Jakarta bridal makeup artists

Gone are the days where brides would queue at a salon to get glammed up with a makeup artist for their big day. More and more women getting married in Jakarta are opting to book mobile makeup artists to help them get dolled up in the comfort of their home or hotel room – giving them space to themselves without needing to worry about ruining their makeup in the Jakarta traffic.

Make your big day easier with this compilation of mobile bridal makeup artists in Jakarta who can come to your home or travel with you for your wedding:

1. Jezhira Makeup by Jasmin Zahira – soft glam bridal look

makeup by jasmine zahiraSoft glam bridal look by Jasmin Zahira
Image adapted from: @jezhira, @jezhira

Self-taught makeup artist Jasmin Zahira is known for her soft glam bridal look that has attracted a wide clientele of brides, and often gets to travel with them for destination weddings. Jasmin shared with The Smart Local Indonesia that she is determined to break the stereotype of typical bridal looks – thick cakey makeup, lighter shades of makeup than the bride’s natural skin tone, and the overall pressure to look different from one’s original self. Instead, she offers glowing yet toned-down makeup with nude and neutral shades.

She added that brides should look like themselves, feel comfortable, and naturally beautiful on their big day, and this is what she has firmly stuck by with all her brides.

makeup artist jasmine zahira
Image credit: @jezhira

For a destination wedding, preparations are done way in advance. A consultation is usually done with the bride prior to the occasion, to know what the bride wants to look like on her wedding day, including details of the outfits, accessories, and event schedule. This is done so the bride can look flawless, confident, and match the theme of the event.

makeup for mother of groom by jasmine zahira
Soft glam with bold lipstick for the mother of the groom by Jasmin Zahira

Image credit: @jezhira

Apart from brides’ makeup, Jasmin also does makeup for the bride’s and groom’s mothers. Providing makeup for events beyond destination weddings, Jasmin is also available to come to your home for any occasion, and can accommodate last-minute bookings subject to availability.

Charges: Bridal makeup starts from Rp. 4,249,215- Rp. 12,039,442 (~USD300-USD850)
Makeup for the mother of bride & groom starts from Rp. 1,699,686 (~USD120)


2. Jennifer Angela – subtle glow bridal look

jennifer angela bridal makeup
Image credit: @jenniferangela

Jennifer Angela has made a name for herself amongst the Chinese community in Jakarta for her signature subtle glow bridal look. Her signature look is perfect for brides looking for a fresh-faced makeup look, as opposed to bold colors.

Soft natural glow bridal makeup

Image credit: @jenniferangelamakeup

Although most of Jennifer’s clientele consists of brides, she also has experience doing makeup for engagement parties and pre-wedding photoshoots. Catering to many brides who travel for these shoots, she’s even once gone all the way to Bhutan for a pre-wedding photoshoot, and did makeup for the bride on a mountain.

jennifer angela chinese bridal makeup
Pre-wedding makeup look by Jennifer Angela

Image credit: @jenniferangelamakeup

When it comes to destination weddings and photoshoots, Jennifer takes in requests from her clients on makeup looks, but her signature subtle glow look is the most requested one. She is also available to come to your home, but booking a few weeks in advance is recommended. Charges and availability details are upon request via Instagram messaging.


3. Makeup by Sanaya by Sanaya Topandasani – vibrant bridal look

makeup by sanaya
Image adapted from: Sanaya Topandasani, @makeupbysanaya

A decade into her career as a makeup artist, Sanaya Topandasani often travels within the country and overseas to help brides on their big day. Her trademark vibrant bridal look, which incorporates a wide colour palette, includes the use of colours such as green, blue, and red as eyeshadows or eye liners and for stunning makeup looks that are sure to turn heads.

makeup by sanaya topandasani
A pop of green for the bride’s henna function

Image credit: @makeupbysanaya

As she travels quite often for destination weddings, Sanaya makes sure to bring anything the bride would require, such as safety pins, essential oils to calm the nerves, and numbing cream for the skin after facial threading and before putting on jewelry which often feels heavy on the skin. This is because Sanaya believes in taking care of the bride’s every need so she feels comfortable and relaxed on her big day.

When Sanaya is not busy with the bride, she is also available to do makeup on the bride’s extended family or anyone else in the bridal entourage with a prior booking.

makeup by sanaya for bride's relative
Soft bronze with a hint of blue for a bride’s relative
Image credit: @makeupbysanaya

Sanaya is usually booked out up to a year in advance, hence clients are recommended to book their dates as early as possible. When she is not travelling for weddings, she provides home makeup visits and makeup courses for anyone wanting to learn basic or advanced makeup, starting from Rp. 1,500,000 (~USD106.66).

