Taco Bell in Indonesia

Indonesians are foodies at heart, and this love for food extends from authentic Indonesian food from roadside stalls to burgers and fried chicken from US-style fast-food chains.

While KFC outlets are a dime a dozen in cities such as Jakarta, the company that initially brought the fried chicken chain to Indonesia, PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk (FAST), surprised netizens when it announced that it was bringing Taco Bell, another major US fast food joint offering Mexican-style food, to Indonesia in 2020. 5 outlets were originally to be launched in Jakarta from April 2020 onward, but openings had been delayed due to the pandemic.

On 18th December 2020, Taco Bell finally opened its first Indonesian outlet in Senopati, Jakarta after a series of social media teasers.

Affordable Mexican-style food for Jakartans

taco bell senopati
A mockup image of Taco Bell’s Senopati, Jakarta location
Image credit: Taco Bell Indonesia

Since Mexican and other Central American food can come at a pretty steep price in Indonesia’s capital city, Taco Bell is a godsend for lovers of Mexican food who want to be a little friendlier to their wallets.  

taco bell senopati entrance
The Taco Bell entrance
Image credit: @biglilmouth

Among the chain’s most popular dishes are tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. As J.D. Juwono, the director of FAST, told Kontan on Tuesday, 28th January 2020, they will be opening 5 branches in Jakarta, and they chose Taco Bell because the menu offers good and healthy food.

taco bell senopati counter
Taco Bell’s front counter
Image credit: @biglilmouth

He added back then that FAST would invest Rp. 5-7 billion to build the stores – a clearly huge investment. So the burning question now is whether or not Indonesians will embrace Taco Bell as they have done for KFC and McDonald’s.

Classic Taco Bell meals and a la carte favorites are available

taco and crunchwrap supreme meals at taco bell indonesia
The 2 Taco Supreme meal (left) and the Crunchwrap Supreme meal (right) with Coke and what look to be a choice of fries or nachos
Image credit: Taco Bell Indonesia

From wraps to crunchy and soft tacos to quesadillas to burritos, the chain’s classics in US stores can be found in Indonesia’s branches too – according to Taco Bell’s new Indonesian website menu that’s now online.

chocodilla and cinnamon tostadas taco bell indonesia
Chocodillas (left) and cinnamon tostadas (right)
Image adapted from Taco Bell Indonesia

The more unusual cinnamon tostadas and chocodillas – what look like chocolate cream sandwiched in grilled quesadillas – will also be available as dessert options.

taco bell senopati food
A Taco Bell meal
Image credit: @biglilmouth

Visitors have began snapping shots of the meals they’ve ordered at Taco Bell Senopati, which is indeed delivering the tacos and burritos it’s promised.

taco bell senopati mural
The Taco Bell compound’s wall mural
Image credit: @biglilmouth

A wall mural with symbols spelling out “Taco Bell Loves Jakarta” has popped up on a wall in its compound. The feeling is mutual, as proven by excited netizens.

Netizens couldn’t contain their excitement

One way to predict how any plan will fly in this digital age, of course, is to see how social media users responded to the news. And there was a deluge of positive comments after The Jakarta Post broke the news at the start of 2020, with Facebook users such as Akhila Istasadhya commenting, “NO WAY! Finally it’s going to be here. I LOVE TACO BELL!!!”

Image credit: The Jakarta Post

Another Facebook user Eric Richardson not only expressed his approval of the opening of the iconic fast-food chain, he even requested that Taco Bell open up a branch in Bali, predicting that “it would do great there” too.

Tigor Aditya Napitupulu chimed in, saying that he was sure that Bali would be Taco Bell’s next stop in Indonesia, after Jakarta.

Image credit: The Jakarta Post

The buzz was not just on Facebook either. Twitter user @bageru tweeted back in January 2020, “Taco Bell is finally opening in Indonesia in April.” His accompanying photo was a screenshot from the game Grand Theft Auto, which we think conveyed some #thuglife vibes.

Image credit: @bageru

ferdy oktaviansyah taco bell
Image adapted from Ferdy Oktaviansyah

An extremely enthusiastic netizen Ferdy Oktaviansyah jokingly placed his order far in advance – through a comment yesterday on Taco Bell’s Facebook page that has just sprung to life. He typed, “I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese and a large soda.”

Looking at the flurry of emojis posted in response to his comment, though it isn’t an official food ordering channel, it’s safe to say that others are keen to place their orders soon too.

New Taco Bell outlets in Jakarta

While the opening of Taco Bell’s 5 outlets in Jakarta are scheduled from 2020 onwards, only 1 of 5 exact locations are now open. We look forward to more information on the future branches’ opening dates.

Even though PSBB and health guidelines such as sanitization and temperature checks are in place at the restaurant, we’d recommend going for takeout or delivery if available so as to safeguard the health of all diners and workers. 

In the meantime, we’re glad that Taco Bell’s warm burrito wraps and crunchy tacos are here to give us alternatives to the usual fast food of fried chicken, burgers, and chicken nuggets.

Taco Bell Senopati, Jakarta 
Jl. Senopati No.96, RT.7/RW.3, Selong, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12110
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Website | Instagram

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Article updated on 2nd December 2020 and 25 January 2021.

Cover image adapted from: Taco Bell Indonesia
and Taco Bell Indonesia

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