Italian band OvO gets mistaken for Indonesian app

We live in a hyperconnected era, exposing us to the fact that one name can be associated with many different things. Musicians aren’t exempt from this – in fact, stylizing a band’s name is often necessary to avoid being mistaken for another band halfway across the world, or… an e-payment app.

That’s what Italian noise rock band OvO has recently shared online, as they regularly receive messages from Indonesian users of the popular OVO e-payment app and wanted to help clear their confusion.

A tale of two OVOs: a band versus an app

OvO, noise rock band from ItalyOvO, a noise rock duo from Italy
Image credit: OvO

Italian heavy rock noise unit OvO, formed two decades ago, recently had to release a public statement on their Facebook page because they kept getting messages from Indonesians who innocently thought that they were contacting the customer support staff of local e-payment app OVO

OvO responds to OVO user
Image credit: @txtanakfesbuk

A screenshot of a chat between OvO and an OVO user was shared on @txtanakfesbuk, a Twitter page that compiles screenshots of funny internet interactions. The OVO account holder innocently sent a message requesting a follow-up to a previous inquiry.

The band was kind enough to reply, brushing off the faux pas by casually claiming that they receive “10 messages like this every day.”

The band had to tell Indonesians that they aren’t the e-payment app

OvO's e-flyer posted on Facebook
Image credit: OvO

To prevent more Indonesians from messaging them about an app they have no connection to, OvO made an e-flyer in both English and Indonesian: “We are an Italian rock band! Not the Indonesian app!”

Their Indonesian translation is a tad softer: “Maaf kami adalah band rock Italia bukan aplikasi Indonesia!” (Sorry, we are an Italian rock band, not an Indonesian app!). 

Caption for the e-flyer by OvO
Image credit: OvO

The flyer came with a caption reiterating the fact that their band is not the Indonesian e-payment app OVO. They closed the statement by expressing their interest in performing in Indonesia in the future.

Fact is stranger than fiction

You can’t make this stuff up – the internet is a place where innocent mistakes can have effects that make you laugh out loud. What happened to OvO almost sounds like an elaborate marketing strategy, and perhaps you could indeed call it that – even if it’s an unintentional one. 

Febriano Bimo's Facebook comment
Image credit: OvO

Naturally, netizens commented on the e-flyer. As Facebook user Febriano Bimo jokingly remarked that it would be great if the band OvO were to hold a concert in Indonesia that’s sponsored by the OVO app. Considering that OVO is the most popular e-payment service in Indonesia, it might actually be possible.

E. G. Perdana's Facebook comment
Image credit: OvO

Meanwhile, E.G. Perdana noted that even though he hadn’t previously heard about the band, he wants to try and enjoy OvO’s music. He further highlighted the positive effect that the memes netizens are creating about their identity mix-up can have on the expansion of their fanbase.

And because OvO tagged the e-payment app in its PSA, OVO – Payment & Points got in on the fun by commenting on the post asking the band if they could be friends, adding a “rock on” hand gesture emoji at the end. To that, Facebook user Amal Burga Clearesta decided to “troll” OVO by asking for a new album.

Screenshot facebook comment
Image credit: OvO

Always double-check the recipient before sending messages online

While the OvO vs. OVO story resulted in some pretty funny interactions, we should always double-check that we’ve got the right recipient before sending over a message to prevent faux pas like this. 

Last but not least, if you happen to be into heavy music, or are just looking to diversify your playlist, check out OvO’s Bandcamp page.

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Cover image adapted from: Psk Skayer, OVO and OvO

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