BTS X McDonald’s 2nd collection launches pre-orders 

We have good news for ARMYs who didn’t manage to grab anything from the 1st BTS x McDonald’s collection! On 16th June, HYBE announced on Twitter that pre-orders for the 2nd BTS x McDonald’s collection will open today.

The new collection features items emblazoned with the BTS members’ hand-drawn characters, as well as Butter-themed items. 

The collection includes T-shirts, keyrings & more

bts mcdonald collection - bts characters
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Saucy series features BTS’ hand-drawn characters displayed on T-shirts, cushions, keyrings, pens, book clips, and a tote bag.

bts mcdonald collection - SUGA design
SUGA’s design.
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Saucy S/S T-shirts cost USD54.81 each. There are 8 different versions – you can choose to purchase a T-shirt that only has 1 member’s hand-drawn character, or the T-shirt that has all 7 characters. 

bts mcdonald collection - saucy s/s t-shirt all characters
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

Jin, SUGA, j-hope, and Jung Kook drew cute versions of McDonald’s fast food items. On the other hand, RM, Jimin, and V drew cartoonish characters. 

bts mcdonald collection - Jin's design
Jin’s design.
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Saucy Cushions (USD36.23) also feature the members’ designs, and there are 7 versions. Each version has 1 member’s character printed on it. 

bts mcdonald collection - keyrings
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Saucy Magnet Acrylic Keyrings cost USD19.50 each. Each character charm can be used as a magnet as well. 

bts mcdonald collection - pens
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Saucy Pen Set (USD35.30) includes 7 different pens. Each pen features a different member’s character, and a different ink colour. 

bts mcdonald collection - book clips
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

Like the pen set, the Saucy Book Clip Set (USD23.22) has 7 different book clips, and each book clip features a different member’s character. 

bts mcdonald collection - tote bag
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Saucy Tote Bag (USD36.23) is ivory and purple in colour, with all 7 characters printed on it. 

bts mcdonald collection - black Melting S/S T-shirt
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Melting series contains Butter-themed items. 

The Melting S/S T-shirts have graphic prints on them. They come in black and white. 

bts mcdonald collection - white Melting T-shirts
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The white version has a small logo on the front, and a colourful pop-art graphic print on the back. The print on the front is a melting piece of butter in the shape of the BTS logo. 

The front of the black version has a colourful pop-art graphic print of a piece of butter melting on top of a chicken nugget. The back is plain, with a “BTS x McDonald’s” inscribed just below the neckline. 

Both white and black versions cost USD54.81 each. 

bts mcdonald collection - sweatshirt
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Melting Zip Sweat (USD82.68) is a white, quarter zip-up sweatshirt. Like the white Melting S/S T-shirt, the sweatshirt has a BTS Butter logo on the front and a graphic print on the back.

bts mcdonald collection - hoodie
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Melting Zip Hoodie (USD91.97) comes in black. On the front, it has a logo of a piece of butter melting on top of McDonald’s fries. The back is plain.

bts mcdonald collection - bucket hat and bag
Melting Bucket Hat and Melting Packable Bag
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Melting Bucket Hat comes only in black and costs USD45.52

The Melting Packable Bag is a multi-purpose bag that costs USD45.52

bts mcdonald collection - socks
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Melting Socks Set (USD17.65) includes 2 pairs of socks. Each sock has a different design. 

bts mcdonald collection - sliders
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Melting Slide (USD36.23) is a pair of slide sandals. The right and left sandal have different designs, so wearing this pair of sandals will add a touch of quirkiness to your outfit. 

bts mcdonald collection - tote bag
Melting Tote Bag (multi)
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

There are Butter-themed tote bags. The tote bags come in 2 different designs and cost USD36.23 each. 

bts mcdonald collection - rug
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

There is even a rug included in this collection. The Melting Rug (USD45.52) features a piece of heart-shaped butter melting on top of McDonald’s fries. This rug has a TPR backing that will prevent the rug from sliding around on the floor. 

bts mcdonald collection - pajama set
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The cute Melting Pajama Set (USD91.97) will make sure you are dressed comfortably and fashionably while you sleep. 

bts mcdonald collection - phone straps
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Melting Silicone Phone Straps will keep your phone safe in your hand. They are useful if you have small hands but chose to buy a large phone in order to properly appreciate your oppa on the screen.

The straps cost USD14.86 each and come in 3 different designs.

Do note that the straps may not fit on some phone cases. It depends on the material and surface curves of the phone case. 

bts mcdonald collection - 3D keyring
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Melting 3D Keyrings come in 3 different designs and cost USD18.58 each.

bts mcdonald collection - bag charm
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

If you don’t fancy keyrings, you can opt for the Melting Bag Charm (USD18.58) instead. 

bts mcdonald collection - stationary set
Image adapted from: Weverse Shop

The Melting Mini Stationary Set (USD18.58) is a tin case with a set of stickers and memo pad inside. 

bts mcdonald collection - travel pouches
Image credit: @HYBE_MERCH

The Melting Travel Pouch Set costs USD41.80. Each set contains 4 different pouches in different sizes. 

How to pre-order items from the 2nd collection

You will need to download the Weverse Shop app to pre-order the items. 

Shipping fees vary depending on the country. Do note that shipping starts on different dates for different items.

The Saucy collection starts shipping on 22nd August. Most of the Melting collection also starts shipping on 22nd August. However, Melting 3D Keyrings will only ship from 1st September onwards.

BTS x McDonald’s returns for 2nd collection 

The 1st BTS x McDonald’s collection sold out very quickly. If you have yet to get anything from the BTS x McDonald’s collection, seize this opportunity and get your hands on the new items.

Items from the 1st collection have been restocked on Weverse Shop, so move fast before it sells out again. 

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