Myst Bar is a mysterious to-go beverage bar

With the glut of bubble tea and coffee chains enveloping the country, it’s quite a monumental task for any newcomers to stand out in the crowded market. But the mysterious and aptly named Myst Bar in Bandung and South Jakarta manages to rise to the occasion with a concept that’s not just bizarrely unique, but also perfectly suited to the socially distanced COVID-19 era we’re living in.

Boasting a unique customer service experience, this to-go beverage bar has patrons order through an intercom upon which their drinks are delivered by an adorable hand puppet through a hole in the wall.

Mysterious literal hole-in-the-wall, through which drinks are served by hand puppets

myst bar jakarta
The highly unassuming facade of Myst Bar in Tebet, Jakarta.
Image credit: @hidden_mystbar

Bearing little more than an intercom, a hole in the wall, and a plaque of the name ‘Myst Bar’, there’s little to indicate that there’s anything going on behind the grey facade. It’s only until you look closer to the intercom, where the words ‘Order Here’ are written beneath, and spot the order instructions on the nook to the left that the jig is finally up.

myst bar order instructions
Hidden in a little nook to the left in the Jakarta location is a guide on how to order at Myst Bar
Image credit: @ichichi18

Scanning the QR codes on the instructions will lead you to the menu upon which you can simply name your order through the intercom. If you opt to pay in cash, you then simply wait for one of Myst Bar’s ‘staff’ to greet you via the hole in the wall.

myst bar jakarta - alligator
Mr. Alligator mans the Bandung location
Image credit: @lazislah

We say ‘staff’, but really, what we mean is that little Mr. Alligator will come out bearing a cash tray for you to put your money in. Not to worry, they’re as dedicated to their job as any homo sapiens are and the ‘gator will pop out once again to give you your change back, after which you’ll simply wait for your order.

myst bar jakarta - tiger leopard
Mr. Tiger, also based in Bandung, is frowning because he’s actually a leopard, not a tiger.
Image credit: @gakgendutgendut

Once it’s done though, say hello to Mr. Tiger, who comes bearing your drink from that same hole in the wall. While you might be tempted to snatch the adorable Mr. Tiger away along with your drinks, this is very ill-advised, as the actual barista behind the hand puppets would probably not take kindly to your actions.

Jakartans meanwhile get to meet Mr. Grizzly
Image credit: @kemmykemmykemmy

We must say though, Myst Bar’s customer experience is quite a departure from the coffee shop hospitality we’ve grown accustomed to. We’re not sure if it’s their idea of tackling the socially distant COVID-19 era head-on or if it’s just a clever way of making their introverted baristas feel comfortable at work but we’re falling head over heels for them already.

They’re pretty dedicated to the mysterious theme as well, as you’ll have to play a bit of a guessing game with their menus.

Equally mysterious drinks with limited menu descriptions

myst bar jakarta - feeling blue mocktail
Feeling Blue mocktail, a mix of blue curacao, mint, lime, and soda.
Image credit: @espressooo.patronum

We’re no stranger to cute menu names from our experience with es kopi susu chain Kopi Kenangan, and Myst Bar follows in the same footsteps while adding a mystery twist. While some, such as the Alone Popcorn (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1.03) — a mix of melted ice cream vanilla, popcorn syrup, and soda — comes with a detailed description, others are left in the dust.

myst bar jakarta - drinks
The strawberry-tinged Candy Moody and Alone Popcorn
Image credit: @edesiviola

We don’t know for example, what’s inside the milk-based Salted Memories (Rp. 18,000, ~USD1.24) nor do we know what Candy Moody (Rp. 18,000, ~USD1.24) is supposed to be.

myst bar jakarta - es kopi susu
If you’re in need of a quick caffeine fix, they also serve the good old es kopi susu
Image credit: @tuanngopi

On the other hand, we can probably guess that Calm Klepon (Rp. 18,000, ~USD1.24) is supposed to taste like the Indonesian sweet rice cake klepon, but the rest is a mystery.

The mystery is part of the fun though and with most coffee and bubble tea shops offering merely slight variations of one another, we could always use something a little eccentric.

Myst Bar – a mysterious coffee shop now open in Bandung and Jakarta

As of now, Myst Bar only has two locations, the original one in Bandung’s Pasar Baru and a new sister location in Tebet, South Jakarta. Do note that given the concept, the drinks aren’t available via online food delivery. So you’re going to have to visit the old-fashioned way to taste their mysterious concoctions.

Still, with their one-of-a-kind customer experience, we’re happy to see Myst Bar proving in this crowded market that there can be something new under the sun.

Myst Bar Bandung

Address: Gg. Suniaraja No.8, Braga, Kec. Sumur Bandung, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40111
Opening hours: 12AM-9PM, Daily


Myst Bar Jakarta

Address: Jl. Regensi Tebet Mas III No.8, RW.2, Tebet Bar., Kec. Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12810
Opening hours: 12AM-9PM, Daily


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