Charges: Bridal makeup in Jakarta: Rp. 13,455,847( ~USD950)
Bridal makeup for destination weddings: from Rp. 21,246,075 (~USD1500)


4. Orianthi Makeup by Nia Kurnia – traditional-meets-modern Javanese bridal look

makeup by nia kurnia
Javanese bridal look by Nia Kurnia
Image adapted from: @orianthi_makeup, @orianthi_makeup

Trained in hairstyling, and both traditional and contemporary makeup, Nia Kurnia got her start in wedding makeup while working in a wedding dress boutique. This includes Javanese bridal makeup as it is one of the most popular makeup looks amongst brides in Jakarta.

Traditional Javanese bridal looks are not only a beautiful tribute to a bride’s family heritage, but also contain intricate details that represent blessings upon the newlyweds. For one, Javanese women have black paes or curves drawn on their forehead and on the sides of their face, which carry symbolic meaning.

makeup by nia kurnia for a javanese bride
Javanese bridal makeup by Nia Kurnia

Image credit: @orianthi_makeup

The biggest curve drawn in the middle of the forehead is called gajahan which symbolises hope for the bride to be respected in marriage. Next to the gajahan, the two thin, pointy shapes are called pengapit, which much like their shapes, symbolise a smooth and straight marital life with minimal obstacles.

Next, the U-shaped curves next to the pengapit are called penitis, representing how everything the wife does has to have a purpose and must be done in an effective manner for the household to run smoothly. Finally, the sharp and long curves close to the ears are called godheg and symbolise wisdom, in hopes for the bride and groom to always remain wise when faced with marital issues. These paes or curves are drawn on the bride using traditional black or green candle wax called pidih.

Another unique feature in Javanese bridal looks are the eyebrows, usually made to look like a deer’s sharp, branched antlers. This symbolises the hope that the bride can become as clever and graceful as deer are said to be. However, more and more brides choose to leave this out of their bridal makeup and opt for a more natural brow look.

javanese bride
Traditional Javanese eyebrow makeup – for illustration purposes only

Image credit: @bennusorumba

While traditional Javanese bridal looks feature bold makeup on the eyes and lips, Javanese brides today are opting for a more modern makeup look for their wedding day, while still retaining the cultural aspects of Javanese traditions. Accommodating this request, Nia merges traditional Javanese bridal traditions such as the paes with modern makeup looks, and incorporates softer eyebrows, highlighters, and metallic eyeshadow into her Javanese brides’ modern bridal looks.

javanese bridal makeup by nia kurnia
Nia’s version of a modern Javanese bridal look

Image credit: @orianthi_makeup

When she is not busy with clients, Nia provides makeup courses for aspiring makeup artists, and even provides makeup courses specialising in Javanese bridal makeup, starting from Rp. 2,000,000 (~USD141.20).

Charges: Bridal makeup starts from Rp. 1,500,000 (~USD105.90)
Engagement makeup starts from Rp. 500,000 (~USD35.30)


5. Glow By MK by Maina Keswani – classic Indian bridal look

maina keswani makeup
Indian wedding bridal look by Maina Keswani
Image adapted from: Maina Keswani, @glowbymk

Maina Keswani’s classic Indian bridal looks are fit for a Bollywood star, including distinctive dark eye makeup and a red lip to match the bold colours of traditional outfits. However, Maina often switches it up according to the bride’s outfit and requests, while still retaining the traditional aspects of Indian bridal looks.

maina keswani makeup artist
Image credit: Maina Keswani

Makeup for Indian brides can be quite challenging, because traditional Indian bridal looks are often complemented with heavy statement jewellery and decorative embroidered traditional wedding outfits that capture lots of attention.

So Maina requires her brides to send her a picture of their outfits in advance, to make sure that their makeup look will blend well with the outfit.

maina keswani bridal makeup
Image credit: @glowbymk

Bridal makeup isn’t only about looking good in front of your guests, but also on camera and video for your photographers and videographers to capture memories that last a lifetime. With Maina’s experience with makeup for TV interviews and music videos, she understands what it takes for makeup to look good on camera, such as avoiding layers of highlighter that may look highly oily or sweaty on camera.

Maina can accommodate last-minute bookings, however, advanced bookings are preferable. You can contact her directly through her Instagram page for details of her rates and availability.


