Cho Yi-hyun & Yeo Jin-goo in Agreement

On 14th April 2022, it was confirmed that rising actress Cho Yi-hyun and actor Yeo Jin-goo will be joining hands in the remake of Ditto (2000), a movie about lovers from different time periods. 

Remake of Ditto

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Ditto (2000) revolves around a woman living in 1979 and a man living in 2000. The two somehow manage to communicate through an old radio. 

The two of them later realise that they are from different time periods when they make plans to meet, but fail to cross paths. 

Starring Yeo Jin-goo & Cho Yi-hyun

Cho Yi-hyun & Yeo Jin-goo in Agreement - Yeo Jin-goo
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In the upcoming remake, the roles will be reversed and the male lead will be the one who is living in the past instead.

Having garnered a huge fan base through the hit dramas Hotel Del Luna (2019) and Beyond Evil (2021), Yeo Jin-goo is a versatile actor who has an eye for picking movies and dramas with interesting plots. 

He will be taking on the role of Yong, a student from 1995 who majors in mechanical engineering. 

Cho Yi-hyun & Yeo Jin-goo in Agreement - Cho Yi-hyun
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Cho Yi-hyun is no stranger to us – she recently shot to international fame thanks to the popular Netflix zombie series All Of Us Are Dead

She will take on the role of Mo-nee, a sociology student from the year 2021.

Cho Yi-hyun & Yeo Jin-goo in Agreement - Kim Hye-yoon
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Kim Hye-yoon is known for her roles in Sky Castle (2018) and Extraordinary You (2019), and in Agreement, she will be starring as Yong’s first love, Han Sol.

Cho Yi-hyun & Yeo Jin-goo in Agreement - Na In-wook and Bae In-hyukImage adapted from: @10042n00 and @inhyuk_bb

Another familiar face in the cast is Na In-woo, whom you may recognise from the variety show 2 Days 1 Night and the drama River Where the Moon Rises (2021). Na In-woo will be joining the cast as Mo-nee’s best friend, Young Ji. 

Bae In-hyuk, who starred in My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021), will be playing Eun Song, Yong’s close friend from the mechanical engineering department. 

Filming to commence in May

Filming for the movie will begin in May, and it will be helmed by director Seo Eun-young. 

She worked on the films Go Back (2020) and Overman (2016), and even won an award at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. 

Rising stars Cho Yi-hyun & Yeo Jin-goo in Agreement

The airing date for the Agreement movie has yet to be announced, but it will likely be slated to air in 2023. 

Since Ditto was well-received back in the day, we can’t wait for the remake, especially since it has a star-studded cast and riveting plotline!

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