Ojek drivers can carry passengers again

After months of food-delivery-only policies implemented by ride-sharing companies Gojek and Grab, ojek (motorcycle taxi) drivers have started to transport passengers again. However, since Jakarta’s large-scale social restrictions have not been fully lifted yet, drivers and passengers must follow new health and hygiene protocols.

Ride-sharing apps’ new health guidelines

Gojek driver and passenger
Image credit: Merdeka

Jakartans who relied on the services provided by Gojek and Grab before the pandemic can now take ojek to work again. But just because large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) are gradually being lifted, it doesn’t mean that COVID-19 has left us off the hook.

As more and more companies are slowly leaving full work-from-home arrangements, it’s crucial that online ojek services implement strict health and hygiene measures so that drivers and passengers can minimize the likelihood of catching the virus.

New Gojek health measures
Image credit: @gojekindonesia

Gojek has put several health protocols in place to brace for the steady increase in the number of passengers. Drivers must wear a face mask and gloves, and they also have to have hand sanitizers at the ready. The drivers’ body temperature will also be visible on the app.

As for passengers, they are strongly advised to bring their own helmets.

Grab plastic partition
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Similar to Gojek, Grab also requires its drivers to wear a face mask and get their temperature checked. In addition, there is a plastic partition that each driver wears like a backpack so that passengers and drivers do not have to be in direct contact throughout the journey.

If a driver or passenger does not have a face mask on, either one is allowed to cancel the ride without any penalties. 

Ojek drivers resume passenger service, with precautions

Drivers and passengers still need to be extremely careful as the number of COVID-19 cases in Jakarta have yet to drop. Apart from wearing a face mask and other PPE, try to further minimize direct contact by taking care of all transactions via GoPay or OVO. Travel safely and stay healthy.

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Cover image adapted from: Merdeka and @grabid

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