Kim Seon-ho’s film debut in Sad Tropics

On 6th September, Star News, a Korean entertainment media company, reported that Kim Seon-ho is in talks to make his movie debut in Sad Tropics. After rising to fame in the popular K-drama Start-up, and the positive reception of Hometown Cha-cha-cha, his ongoing K-drama where he plays the male lead, he’s now considered as one of the hottest stars in Korea. 

About a boxer from a multicultural family

Sad Tropics revolves around a protagonist who dreams of becoming a professional boxer. He comes from a multicultural family, where his father is Korean while his mother is Filipino. After his father abandons him, the protagonist embarks on a journey to look for his father in South Korea. The journey is a challenging one as he meets bad guys along the way.

kim seon-ho sad tropics - kim seon-ho
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There are two protagonists in Sad Tropics, and Kim Seon-ho has been offered one of the lead roles, where he will play a completely different role from the usual sweet and bubbly characters he has portrayed so far.

Filming may begin in November

kim seon-ho sad tropics - hometown cha-cha-cha
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Star News also reported that Kim Seon-ho will begin filming for Sad Tropics after filming for the currently airing tvN drama, Hometown Cha-cha-cha, if he accepts the role. His current drama will most likely come to a close between October and November.

kim seon-ho sad tropics - director park hoon-jung
Director Park Hoon-jung
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Sad Tropics will be directed by Park Hoon-jung, the director behind the hits New World, a crime movie, and The Witch, a mystery and thriller movie. 

Director Park Hoon-jung and the production team are in the process of casting the other main character who will play the boxer role. After casting is complete, filming for Sad Tropics will most likely begin at the end of November. 

Kim Seon-ho may make his big screen debut in Sad Tropics

kim seon-ho sad tropics - kim seon-ho
Image credit: @seonho__kim

Kim Seon-ho has proven his acting chops in his recent K-dramas, and Sad Tropics will be his first movie if he accepts the offer. Although his agency has not confirmed the news, we hope that he takes on the protagonist role in Sad Tropics so we can get to see him on the big screen soon.

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