Drive-In Senja brings drive-in theaters to Jakartans

Watching movies is a communal experience. Netflix and other streaming services have been keeping us entertained during the pandemic but it’s just not the same compared to seeing the latest flicks on the silver screen.

Luckily, cinema-goers in Jakarta now have the chance to feel that experience once again as Drive-In Senja brings a drive-in theater experience to Alam Sutera in Tangerang.

Cinema experience in the safety of your car

drive in cinema entrance
Attendees flocking into the venue
Image credit: @multitafseer

Some of you might’ve been lucky enough to experience the tradition of layar tancep (outdoor cinema screenings where the screen is held together by bamboo poles stabbed in the ground). Drive-In Senja aims to bring back that retro vibe with a classic American twist as instead of sitting in an open field, you’ll now be sitting in the comfort of your car.

The drive-in cinema is held in the parking lot of Alam Sutera Mall and can welcome a maximum of 100 cars per screening. In line with COVID-19 safety protocols, several physical distancing restrictions are in place to maintain the safety of attendees and organizers.

drive in cinema cars disinfected
Cars entering the venues are disinfected
Image credit: @blvckeditions

Only 50% of the maximum number of occupants are allowed in each car – that’s 2 people in each sedan or hatchback, and 4 people in each minivan or larger car. Additionally, temperature restrictions are also enforced, as attendees having a body temperature of above 37.5°C will not be allowed within the premises.

Do note however that due to health protocols, there’re no portable toilets available at the venue. You might want to sort out your bladder issues first before arriving.

Movie selections include something for everyone

drive in cinema movies
Movies scheduled for this Saturday
Image credit: @driveinsenja

This week’s screening runs from Thursday until Sunday with two movies per night. Each night’s first screening starts at 6.30PM while the second one begins at 9.30PM.

The movie selection is in line with the drive-in cinema’s retro vibe as it focuses more on older classics. Romantic weepy The Notebook is playing on Friday if you’re having a date night while classic horror flick The Exorcist should make for a great Saturday screaming match with friends.

Popcorns, burgers, and drinks available

drive in cinemas popcorn
Burgers and popcorns packager available for purchase
Image credit: @driveinsenja

Of course, there’s just no movie night without popcorn, which you can order at the venue. For those looking for a dinner and a movie, they’ve also partnered with Lawless Burgerbar to keep your tummy happy.

Bundles are also available for packages of tickets with popcorn or burgers. As for drinks, bubble tea chain Chatime is available at the venue but again, keep an eye on your bladder.

Drive-In Senja brings the drive-in theater experience

With the opening of movie theaters being delayed indefinitely during this transitional PSBB, Drive-In Senja brings a much-needed reprieve for local cinema-goers. The pop-up drive-in theater is only set to run until 17th of August so you need to move fast if you don’t want to miss out.

Tickets are available through GoTix, Loket, and the TIX ID mobile app.

Further details on the schedule, rules, and contact info can be found here.

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