8 online stores to get batik for every occasion

It’s no surprise that Indonesians proudly wear batik to both formal events such as wedding receptions or luncheons, and even casual office meetings. The fabric’s rich patterns, long history, and elaborate hand-dyeing techniques make it never go out of style.

Here’re 8 online batik stores in Indonesia where you can pick up modern batik outfits for future social events:

1. CapBali – Balinese batik holiday wear

Songket summer dresses for Rp. 450,000 (~USD1.97) each
Image credit: @capbali

Holiday wear usually means something you pack in your luggage to wear on a beach visit, but Cap Bali‘s casual batik outfits won’t look out of place even at a small meetup or casual lunch in your own neighborhood either. So even if we can’t travel much, these clothes can still fit other social occasions.

Cap Bali uses traditional Balinese batik designs with modern styles of clothing, such as dresses, cardigans, trousers, crop tops, and even kaftans. Although most of its collection features women’s wear, it offers a small collection of men’s shirts (Rp. 280,000, ~USD19.89), and boys’ shirts (Rp. 165,000, ~USD11.72).

However, Cap Bali is famously known for their family sets of matching outfits, where each piece of clothing can be purchased as a set or as individual pieces.

capbali clothing
Women’s Ubud Set including a long outer garis (Rp. 280,000, ~USD19.62), wrap pants (Rp. 280,000, ~USD19.62), a tube top (Rp. 280,000, ~USD19.62), and matching mask (Rp. 30,000, ~USD2.10) – plus matching tops for men.
Image credit: @capbali

The family set is popular amongst local celebrities too, and you can mix and match different designs with similar prints to get complementary clothing styles suited for a big family. Kids’ clothes, such as girls’ dresses, can be custom-made to match the family.

capbali family outfits
The Hermansyah family in matching Cap Bali outfits
Image adapted from: @capbali via @thehermansyaha6

Cap Bali’s clothing is available for domestic and worldwide shipping from Bali through its website.

Price range: Rp. 20,000- Rp. 450,000 (~USD1.42-USD31.97)

Website | Instagram

2. Rianty Batik – Jogja and Solo-style batik in modern cuts

Dress (Rp. 649,000, ~USD46.10), and Shirt (Rp. 699,000, ~USD49.65)
Image credit: @riantybatik

Rianty Batik uses classic batik designs from Solo and Yogyakarta with modern styles of clothing, such as blouses, dresses, and blazers, to appeal to young people. It provides a wide range of women’s clothes for both casual and formal wear, as well as men’s shirts that have length-adjustable sleeves, making it easy to switch up from casual to formal.

Image credit: @riantybatik

Rianty Batik also provides a vast collection of kids’ clothes for both boys and girls. You can mix and match items, or simply match with your family in style for wedding receptions or family gatherings.

Dress (Rp. 225,000, ~USD 15.98), and shirt (Rp. 205,000, ~USD14.56)
Image credit: @riantybatik

Online purchases can be done through Rianty Batik’s own mobile application that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store free of charge. Alternatively, you can order from the website or through their Whatsapp number below.

Price range: Rp 229.000-Rp.899.000 (~USD16.27- USD63.86)
Address: Jl. Malioboro No. 79, Rianty Batik Hartono Mall, Lantai 1
Telephone: 089633630671
Opening hours: 8AM-10PM, Daily

Website | Instagram

3. Bateeq – batik patterns in fashion-forward designs

Spring/Summer 2021 Serasi collection
Image credit: @bateeqshop

Homegrown brand Bateeq offers subtle batik patterns with contemporary designs. They are also environmentally sustainable as each piece of clothing is made from recycled cotton waste from leftover factory materials. On top of that, Bateeq also helps the local economy by employing elderly craftspeople in Klaten, Central Java to carefully craft their batik patterns.

All of Bateeq’s collections carry cultural symbolism depicted through its patterns, such as in their Spring/Summer 2021 ‘Serasi’ collection inspired by the Balinese Tri Hita Karana belief in harmony among people, nature, and God to create well-being. Hence, they use leaf designs on shirts and pants to symbolise the coexistence of nature and humankind.

Blouse (Rp.749,000, ~USD52.29), women’s pants (Rp.829,000, ~USD57.87), and men’s shirt (Rp. 749,000, ~USD52.29)
Image credit: @bateeqshop

This collection also features the popular mega mendung batik pattern that resembles clouds, symbolizing patience and calmness.

Men’s shirt (Rp. 379,000, ~USD26.46), and women’s outer (Rp. 449,000, ~USD31.34)
Image credit: @bateeqshop

Price range: Rp. 379,000- Rp.1,949,000 (~USD 26.92-USD138.45)

Website | Instagram

4. Sogan Batik Rejodani- hijab-friendly batik

Hudhud dress, Rp. 790,000 (~USD56.12)
Image credit: @soganbatik

If you’re looking for modest styles of clothing, you can opt for Sogan Batik Rejodani’s dresses that are made to cover the arms, legs, and chest area completely. You won’t be sweating bullets either as these clothes are made from cotton which is light on the skin, perfect for our hot climate.

The dresses feature various batik patterns such as batik priyangan (flower-like batik motifs), and batik kawung (fruit-like motifs), and are available in different colors.

L to R: Sabar dress (Rp. 465,000, ~USD32.46), Nusantara dress (Rp. 655,000, ~USD45.73), Narima dress (Rp. 399,000, ~USD27.85), Tawakal dress (Rp. 60,000, ~USD46.07)
Image credit: @soganbatik

Sogan Batik also offers a small collection of girls’ dresses that shares the same style as the women’s collection, so you can match your style with your younger sister, daughter, or niece. These dresses can be bought as a set or purchased as individual pieces, and many buy these as presents for birthdays or Eid-al-Fitr.

