Ramadan fast food promos in Indonesia

When you’re trying to juggle work, chores, and other responsibilities at home while fasting, time is a valuable resource. There are days when you might be too busy to prepare anything elaborate.

Fast food can be a convenient iftar option for those super busy work-from-home days, so we’ve put together a list of 20 Indonesian restaurants offering Ramadan fast food promos from burger sets to fried chicken deals to take the work-from-home stress off your back. 

1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @schpunyacerita

A pizza party at home during a pandemic? Why not? Treat your roommates or family members to a feast for iftar by ordering Pizza Hut’s Triple Box. For Rp. 265,000 (~USD17.78), you get 2 pies of pizza, lasagna, snacks, and 2 bottles of drinks in each triple box – enough to feed households of 6-8 people.

This promo is available until 31st May 2020, and you can order via GoFood and GrabFood.

2. Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @dominos_id

Smaller groups of pizza lovers can also turn to Domino’s Pizza, which is currently offering three different types of Paket Bukber. Whether you’re ordering for yourself or for your family, there’s something for each type of household from 1-4 people as the portions differ.

Prices range from Rp. 22,727 (~USD1.53) to Rp. 120,000 (~USD8.05) before tax, and you can order your paket of choice through Domino’s website, GoFood, or GrabFood.

3. McDonald’s

McDonald's Ramadan PromoImage credit: @mcdonaldsid

Seasonal dishes are always something to look forward to. This Ramadan, McDonald’s is offering Ayam McD Sambal Bawang, which adds a local touch to the fast food chain’s fried chicken recipe. You can get the original Sambal Bawang flavor or the spicy one.

Sets that come with rice and/or egg, and a drink start from Rp. 34,500 (~USD2.32) to Rp. 40,500 (~USD2.72). Get yours through McDelivery, GoFood, or GrabFood.

4. A&W

A&W Ramadan promoImage credit: @awrestoranid

A&W is offering 2 types of Paket Bedug Berkah this Ramadan, which you can order via the chain’s delivery service, GoFood, or GrabFood. 

Paket Bedug 1 (Rp. 54,500, ~USD3.66 before tax) is a personal set that consists of rice, two pieces of A&W’s signature Golden Aroma chicken, 1 Premium Dark Choco Pie, and one A&W root beer. Those ordering for more than 2 people can get the Bedug Barrel (Rp. 117,500, ~USD7.88 before tax), which comes with 4 pieces of Golden Aroma chicken, 4 Sumo Karaage, rice, 2 Premium Dark Choco Pies, and 3 A&W root beers.

5. Wendy’s

Wendy's Ramadan PromoImage credit: @wendysindo

Until 17th June 2020, Wendy’s has several Ramadan meals that come with fried chicken, burgers, rice and/or fries from Rp. 22,727 (~USD1.53) to Rp. 318,182 (~USD21.35) before tax.

You can get your package of choice through GoFood, GrabFood, or WhatsApp. Bank Mega credit card holders can enjoy discounts of up to 50%.

6. Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr Ramadan PromoImage credit: @carlsjrindonesia

For those who’re craving for big burgers while working from home during Ramadan, Carl’s Jr. has some sweet deals on GrabFood until 31st May 2020.

Get a set of 2 Double Patty burgers and two Crisscut Fries for only Rp. 65,545 (~USD4.40), or 2 Classic burgers and two Crisscut Fries for Rp. 80,000 (~USD5.37).

Apart from burgers, a set of 3 Spicy Sambal chicken rice bowls are also available for Rp. 40,000 (~USD2.68). Note that these prices exclude tax.

7. Flip Burger

Flip Burger Ramadan PromoImage credit: @flipburger_id

Flip Burger has three Buka di Rumah packages that include different combinations of burgers, fries, refreshing drinks, fried chicken, and the chain’s famous crispy Chik’n Skin.

If you’re spending iftar on your own, the Buka Sendiri (Rp. 56,000, ~USD3.76) set that comes with 1 Cheese Burger, a refreshing Squash Delight, and Chik’n Skin is the one for you. Buka Berdua and Buka Rame-Rame sets that come with additional fries and fried chicken are also on offer at Rp. 103,000 (~USD6.91) and Rp. 149,000 (~USD10) respectively.

Get your favorite set through GoFood or GrabFood.

8. Burger Bangor

Burger Bangor Ramadan PromoImage credit: @burgerbangor

This Ramadan, Burger Bangor offers three different packages that each include three food items and a 1L bottle of lemon tea, vanilla latte, taro milk, or Ovaltine – more than enough to share around the dining table or store in the fridge.

Paket Bar Bar 1 (Rp. 130,000, ~USD8.74) is for burger lovers as it includes three Single Stack burgers while Paket Bar Bar 2 (Rp. 125,000, ~USD8.41) is for those who prefer chicken rice boxes with three different flavors: Padang sauce, salted egg, and BBQ sauce. Those who want a mix of both can get either Paket Bar Bar 3 or 4.

These deals are only available at the City Park and Taman Kota outlets, and you can order them via GoFood or GrabFood.

9. Burger Bros

Burger Bros Ramadan PromoImage credit: @burgerbros_id

Folks who can’t get enough of chicken burgers can try one of the three Paket Brobuka currently on offer at Burger Bros that you can get via GoFood.

