Jun Ji-hyun’s divorce rumour

The beloved actress Jun Ji-hyun, who’s well-known for her lead roles in dramas such as My Love From The Star and The Legend of the Blue Sea, is now in the spotlight due to rumours of her separating from her husband. 

If you haven’t been keeping up with Jun Ji-hyun’s love life, here are 5 things to know about Jun Ji-hyun’s divorce rumour, and the couple’s relationship timeline. 

The couple were childhood friends

jun ji-hyun divorce - ji-hyun and her husband
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On 29th December 2011, rumours of Ji-hyun dating someone began to spread, but her agency denied it, claiming that she hadn’t mentioned anything.

However, her agency confirmed the dating rumour on 4th January 2012.

Ji-hyun was dating banker Choi Joon-hyuk, the grandson of renowned hanbok designer Lee Young-hee and son of popular fashion designer Lee Jeong-won. The couple are the same age and were childhood friends. They allegedly developed romantic feelings for each other when Ji-hyun took care of him when he was struggling with health problems. 

They got married at Shilla Hotel 

jun ji-hyun divorce - ji-hyun's wedding
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On 13th April 2012, the couple got married at Shilla Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in South Korea. Several famous celebrities, including Song Joong-ki, Han Ye-seul, and Lee Young-ae, attended her wedding

Ji-hyun held a press conference just before the wedding, dressed in a stunning gown designed by British designer Jenny Packham. During the conference, she revealed that Joon-hyuk asked her out on a date and told her to bring her passport. The date turned out to be a trip to Japan, where he proposed. 

They have 2 children together

On 10th Feb 2016, Ji-hyun gave birth to her 1st son.

Not long after, on 26th June 2017, her agency revealed that she was expecting her 2nd child, also a son. 

Rumours of their divorce start to surface

Rumours of Ji-hyun and Joon-hyuk’s divorce started to spread after YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute claimed that the couple have separated.

According to the hosts, Jun Ji-hyun and her husband separated in December 2020, but kept it under wraps. Allegedly, she kept it a secret because she did not want her divorce to affect her advertisement campaigns and her 2 young children.

The hosts of Garo Sero Institute also claimed that Ji-hyun is considering emigrating in order to cover up her divorce. They even speculated that Joon-hyuk could be cheating on her. 

Ji-hyun’s agency denies the rumour

On 3rd June, Ji-hyun’s agency denied the rumour. In an official statement, the agency clarified that the divorce rumour is false, and will take legal action against the spread of false information and malicious comments. 

Ji-hyun’s divorce rumour & relationship timeline

Ji-hyun’s divorce rumour came as a shock to many. Thankfully, her agency has clarified that the divorce rumour is false. We wish Jun Ji-hyun and her family well.

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