Suwatu by Mil&Bay in Yogyakarta

While all-you-can-eat or AYCE dining has been all the rage in Indonesia in the past few years, very few restaurants offer Indonesian food for this type of dining experience. Suwatu by Mil&Bay in Sleman, Yogyakarta is looking to fill the gap by offering traditional Indonesian dishes served in an AYCE buffet setting.

Even better, the food is cooked by local villagers, ensuring an authentic Javanese taste. You can also dine while enjoying stunning views of Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi that the restaurant overlooks.

The restaurant offers dishes cooked by local villagers

Launched in November 2020, Suwatu takes pride in serving food cooked the old-fashioned way by locals living in nearby villages, guaranteeing an authentic taste that will remind you of masakan rumahan or home-cooked food.

a dish at suwatu by mil&bay
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Suwatu offers two AYCE packages, Sojiwan (Rp. 150,000, ~USD10.24 per person) and Prambanan (Rp. 250,000, ~USD17.07), each serving a scrumptious selection of much-loved Javanese dishes such as soto ayampecel, mangut lele, and trancam with nasi putih (plain white rice) or nasi merah (red rice).

Scenic views of Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi

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As you dine at Suwatu, prepare to be blown away by the breathtaking surrounding views – the restaurant overlooks both the famous Prambanan Temple and and the adjacent Mount Merapi, ensuring that besides your taste buds and tummy, your eyes will be indulged throughout the dining experience as well.

sunset at suwatu
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The restaurant is one of the best places to catch sunset views in Yogyakarta thanks to its location, so make sure to arrive early for dinner so you can witness the picturesque sight of the sky turning orange over Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi.

night at suwatu
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Once the sun is completely down, you’ll be greeted with the bright lights illuminating Yogyakarta against the dark of the night, making your dinner experience an unforgettable one.

The restaurant is also a popular photoshoot location

photoshoot at suwatu
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It’s no surprise that Suwatu is also a popular photoshoot location, and the restaurant has numerous spots you can use as backdrops for some next-level snaps – including a large hammock with Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi in the background.

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In addition to selfies, you can also arrange a professional photoshoot, such as for weddings and pre-weddings, at the restaurant for a fee of Rp. 500,000 (~USD34.20) per three hours or Rp. 1,000,000 (~USD68.40) per six hours.

Suwatu by Mil&Bay in Yogyakarta

Good food and great views are a recipe for success for restaurants in general, and Suwatu by Mil&Bay happens to offer both with its combination of mouthwatering, home-style dishes and spectacular surroundings.

Make sure you include Suwatu in your itinerary for your next trip to Yogyakarta, and gear up for a memorable dining experience as you take in the sights of some of the best scenes the region has to offer.

Address: Sumberwatu, Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta 55572
WhatsApp: 0812 2533 9578
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