Wedding dress Taiga figurine for Toradora 15th anniversary

Toradora! is a rom-com anime that has enjoyed sustained popularity since its release in 2008. The cute and dynamic dragon and tiger couple – Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka – have successfully stolen the hearts of fans worldwide. 

The anime was based on a light novel by Yuyuko Takemiya, and it ran from 2006 to 2009. To celebrate the upcoming 15th anniversary of the light novel’s release, Chara-Ani, a Japanese anime merch company, will be selling a limited edition Taiga Aisaka wedding dress figurine.  

Taiga Aisaka wedding dress figurine

Taiga Aisaka Wedding Dress 1 - different views of wedding dress
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Chara-Ani will be releasing a special 1/7 scale figurine of Taiga Aisaka, the female protagonist of Toradora!, in a flowy white wedding gown. To fans, this wedding dress figurine of Taiga symbolises the fulfilment of Taiga and Ryuji’s promise of marriage in the anime’s last episode

The Taiga figurine will come with a dedicated stand and an extra face part. The extra face part will allow you to display Taiga Aisaka with a nonchalant expression, while the original face part depicts a shy and blushing look.

Taiga Aisaka Wedding Dress 2 - nonchalant expression
Taiga with a nonchalant expression
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You can pre-order the figurine on the Chara-Ani online store from 5th November to 11th December 2020. If you order the figurine directly from Chara-Ani, you’ll also receive a signed Taiga character print by the anime’s character designer, Masayoshi Tanaka. This package will set you back ¥19,800 (~USD188.51)

The figurine will arrive around March 2021 if you order now.   

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You can also pre-order the figurine from other online stores such as GOODSMILE Company online store, Tokyo Otaku Mode, and AmiAmi. Many have already placed their pre-orders, so do make your purchase as soon as possible before stocks run out. 

Special edition bundle limited to Chara-Ani

Taiga Aisaka Wedding Dress 4 - signed character print
Signed character print by Masayoshi Tanaka
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Chara-Ani has also prepared a special edition bundle exclusive to their online website. 

The special edition bundle will not only include the Taiga wedding dress figurine and a signed character print of Taiga by Masayoshi Tanaka, but also a B2-size tapestry of Taiga autographed by writer Yuyuko Takemiya.

This special bundle is available on the Chara-Ani online shop for ¥22,550 (~USD214.69).

Toradora anime

Taiga Aisaka Wedding Dress 5 - anime poster
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Toradora! follows the story of Ryuji Tasuku and Taiga Aisaka and how they fell in love with each other after a series of unexpected events bring them together. You can watch the 25-episode series on Netflix and Crunchyroll.   

Taiga Aisaka wedding dress figurine available for pre-orders

Fans of Toradora! can celebrate the light novel’s 15th anniversary by pre-ordering the special Taiga wedding dress figurine before 11th December 2020. Do note that the prices stated above are for Chara-Ani only.

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