambra (2019)
Image credit: Dramabeans

Lee Jae-wook also starred in Search: WWW (2019) as Seol Ji-hwan, before rising to popularity with his role as Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You (2019). With a height of 187cm, he was cast alongside other tall and handsome actors such as SF9’s Rowoon, Jung Gun-joo, and Kim Young-dae to represent picture-perfect male characters in the comic book world of Extraordinary You.

Lee Jae-wook - Baek Kyung, Extraordinary You
Lee Jae-wook as Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You (2019)
Image credit: Lee Jae Wook 이재욱

Within a year of his debut, Lee Jae-wook won the Best New Actor award at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards, proving his talent and making a name for himself in the industry.

Lee Jae-wook - 2019 MBC Drama Awards
Lee Jae-wook’s acceptance speech at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards
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Lee Jae-wook’s most recent drama was When the Weather is Fine (2020), in which he played the role of Lee Jang-woo, the male lead’s high school friend.

Lee Jae-wook - Lee Jang-woo, When the Weather is Fine
Lee Jae-wook as Lee Jang-woo in When the Weather is Fine (2020)
Image credit: HanCinema

Lee Jae-wook’s upcoming drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Lee Jae-wook - Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
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Fans can look forward to Lee Jae-wook’s comeback on KBS’s upcoming drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. He will star as Sun Woo-joon, a free-spirited man with a warm heart that makes ends meet through part-time jobs.

Lee Jae-wook - Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Sun Woo-joon
Image credit: KBS 드라마

Still shots of the drama were released over the past few weeks, giving fans a sneak peek into the life of Sun Woo-joon, Lee Jae-wook’s character.

Lee Jae-wook - Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Sun Woo-joon
Image credit: @kbsdrama

Lee Jae-wook - Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Sun Woo-joon
Image adapted from: Lee Jae Wook 이재욱 and KBS 드라마

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol will air its 1st episode on 7th October 2020, available on Netflix for international viewers.

Follow Lee Jae-wook’s Instagram for updates

Lee Jae-wook - Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Sun Woo-joonImage credit: KBS 드라마

Lee Jae-wook’s irresistible charm and versatile acting skills are bound to make you grow fonder of him over time. Don’t be shy – follow his Instagram account for regular updates on his upcoming projects.

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