10 Jakarta Florists With Online Delivery Services To Help You Send Your Love Virtually This Valentine’s Day

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Jakarta florists with online delivery services

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but chances are any celebration you’re planning will be a socially distanced one thanks to this little thing called a global pandemic. Luckily, Jakarta has plenty of florists with online delivery services, which means you can still send your love from afar on the day of love, and of course no celebration, socially distanced or otherwise, would be complete without the presence of flowers.

To woo your SO virtually on this special day, whether it be through long-lasting dried and preserved flowers or fresh gigantic bouquets, here are 10 Jakarta florists that offer online delivery services this Valentine’s Day.

1. Verica Atelier – customizable bloom boxes

flower box by verica atelier
Pastel roses and Ferrero Rocher in a Fiorella Box
Image credit: Verica Atelier

It can be hard to decide which flowers to pick for your partner, but Verica Atelier allows you to order customizable bloom boxes with any color combination of your choice – these are available from Rp. 105,000-Rp. 450,000 (~USD7.52-USD32.22).

Better yet, get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by sending a Fiorella Box (Rp. 485,000 ~USD34.73), a combination of pastel or red roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates that will sweeten your love even more.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to impress, the florist also offers Money Bouquets upon request guaranteed to make your loved one go wide-eyed and ensure many more Valentine’s to come.

WhatsApp: 085810398893
LINE: verica.atelier
Website | Instagram | Tokopedia | Shopee

2. Vandelina Florist – bouquets with message balloons

hot air bloombox by vandelina florist
Roses in a Hot Air Bloom Box
Image adapted from: @vandelinaflorist

While there’s only so much a box of flowers can say, Hot Air Bloom Boxes from Vandelina Florist make sure your romantic Valentine’s Day message won’t go unnoticed. 

These luxurious boxes combine fresh or artificial flowers in various tones and clear balloons with your customized message on it, and come in four sizes: petite (Rp. 450,000-Rp. 500,000 ~USD32.23-USD35.81), small (Rp. 650,000-Rp. 680,000, ~USD46.56-USD48.71), medium (Rp. 750,000-Rp. 850,000, ~USD53.71-USD80.57), and large (Rp. 850,000-Rp. 980,000, ~USD60.87-USD70.18).

roses and orchids in a bloom box
Red roses and violet orchids in a Bloom Box
Image credit: @vandelinaflorist

It can be challenging to determine how much you’re willing to spend on flower delivery on your big day, but the florist offers customizable bouquets and boxes arranged according to your budget. Just give them your price range and they’ll handle the rest.

The florist always has fresh flowers available in stock, so when you’re engulfed with work that leaves you with no time to place an order in advance, you can rely on them to take immediate orders and get them delivered to your loved one ASAP.

WhatsApp: 082122578080
LINE: @vandelinaflorist
Website | Instagram | Shopee

3. Flowerstory – flowers and edible macarons for the sweet-toothed

macaroons flowerbox
Macaroons Flowerbox
Image credit: @flowerstory_co

Valentine’s Day is a favorite among the sweet-toothed for a reason, but chocolate isn’t the only thing that can bring sweetness to the special day. The Macaroons Flowerbox (Rp. 950,000, ~USD68.04) from Flowerstory is a unique gift that will add new flavors to your celebration, besides being a colorful decoration.

diy flower kit by flowerstory
DIY Dried Flower Kit
Image credit: @flowerstory_co

For something a little bit different, let your loved one indulge in their creative side by giving them a DIY Dried Flower Kit (Rp. 150,000 ~USD10.74), which includes a mini vase, five types of dried flowers they can put together into a bouquet, and a message card.

WhatsApp: 087788860777
LINE: @flowerstory
Instagram | Tokopedia | Shopee

4. Kikuko – human-sized bouquet as big as your love

human-sized bouquet from kikuko
Grande Imported Bouquet
Image credit: @kikuko_

When you’re away from your bae so much thanks to the pandemic, it’d be natural to go all out when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Catch your loved one by surprise with a human-sized Grande Bouquet (Rp. 1,250,000-Rp. 3,250,000, ~USD89.53-USD232.78) from Kikuko to show how big your love is.

dried flower box by kikuko
Image credit: @kikuko_

If you’re looking for something more long-lasting, the florist also has the LORA box (Rp. 550,000 ~USD39.09), which is composed of dried and cotton flowers and can last up to three years.

They offer nationwide delivery, so you can rest assured that your Valentine’s Day gift will reach your partner wherever they are in the country.

WhatsApp: 082112111120
Instagram | Shopee

5. Las Origine – Valentine’s Day hampers with diffusers

valentine's day hampers by Las Origine
Image credit: @lasorigine

Aside from flowers, fragrances are a surefire way to win your bae’s heart, and you can spoil them with both thanks to Valentine’s Day Hampers (Rp. 560,000-Rp. 575,000, ~USD40.11-USD41.19) from Las Origine in collaboration with fragrance diffuser brand Dior And I.

tipsy bucket by lasorigine
Las Origine’s Tipsy Bucket
Image credit: @lasorigine

While it’s tricky to take your partner out for a drink or two on the special day, you can still gift them with a romantic wine-tasting experience at home with the florist’s appropriately-named Tipsy Bucket (Rp. 850,000, ~USD60.40), which consists of a bottle of De Bortoli sparkling wine, two wine glasses, an ice bucket, fresh flowers, and a greeting card.