Balqis dress (Rp. 870,000, ~USD61.80), and matching girl’s dress (Rp. 400,000, ~USD27.99)
Image credit: @soganbatik

Price range: Rp. 205,000-Rp.1,285,000 (~USD 14.56-USD91.28)

Website | Instagram

5. Batik Amarillis – Hungarian embroidery-inspired batik

batik amarillis
Breezy blouse, Rp. 1,999,900 (~USD139.61)
Image credit: @batikamarillis

Batik Amarillis’ unique combination of Hungarian embroidery and traditional Indonesian batik comes in the form of blouses, jackets, and skirts, with each piece made to order by hand. The blouses are made of tenun seseran – a sheer, rough fabric found in East Java often said to resemble fishing nets. Light on the skin, the fabric is suitable for casual outings, while still looking fashionable with the bold Hungarian floral print.

However, if you are looking for a more batik-dominant design, opt for the Arcana Pyramida skirt that features two types of batik prints called tenun and lurik with a touch of Hungarian embroidery patchwork. The midi style of the skirt keeps it modest yet stylish, suitable for casual outings or short trips.

batik amarillis skirt
Arcana pyramida skirt, Rp. 3,499,900 (~USD244.33)

To get your hands on these designs, pre-order them from the website. Each piece typically takes 3-4 weeks to be created.

batik amarillis vest
Image credit: @batikamarillis

Price range: Rp. 349,000-Rp. 4,999,900 (~USD24.43- USD349.04)

Website | Instagram

6. Bhatara Batik – tie-dye-inspired batik

Agatha outers for Rp. 399,500 (~USD27.89) each
Image credit: @bhatarabatik

Although batik jumputan, or tie-dye inspired batik, has been around for a while, many of its designs are making a comeback through modern clothing styles, such as kimono outerwear and palazzo pants. Bhatara Batik features loungewear in a range of batik jumputan designs perfect for wearing at home or running errands.

Siska loungewear set, Rp. 399,500 (~USD28.38)

Image credit: @bhatarabatik 

Although tie-dye patterns are usually used for casual clothes, Bhatara Batik’s long blazers and blouses are suitable for formal events due to its tie-dye design combined with classic batik patterns, bold and light colors, and the use of thick fabric as opposed to commonly used light cotton fabric for tie-dye designs.

bhatara batik blazer and blouse
Long Blazer and blouse for Rp. 459,500 (~USD32.64) each

Image credit: @bhatarabatik

It is advised to hand-wash Bhatara Batik’s clothing without bleach to preserve the original coloring.

Price range: Rp. 180,000-Rp.459,000 (~USD12.79-USD32.60)

Website | Instagram

7. The Batik Atelier – men’s shirts in hand-painted batik

batik atelier shirts
Image credit: @jiebbyharold

The Batik Atelier caters to men with its collection of long and short-sleeved shirts that feature hand-painted batik. Unlike other batik stores that use printing tools to get specific batik designs on their clothes, Batik Atelier prides itself as one of the only male-centric brands that hand-paints each shirt, evident through the detailed design and combination of colors in each shirt.

Each color is carefully picked to match the theme of each collection. The Batik Atelier’s 3 main collections are inspired by the characteristics of the 3 protagonists from the Mahabharata- Arjuna (yellow-dominated, symbolizing intelligence), Bima (red-dominated, symbolizing strength), and Yudistira (blue-dominated, symbolizing dignity).

batik atelier long-sleeved shirts
Image adapted from: @thebatikatelier

This young brand of men’s shirts has also acquired attention from local male celebrities for their premium quality, meticulous designs, and good fits.

ari biwowo
Actor Ari Biwowo wearing the Arjuna collection

Prices can be requested through their website or directly purchased from online stores such as Tokopedia.

Price range: from Rp 1.000.000 (~USD 71.03)

Website | Instagram

8. Warangka Batik – lung-lungan batik in contemporary cuts

warangka batik top
Anva peplum tulle top, Rp. 489,900 (~USD33.91)
Image credit: @warangkabatik

Multicolored batik clothing made with excessive fabric can sometimes be too showy for the office or everyday occasions. That’s why Warangka Batik offers women subtler, monochromatic patterns and cuts that flatter the body rather than overwhelm it.

Its blouses and dresses, many in toned-down greys, blacks, or coral pinks, include frills, tulle features, asymmetric wrap tops, and peplum styles perfect for low-key settings. The combination of tulle and lung-lungan patterns of the Anva peplum tulle top makes it look elegant, suitable for lunch gatherings or date nights.

You can also opt for the midi dress from Warangka Batik that has the same lung-lungan batik pattern but in a more casual style. The belt tie with the dress makes it flattering on the body, as it is also stretchable and adjusts to your body shape.

warangka batik dress
Dolce midi dress, Rp.399,900 (~USD 27.92)

Image credit: @ryxyzjoehana

Other than on Instagram, Warangka Batik’s designs are available on online stores such as Zalora Indonesia and Tokopedia.

Price range: Rp. 299,000- Rp. 569,000 (~USD 21.24-USD40.42)


Online batik stores in Indonesia for all occasions

Today, batik has become versatile and easily available to locals and foreigners alike – thanks to online brands that not only promote the use of batik for daily wear, but that also incorporate various batik patterns in affordable and modern clothing.

Here’s to batik flourishing among millennials, and being a popular item thanks to creative local digital businesses.

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Cover image adapted from @capbali, @soganbatik, and @jiebbyharold

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