Lebaran cookies and cakes to order online

Lebaran is just around the corner, and though it will be celebrated while you’re practicing physical distancing, it doesn’t mean you can’t share the holiday spirit with your dearest family and friends. One way to do that while staying at home is to send sweet treat hampers that you can order online.

Make this quiet Lebaran sweeter by getting cookies and even donuts from shops such as Beau, Holland Bakery, and Clairmont. But do note that since the number of orders will most likely boom within the coming week, order at least two or three days in advance.

Delivery fees may vary from shop to shop as there are many options such as GoSend, GrabSend, Deliveree, or in-store delivery services.

1. Dough Lab – chewy cookies and vegan options

Dough Lab - Small boxSmall Box
Image credit: @dough.lab

Lovers of chewy cookies should definitely check out what Dough Lab has in store for Lebaran this year. From now till 23rd May 2020, this cookie store is offering a number of special hampers that your dessert-loving friends and family will surely appreciate.

Dough Lab - OG cookiesOG Cookies
Image credit: @dough.lab

There are Small Boxes that contain 4 different flavors, priced from Rp. 380,000 (~USD25.65) to Rp. 450,000 (~USD30.37). Big Boxes with more cookies in 3 to 4 flavors go for Rp. 480,000 (~USD32.40) to Rp. 700,000 (~USD47.25). Go to the store’s Instagram highlights for more details.

Vegans or those who are allergic to egg and dairy products can opt for the Flower Child cookies.

You can place your order via GoFood or WhatsApp.

2. Ann’s Bakehouse – from cookies to pudding

Ann's Bakehouse - Gift Set BGift Set B
Image credit: @annsbakehouse

Give an assortment of classic Lebaran cookies such as nastar and sagu keju to your loved ones by getting one of Ann’s Bakehouse’s simple yet beautiful hampers that start from Rp. 200,000 (~USD13.50). You can also order individual jars of your preferred cookie, ranging from Rp. 180,000 (~USD12.15) to Rp. 250,000 (~USD16.87) per jar.

Ann's Bakehouse - Cold dessert packageCold Dessert Package
Image credit: @annsbakehouse

Pudding, tart, and cake sets are also available. For more details, check out the online catalog. Place your order via the store’s website or WhatsApp.

3. Mola Sweets Shop –  yummy cookies wrapped in cute packaging

Mola - HampersImage credit: @eatmola

Yummy sweet treats and cute packaging make a beautiful pair, and Mola Sweets Shop does not disappoint with their selection of Ramadan hampers. They make a truly eye-catching and mouth-watering gift for Lebaran.

Mola - Ramadan Sweet Treats 03Ramadan Sweet Treats 03
Image credit: @eatmola

Choose from four different Ramadan Sweet Treat Hampers that contain different combinations of your choice of cookies and/or one of Mola’s signature milk drinks and caramel spread. Further details can be found in their Instastory highlights.

Prices range from Rp. 149,000 (~USD10.06) to Rp. 299,000 (~USD20.18) and you can order your hamper through Tokopedia or WhatsApp.

4. Beau Bakery – classic nastar and kastengel, and gourmet jams

Beau - HampersImage credit: @beaujkt

Beau Bakery is primarily known for its French-inspired breads and cakes, but it also offers Lebaran favorites such as the pineapple-filled nastar and the savory cheesy delight that is kastengel. 

You can order a box of Beau’s special nastar for Rp. 271,425 (~USD18.31) or a jar of kastengel for Rp. 202,125 (~USD13.63).

Beau - handcrafted nasterBeau’s handcrafted nastar 
Image credit: @beaujkt

Sets of 2 cookie jars are also available for Rp. 519,750 (~USD35.06), and you can choose from kastengel, chocolate chip cookies, or cornflake butter cookies. Or get the Eid Celebration Gift Box, which includes a variety of cookies and 2 jars of gourmet jams for Rp. 785,400 (~USD52.97).

Order through Tokopedia or WhatsApp.

5. Almond Tree – #Silaturahmifromhome with these delicious treats

Almond Tree - Adore HamperAdore Hamper
Image credit: @almondtreecakes

Using the campaign #Silaturahmifromhome, which can be roughly translated to “gathering with your loved ones from home,” Almond Tree offers a wide selection of hampers – ranging from the minimalistic Adore Hamper (Rp. 400,000, ~USD26.98) to the extravagant Wonder Hamper (Rp. 2,400,000, ~USD161.88).

Almond Tree - Wonder HamperWonder Hamper
Image credit: @almondtreecakes

These hampers include different types of cookies, such as Latte Cookies, Cheese Cookies, and Cookies and Cream, just to name a few.

Order through Almond Tree’s call center, Whatsapp, or website.

6. Clairmont – elegant parcels for your loved ones

Clairmont - Happy MubarakHappy Mubarak set
Image credit: @clairmontcakes

Clairmont’s selection of Lebaran elegantly designed hampers make the perfect gift for family, friends, and coworkers. The sets contain an assortment of sweet and savory cookies, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Clairmont - Gift To ShareGift to Share set
Image credit: @clairmontcakes

The Gift to Share set (Rp. 259,000, ~USD17.47) is the most basic and contains three boxes of cookies, while the Happy Mubarak set (Rp. 899,000 , ~USD60.64) is ideal to send to friends or colleagues with big families.   

Contact Clairmont via WhatsApp or phone for orders.

7. Holland Bakery – OG nastar and other Dutch-influenced snacks

Holland Bakery - nastarNastar cookies
Image credit: @hollandbakeryindonesia

Get some OG Dutch-influenced snacks at Holland Bakery. One of the longest-lasting bakery chains in Indonesia, Holland Bakery has a variety of Lebaran hampers on offer, including cookies such as nastar, putri salju, cornflake butter cookies. Gift boxes start from Rp. 345,000 (~USD23.27).

You can also order whole cakes such as the buttery Kue Lapis (Rp. 595,000, ~USD40.13).

Go to their website to see the full seasonal menu and place your order as soon as possible.

8. Dough Darlings – bite-sized donuts and refreshing cendol

Dough Darlings - mini donuts, donut tower, cendolImage credit: @doughdarlings

It’s always a good time for donuts, and Lebaran is no exception. Get your dearest friends and family a box of 25 bite-sized donuts from Dough Darlings and maybe some refreshing cendol to go with it.

Dough Darlings - Hampers A
Eid Mubarak Hampers A
Image credit: @doughdarlings

If you can’t choose what to get, there’s Eid Mubarak Hampers A (Rp. 339,000, ~USD22.87), which includes a box of donuts and regular cendol, and Eid Mubarak Hampers B (Rp. 439,000, USD29.61), which comes with special durian-flavored cendol. To see what else is on offer, click here.

Order your hampers here.

Lebaran cookies and cakes to order online

Show how much you appreciate your family and friends – from afar – this Lebaran by choosing one of the many hampers available at the stores listed above. Remember, be sure to plan your orders so that the Lebaran cookies and cakes will get to your loved one’s doorstep in time.

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Cover image adapted from: @eatmola, @beaujkt, @dough.lab, and @doughdarlings

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