Vegan bakeries in Jakarta for healthier options

The vegan or plant-based lifestyle in Jakarta is certainly blooming – pun intended – as locals are getting more conscious about what they consume. After all, Jakarta is said to be the second most vegan-friendly city in Indonesia after Bali, as shared by the World Vegan Organisation in Jakarta Globe

Vegan desserts are popular in Jakarta for their innovative use of natural ingredients that still taste delicious. So you can satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt-free, with this list of 9 online vegan bakeries in Jakarta

Note: Apart from not containing animal products, the offerings from vegan bakeries in Jakarta in this list include food without gluten, refined sugar, oil, margarine, preservatives, and artificial coloring.  

Vegan desserts may contain processed thickeners such as xanthan gum, potato starch, and arrowroot powder, as well as processed natural sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol. 

1. Crumbl’d – cakes with 100% plant-based ingredients

3 mini chocolate loaf cakes for Rp. 120,000 (~USD 8.32)
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Crumbl’d serves baked cakes and breads that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and margarine-free, so everyone including people who are sensitive to gluten or who have high blood sugar levels can still enjoy them.  

Their three mini chocolate loaf cakes use dark couverture chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa, giving them a rich flavour and the cake a smooth texture. They also have ground almonds to add flavour and to further give the cake a moist texture without the need to add a lot of oil, and the cakes are then topped with crushed almonds for an added nutty mouthfeel.  

Made in small batches, they’re baked fresh, like their Klepon Banana Bread

Klepon Banana Bread
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A pandan-infused banana bread loaf with palm sugar filling, the Klepon Banana Bread (Rp. 140,000, ~USD9.71) is topped with grated coconut and glazed with salted coconut palm sugar. This traditional twist to the classic banana bread uses dates as a natural sweetener and the combination of whole wheat and almond flour gives the bread a soft texture. 

Moreover, all Crumbl’d products do not contain dairy or plant-based milk, so even people with lactose intolerance can relish them.  


2. Halovege – raw vegan cakes

Avocado key lime pie by Halovege
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Halovege is one of the few vegan bakeries in Jakarta that make raw vegan desserts. Each cake is curated by certified raw vegan chef, Lie Susanti, who managed to reverse her autoimmune condition through raw foods and now promotes a raw vegan diet. 

The cakes are not cooked or exposed to heat over 48°C. Instead, Susanti uses a germination process of soaking and sprouting the almonds, walnuts, and dates often used to make her cakes’ bases. The rest of the ingredients used to make the filling and topping of the cake are all raw. 

This applies to the avocado key lime pie, made raw with a filling that only uses avocado, lime, and coconut oil. Whereas, almonds and dates are used to make the base, giving a burst of sweet and fresh sour flavour perfect for an evening snack to accompany your cup of tea – a vegan one, of course.  

Hazelnut dark chocolate tart by Halovege
Image credit: @halovege 

The hazelnut dark chocolate tart is also made raw. A handcrafted blend of raw hazelnuts, Arabian dates, and dark chocolate, featuring a cashew-based ganache made from raw cocoa as its filling and vanilla beans as the tart’s crust. These raw ingredients make the tart rich in flavour without the use of processed ingredients. 

In addition to the cakes being raw, all of Halovege’s products are also dairy-free, egg-free, refined oil-free, flour-free, and refined sugar-free. Furthermore, Halovege can make custom cakes to cater to your dietary preferences, making them suitable for people with certain digestive health conditions. 


3. Rumah Juliet – vegan whole cakes from Rp.170,000

Image adapted from: @rumahjulietid, @rumahjulietid, and @rumahjulietid 

Customized cakes are rarely vegan, but  Rumah Juliet’s range of vegan whole cakes can be custom made to cater to a theme or flavor of your choice. Best of all, they have no artificial coloring or essences, instead using vegan food grade coloring or natural coloring extracted from plants and vegetables. 

Apart from being vegan, Rumah Juliet cakes come in affordable prices to cater to all groups- the price for a whole cake starts from Rp.170,000 (~USD11.57) and a slice of cake ranges from Rp.15,000-Rp.38,000 (~USD1.04-USD2.63)

Left: Vanilla and biscoff cake. Right: salted caramel chocolate cake.
Image adapted from: @rumahjulietid, @rumahjulietid

Those looking for crowd favorite flavors can try the vanilla and biscoff cake and the salted caramel chocolate cake. Rumah Juliet makes their own vegan caramel and vanilla toppings for their cakes, all which can be purchased in slices too. 


4. Euphoria Desserts – preservative and additive-free bagels

6 mini vegan bagels for Rp. 80,000 (~USD 5.55)/box

If you enjoy savoury snacks more than sweet ones, you can try Euphoria Desserts’ mini vegan bagels that come in boxes of 6 with assorted flavors of garlic sea salt, multiseed, and sesame. Additive-free and preservative-free, they are freshly made so it is advised to consume them within 2 days from the  purchase date. 