Paket Brobuka 1 (Rp. 59,990, ~USD4.03) comes with 1 OG Chicken Burger, a piece of fried chicken, and an iced tea. Paket Brobuka 2 (Rp. 84,990, ~USD5.70) includes 1 OG Chicken Burger, 1 She Caught The Chicken Burger, and 2 iced teas, and Paket Brobuka 3 (Rp. 89,990, ~USD6.04) is similar, except the OG Chicken Burger is replaced with a Chicago Beef Burger.

10. Byurger

Byurger Ramadan PromoImage credit: @byurgerjkt

Byurger’s Ramadan Package (Rp. 55,000, ~USD3.69) is a simple yet satisfying set that includes a basic burger that’s hilariously named Damn Basic, hand-cut fries, and Teh Pucuk Harum.

Note that this package is only available from 4PM to 6PM, so be sure to order just in time for iftar via GoFood or GrabFood.

11. HokBen

HokBen Ramadan Promos
Image credit: @hokben_id

HokBen’s fritters, yakiniku, and teriyaki have been consistently delicious over the years, and you should still be able to enjoy its Indonesian-style Japanese food during Ramadan with one of the four Bento Ramadan fast food promos on offer.

Each set comes with either chicken or beef yakiniku or teriyaki, fritters (egg chicken rolls, chicken katsu, or shrimp rolls), and two portions of rice. 

The Bento Ramadan packages range from Rp. 50,000 (~USD3.36) to Rp. 55,455 (~USD3.72) before tax each, and you can get them through GoFood, GrabFood, or HokBen delivery.

12. Fried Chicken Master

Fried Chicken Master Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @friedchickenmaster.id

Fried Chicken Master lives up to its name because its fried chicken, that comes in salads, rice sets, or simply on its own, is juicy and flavorful. Enjoy its Ramadan promo and get 4 large pieces of chicken for Rp. 80,000 (~USD5.37) or 2 for Rp. 45,000 (~USD3.02)

Get your tasty fried chicken via GoFood or GrabFood.

13. KFC

KFC Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @kfcindonesia

KFC’s Bukber Komplit package has everything you need: crispy fried chicken, rice, a bottle of water, dessert, and not to mention dates to break your fast. It’s Rp. 29,091 (~USD1.95), and for an extra Rp. 11,818 (~USD0.79), you’ll get an Es Jelly Kacang Merah. Note that these are prices before tax.

This promo is available until 31st May 2020, and you can get it through GoFood or GrabFood. Go to KFC’s Instagram page to check out many more promos.

14. Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @texasindonesia

Combo Baktea is Texas Chicken’s meal promo that comes in 4 different versions. Each package comes with spicy or original fried chicken and Frestea. Prices range from Rp. 28,000 (~USD1.88) to Rp. 135,000 (~USD9.06) depending on the size of the set.

This Ramadan promo is available at select stores in Jakarta, Sleman, and Surabaya, and you can order via GoFood or GrabFood.

15. CFC

CFC Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @cfcindonesia_official

Feast on five pieces of CFC’s Paket Kombo Asyik Ramadan (Komandan) which includes five pieces of crispy chicken and five cups of fruit-flavored pudding to break your fast for Rp. 45,455 (~USD3.05) before tax.

This promo is available on GoFood and GrabFood.

16. Richeese

Richeese Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @richeese_factory

Those who are bored of good ol’ ketchup or chilli sauce as condiments for your spicy fried chicken or fries should try the cheese dip at Richeese. The chain is now offering 40% discounts off all items on its menu, provided that you make a minimum purchase of Rp. 60,000 (~USD4.03) through GrabFood.

Type in the promo code BMRICHEESE.

17. Wingstop

Wingstop Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @wingstopid

Flavorful chicken wings are the ultimate comfort food for many, and Wingstop is currently offering iftar sets for those of you who are working or fasting – or both – at home during this pandemic.

The discounted sets are only available on GrabFood, and priced range from Rp. 25,000 (~USD1.68) to Rp. 100,909 (~USD6.77).

18. Kyochon

Kyochon Ramadan Pormo
Image credit: @kyochon_id

Get 50% off Korean-style fried chicken and other dishes at Kyochon for iftar if you use the promo code SiapAntar50 on GrabFood. This discount applies to meals such as tteoppoki and kimchi rice too, in case your group prefers a variety of comfort foods.

Order at least Rp. 40,000 (~USD2.68) worth of food to enjoy the deal.

19. V O W

Vegan on Bowl Ramadan Promo
Rainbow nectar bowl
Image credit: @veganonbowl

Vegans who want something simple to break their fast with can get one of the packages for two on offer at V O W, or Vegan on Bowl.

The sets on offer are the Indonesian Set Menu, the Fusion Set Menu, and the Japanese Set Menu. Each is priced at Rp. 70,000 (~USD4.70).

This promo is only available till 18th May 2020 on GoFood.

20. Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Shihlin Ramadan Promo
Image credit: @shihlinsnacksid

Shihlin snacks are perfect for those who want to break their fast with something that’s not too heavy but also satisfying at the same time.

Up until 31st May 2020, GrabFood users can enjoy 40% discounts by making a minimum purchase of Rp. 70,000 (~USD4.70) and using the promo code BMSHIHLIN.

Ramadan fast food promos in Indonesia

With this list at your fingertips, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got iftar covered even when you’re super busy to spare extra time to cook. Whether you’re a fan of pizza, fried chicken, or burgers, you’ll find Ramadan fast food promos that best suit your needs and cravings, no matter what your household size is.

And if you’re looking for something productive to occupy the rest of your day before iftar, check out our list of things to do during self-quarantine

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