Italian Chocolatier Venchi Sets Up Shop In Plaza Indonesia, Offers Gelato With Extra Chocolate Spread

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Venchi opens outlet in Plaza Indonesia

When we think of Italy, two things immediately come to mind – the glorious architecture from ancient civilizations, and authentic, artisanal gelatos. Rome’s gelaterias are just as much of an attraction as the Colosseum and now Jakartans can even have a taste of genuine Italian gelato after Venchi opens their first Indonesian outlet in Plaza Indonesia shopping mall.

This Italian chocolatier didn’t actually start making gelatos until 2007 but don’t let their youth fool you – they measure up well to Italy’s oldest and best gelaterias.

Italian three-layered chocolate bars and hazelnut chocolate spread

venchi chocolate
Chocolates on display at Venchi Plaza Indonesia
Image credit: @venchi_id

While not as well-known as Belgian and Swiss chocolates, Italian chocolates have a unique flair of their own that makes them just as worthy. Venchi, pronounced “ven-key”, specializes in a three-layered chocolate bar known as cremino, where a layer of hazelnut paste is sandwiched between two outer chocolate layers.

venchi hazelnut chocolate spread
Slather this hazelnut chocolate spread over your toast
Image credit: @artcafearezzo

This type of chocolate originated in the Italian region of Piedmont, Venchi’s ancestral home known for its hazelnuts – part of what makes Venchi so special and used in the chocolatier’s trademark Suprema Nocciola, or hazelnut chocolate spread.

venchi hazelnut chocolate fountain
The Suprema Nocciola hazelnut chocolate fountain
Image credit: @sushisassyme

You can actually buy this hazelnut chocolate spread in a take-home jar, but we much prefer the way Venchi serves them – spread all over a gelato.

Gelatos with a hazelnut chocolate spread

venchi pistachio gelato
The pistachios are sourced from the Bronte region in Italy
Image credit: @chocolatetbasil

For flavors, Venchi mostly sticks with the classics – such as dark chocolate, strawberry sorbet, and mango sorbet. While their variety of chocolate flavors is the highlight, such as the Cremino chocolate hazelnut, the Pistachio is also especially good and the word on social media is that it’s often sold out so make sure to head out early if you’re hankering for a taste.

venchi sorbet
Strawberry and Mango sorbet with a chocolate hazelnut cone
Image credit: @venchi.singapore

If you’re more into fruit, the Blueberry and Mango sorbet is just as refreshing as it sounds. Since the Medium Cup (Rp. 80,000, ~USD5.63) allows you to pick three different flavors, there’s little worry of missing out on any interesting ones you spot behind the glass.

gelato with chocolate spread
If the hazelnut chocolate spread at the base of the cone isn’t enough, you can add more on top
Image credit: @betterfoodforlife

The crown jewel, though, is the hazelnut chocolate spread which you can add to your gelatos for an additional Rp. 10,000 (~USD0.70). It’s decadent for sure but we believe one can never have too much chocolate.

Venchi brings authentic Italian gelatos to Indonesia

With Christmas just around the corner, Venchi’s chocolates would be perfect for you to nibble around the holidays. Of course, picking up a couple of boxes of their chocolate would also be the perfect excuse for you to sample some of their authentic Italian gelatos.

Address: Level 1, Shop #115, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 9, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10350 
Telephone: 819 97 00 1878

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Cover image adapted from @chocolatetbasil and @betterfoodforlife

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