Handcrafted by owner and patissier Dipika Hotchand, these bagels are different from commercial bakeries’ as they don’t contain eggs, milk, or butter that are usually used to create the soft and spongy texture of a bagel. Instead, these vegan bagels are made with coconut oil, creating healthier alternatives. 

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Their mini sizes make them perfect for breakfast or as a tea time snack, with a smear of cream cheese or a spread of your choice. 


5. Superfood Story – gluten and refined sugar-free cookies

Choco chunk cookies by Superfood Story
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Who’d ever thought that today we would be able to get vegan cookies that look just like regular cookies but are healthier than regular ones? Superfood Story’s vegan cookies are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free, and use natural sweeteners to achieve that cookie tang. 

A favorite among kids and grown-ups, the choco chunk cookies are made from dark couverture chocolate chunks, sweetened with coconut sugar, uses nut butter instead of oil, and are sprinkled with a touch of sea salt.

Double choc walnut, rose pistachio, and chai-spice seed cookies
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There’re more vegan cookies from Superfood Story such as the double choc walnut cookies featuring walnuts as a topping, with a sprinkle of sea salt. The rose pistachio cookies are infused with natural rose flavouring and then topped with edible rose petals and pistachio. Lastly, the chai-spice seeds cookies are infused with chai spice and topped with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.

Apart from being delicious and healthy, these cookies can make a perfect gift for any occasion, as they can be purchased in boxes of 6 or more. 


6. Dhelè – flavoured ice cream from soy milk

Dhelè’s vegan ice cream for Rp. 25,000 (~USD 1.74) / cup
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Ice cream is usually full of sugar and uses dairy products as key ingredients, but not  Dhelè’s. These ice creams are made from plant-based soy milk and are refined sugar-free. 

Without artificial coloring, the ice cream flavors get their natural coloring from their main ingredients. While they’re sweetened with corn syrup, Dhelè plans to offer raw sugar cane as an alternative in future. 

Pick from 5 flavours; teh melati ibuk (jasmine tea), coklat favorit anak (chocolate), serai dapur bude (lemongrass), matcha resep kakak (matcha), and kopi pagi bapak (coffee). 

Teh melati ibu (jasmine tea) ice cream by Dhelè
Image credit: @dhele_id

The jasmine tea ice cream flavour is infused with jasmine tea leaves, mixing the calm smell and taste of jasmine with a slight hint of sweetness – apt for an after-lunch dessert.

Coklat favorit anak (chocolate) ice cream by Dhelè
Image credit: @dhele_id 

Made with 100% pure cocoa, the chocolate ice cream flavour has a slightly bitter taste, best suited for people who like dark chocolate. 


7. Nude Bake – low-calorie vegan bread

Vegan ube sobek bread with dark chocolate and taro
Image credit: @nudebake 

Curated by nutritionist Maria Eleonora, Nude Bake’s breads are low in calories but high in fibre, suitable for weight-watchers. They also don’t use butter, egg or refined sugar, picking whole wheat bread instead of white bread. So you can binge on the buns without having to worry about calories. 

Its popular item, the vegan ube sobek (yam bread) with dark chocolate and taro filling is made with whole wheat bread and flour without artificial colouring, and the light pink colour comes naturally from taro and sweet potato. These buns only carry 187 calories per bun, making them apt for an after-workout snack. 

Another one of Nude Bake’s best sellers is the vegan cinnamon roll with 175 calories per roll. 

Vegan cinnamon rolls by Nude Bake
Image credit: @nudebake 

Unlike regular cinnamon rolls, these ones use natural sweeteners and do not contain preservatives, so they are best consumed on the day of purchase. 


8. The Healthy Nutter – nutritious vegan snacks & beverages

Vegan pecan pies by The Healthy Nutter
Image credit: @thehealthynutr

The Healthy Nutter’s homemade pecan pies and almond milk are healthy snacks and beverages suitable for anyone gluten-sensitive or lactose-intolerant. 

The pecan pie is gluten-free and dairy-free and is also rich in walnuts, making it a nutritious snack that can be consumed by children and adults alike. The almond milk comes in 3 variants: natural date, raw cacao, and unsweetened almond milk. They are dairy-free, preservative-free, and refined sugar-free.

Image credit: @thenutterpantry 

Packed with nutrients, the milk is naturally creamy from the main ingredients used such as dates, almond, and cocoa. It can even be had with coffee, tea, and cereal as a substitute to dairy milk or simply drunk on its own. 


Vegan bakeries in Jakarta for a healthier diet

Today, vegans are spoilt for choice as there are many vegan bakeries in Jakarta with their unique takes on classic desserts and modern inventions not available back in the day.

It is easier for people to opt for a healthier diet today and we hope more people will try out a plant-based lifestyle, even on an occasional basis, for the good of our one and only planet.  

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