The Smart Local Japan Team
Our editorial and videography team aims to provide you with a guide to the best of Japan, from exploring hidden gems to keeping up with the latest anime series. We hope reading our articles will give you ideas of things to do and places to go so that you’re always entertained!
Kayce TeoKayce Teo
Regional Editor
Kayce loves dachshunds and writes fantasy novels.
Engracia AngEngracia Ang
Regional Sub-Editor
Engracia has a cat named Sunday – he was adopted on a Sunday.
Luo WenLuo Wen
Editorial Assistant
Luo Wen has a thing for angry anime guys with blonde hair.
Ting Yen HsianTing Yen Hsian
Editorial Assistant
I’m 100% right 50% of the time.
Jeremy JeeJeremy Jee
Freelance Writer
There’s more to life than work – food, travel, anime… did I mention food?

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