WhatsApp: 085921307151
LINE: @lasorigine
Website | Instagram | Shopee

6. Xpresso Gift and Florist – stylish flower baskets

flower basket by xpresso
Image credit: @xpressogift.florist

Handcrafted baskets are gaining popularity as gift containers thanks to their sustainability, and customizable Flower Baskets (Rp. 560,000, ~USD40.08) from Xpresso Gift and Florist are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for those who prefer to celebrate in an eco-friendly way. 

The basket’s stylish arrangement means that you can expect your loved one to take to Instagramming and gushing over the gift as soon as it’s delivered.

dried flower basket by xpressoEverlasting Flower Basket with dried and preserved flowers and hydrangea
Image credit: @xpressogift.florist

Alternatively, the florist also has Everlasting Flower Baskets (Rp. 550,000, ~USD39.37), composed of dried and preserved flowers and hydrangea, which can last for up to four years and are perfect for decorations and photoshoot props. For an extra Rp. 65,000 (~USD4.65) you can also include a cuddly teddy bear as part of your Valentine’s Day offering.

Xpresso Gift and Florist offers same-day delivery with free greeting cards, so last-minute gift-givers can even order right on the special day and have their gifts delivered ASAP.

WhatsApp: 081382264656
LINE: @mav3511f
Instagram | Shopee

7. Eternelle Fleur – dried flowers in transparent boxes

dried flower box by eternelle fleur
Image credit: @eternellefleur.id

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that flowers wilt, but dried flowers mean it’s possible to have beautiful flower arrangements that can last for years. On top of that, they are also easier to deliver safely.

dried flower boxes by eternelle fleur
Dried Flower Boxes
Image credit: @eternellefleur.id

Eternelle Fleur offers dried baby’s breath and edelweiss in transparent boxes, which make for great decoration items and long-lasting mementos for your loved one. They are available for Rp. 85,000-Rp. 95,000 (~USD6.08-USD6.80) and can be shipped outside Jakarta.

cakesicles by eternelle fleur
Valentine’s Day cakesicles by Eternelle Fleur x Missicles
Image credit: @missicles.jkt

This Valentine’s Day, the florist also offers special bundles of dried flower bouquets and mouthwatering cakesicles (Rp. 550,000 ~USD39.35), or popsicle-shaped cakes – in collaboration with Missicles – perfect to cheer up your sweet-toothed loved one.

WhatsApp: 082111724534
Instagram | Shopee

8. Liliane Florist  – preserved roses in glass boxes

beauty inside by liliane florist
Beauty Inside
Image credit: @liliane.florist

Everyone can use a little cheering up this Valentine’s Day, and Liliana Florist has just the thing to brighten up your loved one – vibrant and flowers in glass boxes that will bring a splash of color to their home.

rainbow glass box by liliane florist
Rainbow preserved roses in a glass box
Image credit: @liliane.florist

Their Eternale series (Rp. 600,000-Rp. 1,100,000, ~USD42.91-USD78.68) use preserved flowers, which retain the natural look of fresh flowers while also lasting for years. 

For a fairytale-themed Valentine’s Day, the florist also has Beauty Inside (Rp. 1,700,000 ~USD121.61), an arrangement of preserved roses in a glass dome inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

The florist offers same-day delivery, which gives you more flexibility to pick and place your orders when you don’t have time to do so in advance.

WhatsApp: 087815449607
Website | Instagram

9. Allura Florist – sparkly gold roses

gold bouquet by allura florist
Gold Rose Bouquets
Image credit: @alluraflorist.id

Red and pink may be the colors traditionally associated with the day of love, but you can kick this year’s celebration up a notch with Gold Rose Bouquets (Rp. 250,000-Rp. 380,000, ~USD17.88-USD27.18) from Allura Florist, consisting of fresh roses colored using 24-carat gold floral spray, to ensure that this year’s Valentine’s Day will be a glittery one.

giant bouquet by allura florist
Giant rose bouquet
Image credit: @alluraflorist.id

In addition, the florist also has giant bouquets (Rp. 1,200,000 ~USD85.79) with colors and combinations you can customize for Valentine’s Day.

Allura Florist is based in BSD City, and offers same-day delivery in the area as well as West Jakarta.

WhatsApp: 087853053536
Instagram | Tokopedia | Shopee

10. Baleton Flower Chef – classy single preserved roses

single preserved rose by baleton
Single preserved khaki rose
Image credit: @baletonflowerchef

Sometimes less is more, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going low-key this Valentine’s Day with a single flower. Baleton Flower Chef has single preserved roses (Rp. 150,000 ~USD10.73) in classy arrangements available in various colors.

Puffie Puff by Baleton
Rogue Puffie Puff
Image adapted from: Baleton Flower Chef

If you’re looking for long-lasting decoration items that don’t hurt your pocket, the florist also has Puffie Puffs, a combination of dried, preserved, and cotton flowers arranged in carton boxes, for only Rp. 300,000-Rp. 350,000 (~USD21.47-USD25.05).

cake by baleton flower chef
Cake with flower decorations
Image adapted from: @baletonflowerchef

Spice things up this Valentine’s Day and have a special cake decorated with imported fresh flowers (Rp. 550,000 ~USD39.43) available in two variants, cookies and cream and cheesecake, with any color of your choice.

WhatsApp: 081513230570
Website | Instagram | Tokopedia | Shopee

Jakarta florists with online delivery services

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one can be challenging, especially during a pandemic. But Jakarta is blessed with an abundance of florists with online delivery services for your convenience, and finding your ideal gift is only an Instagram peek away.

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