Aquarists build giant aquariums & ponds

While aquariums and ponds are quite common in Indonesian households and in surrounding natural areas, two aquarists have taken it upon themselves to build extravagant aquariums and man-made ponds that look like mini Sea Worlds and beautiful works of art. 

Man-made aquariums and ponds

Aquarists Jeffery Bucex Christian and Aldino Rafiq Rendiansyah often take to social media to show their numerous aquatic projects. Many of these go viral because of their larger-than-life set-ups and the effort and attention to detail that make them look like something from Sea World. 

Image credit: Jeffry Bucex Christian 

One of their recent projects is the Super Tank Kendari aquarium that took 8 days to build. The next-level aquarium had various plants such as mosses, ferns, and Bucephalandra as its backdrop, and is now home to fishes such as Albino Heckelii and Whiptail stingrays. The entire process of building the aquarium was uploaded on Christian’s Youtube account on 23rd April, and has over 90,000 views at the time of writing. 

Image credit: Jeffry Bucex Christian 

Another one of Christian’s and Rendiansyah’s inventions is the Megamendung Natural Pond Project in Puncak that features a man-made pond built amidst nature. The pond was made like a swimming pool and then covered with rocks and plants to resemble a natural pond.

Building the Megamendung Natural Pond in Puncak
Image credit: @aldinorafiq

The process took two months and the entire process was documented and uploaded to Youtube too.

The completed Megamendung Natural Pond in Puncak
Image credit: Jeffry Bucex Christian 

The Aquatic Freak

Image credit: @jeffry_bucex_christian 

Christian and Rendiansyah are part of The Aquatic Freak, a team of individuals who create aquariums and other aquatic projects such as the ones mentioned above. They often upload their projects on their Instagram page @theaquaticfreak and even share the process on their social media pages. 

The Aquatic Freak team has created aquariums for local celebrities such as Rafi Ahmad and have often graced local TV stations to speak about their unique passion. 

Aquarists build giant aquariums and ponds

Many people think of aquariums as something that you put on a counter or table top, but seldom do we envision them as huge tanks that take up entire walls in our houses.

So if you’re planning to have a next-level one or even a pond in your house, you can approach professionals such as the Aquatic Freak to customize one for you. 

You can contact them via WhatsApp through the number attached on their Instagram page @jeffry_bucex_christian for a quote

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Cover image adapted from: Jeffry Bucex Christian and Jeffry Bucex Christian

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