GoClean & GoMassage services close down

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many Indonesian businesses, and by extension, their workers. And one of our most well-known start-ups, Gojek, is not spared either. 

The company has recently announced that it will discontinue its widely sought GoClean and GoMassage services – both which are featured on a separate app called GoLife. This isn’t only sad news for loyal customers of these services, but also for those who relied on the app for clients. 

Following the recent mass layoff of more than 400 Gojek employees, the news that GoClean and GoMassage worker-partners will also lose access to potential clients is a major cause of concern amid the pandemic.

The end of the GoLife app

GoClean worker-partner
Image credit: @r.nawangwulan

GoClean is a convenient service for those who need help maintaining their house, apartment, or even kost. It’s especially helpful for those who are overwhelmed by their job or family-care responsibilities that they have no time to spare for household chores.

GoMassage worker-partner and client
Image credit: Berita Satu

Many people who live in fast-paced cities across Indonesia have also appreciated GoMassage. The service helped them save time because instead of having to go all the way to massage parlors, they could have a professional masseuse come straight to their homes.

However, as of 27th July 2020, both of these services will no longer be available. GoLife has already cut off many of its services such as GoGlam, GoLaundry, GoFix, and GoAuto last year. GoClean and GoMassage are the last to be crossed off the list, meaning that it’s an end for GoLife itself.

No more GoClean & GoMassage as of 27th July 2020

GoLife announcmentImage credit: @golifeindonesia

GoLife made the announcement regarding the imminent end of GoClean and GoMassage services via its Instagram page on 24th June. 

Many netizens commented on the post to express their shock. For example, Instagram user @ayu_doankz said that she was sad because she felt that these services provide the help that people need.

Instagram comment 1
Image credit: @golifeindonesia

Meanwhile, @t4nt0 felt that GoLife could have adapted to operating during the pandemic by improving health and hygiene protocols that require worker-partners to wear PPE and show a letter proving that they are COVID-19-free instead of shutting down the services. 

Instagram comment 2
Image credit: @golifeindonesia

Another user of the GoMassage service, @asan92ny, was saddened by the news – confessing that she had waited three months for a GoMassage appointment only to find out that the service will no longer be available.

Instagram comment 3
Image credit: @golifeindonesia

A difficult time for precarious workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many contracted and self-employed workers. Those who rely on individual projects are especially vulnerable as there is little to no guarantee that they will immediately land a new gig. 

Worker-partners who will soon be affected by GoLife’s closing have to turn to their personal network to secure jobs, which will be a challenge to say the least. Hopefully, GoLife will not abandon those who have worked through the app.

Luckily, initiatives such as @rekomenjasa, which might be able to ease the transition as it aims to build a directory of freelance workers from different fields. 

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Cover image adapted from: @r.nawangwulan and Berita Satu

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