6. Rizka Beauty by Rizka Aminah – Arabic-inspired bridal look

rizka aminah makeup
Arabic-inspired bridal look by Rizka Aminah
Image credit: @rizkabeauty

Rizka Aminah’s signature sharp-eyed Arabian-inspired bridal look screams glamor, with full-drawn eyebrows, overdrawn lips, and smokey eyes that she’s mastered through a lot of practice. She uses a combination of makeup products and techniques, such as knowing the right transitional eyeshadow colours to use when blending shades.

If you’d rather keep your look subtle but still like Arabic-inspired looks, Rizka can do a subdued version with a softer eye, semi bold brows, and nude lip.

rizka aminah bridal makeup
Rizka’s version of a soft Arabic makeup look

Image adapted from: Rizka Aminah, @rizzbeauty

Other than being available to come to your home or travel for destination weddings to provide brides and their entourages with makeup, Rizka can also provide consultations and trial runs before the occasions. You can contact her through her Instagram account for details of her charges.


7. Makeup by Leena Thawani- sultry, soft bridal look

leena thawani makeup
Sultry soft Indian bridal look by Leena Thawani

Image adapted from: Leena Thawani, @makeupbyleenathawani

Classic sultry eyes and a nude lip will never go out of style, because it is suitable for various occasions and highlights one’s features, instead of making them look altered. Leena Thawani aims to achieve by having a good understanding of the bride’s complexion and facial features, and working with that to create a look best suited for the bride – including engagement parties and other pre-wedding festivities.

leena thawani makeup for wedding party
Subtle smokey glam for bride’s wedding welcome party

Image credit: @makeupbyleenathawani

Like other mobile makeup artists, Leena is available to come to your home and event location, even for trial runs. For destination weddings, Leena Thawani ensures not only high-quality makeup products, but also can provide a camera, lighting equipment and other tools to document the glam experience in pictures.

Leena can be contacted directly through her Instagram page for details of charges and availability.


8. Mirna Susimulyana – Korean-inspired reception look

makeup by mirna susimulyana
Korean-inspired reception look by Mirna Susimulyana

Image adapted from: Mirna Susimulyana, @mirnamua

Mirna Susimulyana’s Korean-inspired reception look features a glowing, radiant look with dewy, glass skin to make the bride look youthful. Straight brow shapes, peach or red eyeshadow, and a subtle glint of glitter around the eye are some of the techniques she uses for this look. Mirna can alter this look to accommodate the bride’s needs, often switching it up between a combination of bold lips and matte eyeshadows to nude lips and glossy eye looks.

Other than the bride, Mirna can also do makeup on mature skin, preferring lightweight foundation and more concealer and cream blush instead of powder blush to give a more natural flush of colour on the cheeks.

makeup by artist mirna susimulyana
Bold makeup on mature skin by Mirna Susimulyana

Image credit: @mirnamua

Mirna can also help out the bride’s or groom’s male family members for the wedding occasion, noting that the right foundation or powder shade is key when doing makeup on men. She often mixes two shades of foundations and adds concealers to get the perfect shade to match with men’s skin tones.

mirna susimulyana and jusuf kalla
Mirna with former Indonesia vice president Jusuf Kalla for a television interview

Image credit: Mirna Susimulyana

Mirna can be contacted directly through her Instagram account for details of her rates and availability.


Tips on choosing good Jakarta bridal makeup artists

Choosing a good, and suitable makeup artist for your big day is important, because feeling your best comes from looking your best. So here are some tips for choosing the right makeup artist for you:

  • Do your research – Check their portfolios on social media, and look for client reviews. Do not be afraid to contact them even if it is just to clear your doubts, as many of them will be happy to answer your questions.
  • Find a makeup artist whose style resonates with you – Looking like yourself is what makes you different from everyone else, so take your time to select your own style of makeup that you like. Once you’ve decided on your look, look into pictures of Jakarta bridal makeup artists’ clients to see if their looks resonate with you.
  • Book trial session(s) – If you like what you see on their portfolio, schedule a trial run. This can help you to see the products they use, and test out the look as if it were your wedding day.
  • Communicate – Send several Jakarta bridal makeup artists sample pictures of makeup looks and outfits you like, so they can give you suggestions on how they would achieve your dream makeup look.

Jakarta bridal makeup artists

The process of choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding can be a long, and tiring one, especially for those who are not into makeup, or don’t get professional makeup done on a regular basis.

However, keep in mind that your wedding may be the most-photographed day of your life, so take your time and don’t compromise on picking a good makeup artist.

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Cover image adapted from @jenniferangelamakeup, Rizka Aminah, and @orianthi_makeup

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