Japanese rabbit doughnut

In the spirit of celebrating Japan’s mid-autumn festival, food outlets have been getting creative by releasing various themed products, such as the Japanese rabbit doughnut by doughnut shop Ikumimama.

Tsukimi rabbit doughnuts

japanese rabbit doughnut - tsukimi set
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Ikumimama, a Japanese doughnut shop famous for their animal-shaped treats, recently released a limited-edition rabbit doughnut in celebration of Japan’s mid-autumn tradition of moon-viewing, which is known asTsukimi or Otsukimi.

Tsukimi falls sometime between September and October. During this period, people in Japan often hold parties to celebrate by eating dishes associated with Tsukimi, such as Tsukimi dango and Tsukimi udon, while gazing at the moon.

japanese rabbit doughnut - white rabbit
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The design of the Tsukimi rabbit doughnuts – a rabbit holding a plate of mochi – is closely related to the legend of Tsukimi, which tells of a rabbit who lives on the moon, pounding mochi with a mortar and pestle.

japanese rabbit doughnut - pink rabbit
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The Tsukimi rabbit doughnut comes in two different flavours – the white rabbit is coated in white chocolate, while the pink rabbit is coated in strawberry chocolate.

japanese rabbit doughnut - tsukimi dango donut holes
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Besides the limited-edition rabbit-shaped doughnuts, Ikukimama also came up with doughnut holes covered in coconut flakes as a tribute to Tsukimi dango during this period.

You can purchase these treats as a set of four Tsukimi rabbit donuts and six Tsukimi dango doughnuts for ¥2,590 (~USD23.58) on Ikumimama’s online store.

The online store only delivers within Japan, so if you live outside the country, consider engaging a concierge service, or get a friend to send it to you.

Where to find Ikumimama doughnut store

japanese rabbit doughnut - ikumimama store
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Ikumimama specialises in making and selling homemade animal-shaped doughnuts.

Founded in 2011, the store has come up with many original designs for their doughnuts over the years, and you can view their creations on their Instagram, and official website. The shop also prides themselves on using only natural ingredients when making these doughnuts.

japanese rabbit doughnut - animal-shaped donuts
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Address: 3 Chome-6-18 Kizuki, Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki, 211-0025 Kanagawa
Opening hours: 10AM-6.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 04-4434-3640

Enjoy a Japanese rabbit doughnut during Tsukimi

The best period to gaze at the moon and all of its beauty varies from year to year. And for this year, it is said to be from 21st-24th September. If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan right now, don’t miss out on the chance to savour a Tsukimi rabbit doughnut while appreciating the moon this mid-autumn festival.

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