RPG memorial altar

Sending your loved ones off when they pass is usually a sombre affair, but perhaps the grim event can be tempered with a special RPG-style memorial altar.

RPG memorial altar by anime replica company

Takumi Armoury, a company specialising in replicating weapons from fantasy anime and video games for cosplay, has come up with an ingenious new product: the Fantasy Butsudan Prayer Spot Tabidachi. 

RPG memorial altar - interiorImage credit: TakumiArmoury

Their product, which serves as an altar for loved ones that have passed on, is modelled after a common scene in video games. In the middle of a mystical forest lies the hero’s final resting place, complete with an Excalibur lodged in a rock. 

RPG memorial altarImage credit: TakumiArmoury

Made with sturdy wood and PVC plastic, the RPG memorial altar was created in collaboration with local butsudan (仏壇; Buddhist altar) manufacturer Soshin. 

In Japan, it’s not uncommon to see butsudan in houses. Ashes of deceased loved ones are placed inside inornate altars – usually made of wood – complete with an incense burner and a small prayer bell. 

Giving new meaning to the passing of loved ones

RPG memorial altar - close up of altarA close-up of the inside of the altar.
Image credit: TakumiArmoury

Inspired by Soshin’s goal to create something more than a traditional butsudan, Takumi Armoury embarked on this project.

Named Tabidachi, which translates to “the beginning of the journey”, the RPG memorial altar offers some consolation – although the deceased’s journey on Earth has ended, they are embarking on a new journey in the afterworld.

RPG memorial altar - exteriorThe altar when closed.
Image credit: TakumiArmoury

Measuring 34cm wide, 28.5cm deep, and 40.5cm tall, the altar alone is priced at ¥880,000 (~USD7,650). Bells and urns are also available for purchase on their website

RPG memorial altar by Takumi Armoury

Thanks to Takumi Armoury and Soshin, all RPG fans can now leave this world in style, forever enshrined in their fantasy afterworld.

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Cover image adapted from (left to right): TakumiArmoury and TakumiArmoury

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